7 Guide to Purchasing Treasury Bills in Nigeria: Step-by-Step Process for Individuals

What is the process for an individual to purchase treasury bills in Nigeria?

A Guide to Purchasing Treasury Bills in Nigeria: Step-by-Step Process for Individuals

What is the process for an individual to purchase treasury bills in Nigeria?: BusinessHAB.com


Treasury Bills (T-Bills) are popular investment instruments issued by the government to raise short-term funds. In Nigeria, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) conducts regular auctions for individuals and institutions to invest in these T-Bills. This article will guide individuals through the process of purchasing Treasury Bills in Nigeria.

Step 1: Open a CBN Treasury Bill Account:

Before you can participate in a Treasury Bill auction, you need to open a Treasury Bill account with a licensed financial institution, such as a commercial bank or a primary dealer. Ensure that you provide all required documents, including a valid means of identification, proof of address, and Tax Identification Number (TIN).

Step 2: Fund Your Account:

After successfully opening a Treasury Bill account, you must fund it with the amount you intend to invest in T-Bills. This can be done through a bank transfer, cash deposit, or any other acceptable method depending on the policies of your chosen financial institution.

Step 3: Monitor Treasury Bill Auction Dates:

The CBN conducts regular auctions, and individuals must be aware of the auction dates to participate. These dates are typically published on the CBN’s official website, in newspapers, or through notifications from your financial institution.

Step 4: Place a Bid:

On the auction date, log in to your Treasury Bill account and place a bid for the amount you want to invest. You can specify the interest rate you are willing to accept, and the CBN will allot T-Bills based on the competitive bids received.

Step 5: Wait for Allotment:

After placing your bid, the CBN will review all bids and determine the allotment based on the auction results. You will receive a notification through your financial institution if your bid is successful.

Step 6: Receive T-Bill Certificate:

Once your bid is successful, you will receive a Treasury Bill certificate from your financial institution. This document confirms your investment in T-Bills, stating the amount, maturity date, and interest rate.

Step 7: Track Your Investment:

You can monitor your Treasury Bill investment through your financial institution’s online platform or by contacting their customer service. Stay updated on the maturity date to plan for redemption or reinvestment.


Investing in Treasury Bills in Nigeria is a straightforward process that involves opening an account, funding it, participating in auctions, and receiving a certificate upon successful bid. By following these steps, individuals can take advantage of the safety and returns offered by Treasury Bills as part of their investment portfolio. It is advisable to seek advice from financial experts before making investment decisions to ensure they align with your financial goals and risk tolerance.

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