What is Ripple Cryptocurrency?

What is Ripple Cryptocurrency?

The crypto ranking shows the top traded assets with the most significant market cap and trade volume, which means those coins are in demand. So what makes a crypto asset attractive for investors, and why do they buy them? The fact is that every smart investor evaluates and analyzes crypto projects before investing in them, and the critical factors that help make a decision are:

  • The technology at the core
  • The actual application of crypto assets
  • The market capitalisation
  • The price charts and historical patterns
  • The news background, scandals, updates, etc.
  • Partners and investors.

Today we would like to discuss the Ripple currency and its valuable technology. So what is Ripple cryptocurrency?


The Ripple Labs company has been developing a scalable, fast, secure, sustainable, low cost and stable service that would enable easy and quick cross-border payment for individuals and financial corporations. The platform started its path even before the world knew about the first cryptocurrency. After a while, Ripple released its token XRP, which became a vital component in all the processes of the Ripple network, giving the users the following benefits:

  1. Quick payments across the world (2 – 3 seconds)
  2. Low-cost transactions ($0.0002 per transaction)
  3. Scalability (1,500 operations per second)
  4. Energy efficient network.

Ripple currency is used by large financial companies to facilitate payments by quick conversion and transfers of funds worldwide, by individuals who prefer fast and secure crypto payments to outdated bank services, and developers who use the environmentally friendly and fast Ripple network to build applications and products.

Where Can I Buy and Trade XRP?

You can use any available crypto exchange to buy XRP. However, we recommend registering on the WhiteBIT platform, for it offers a high level of safety for your investments and is convenient to use. In addition, the crypto exchange offers crypto charts where you can see the current XRP price and an easy-to-handle display to buy crypto.

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