10 Women-Led Restaurants to Check Out on Your Next Outing

Women-led restaurants: Women play a central role in most restaurants and food businesses. Even so, it’s fair to say that the gender balance is often skewed. Men are more likely to be found in executive roles than women and you’re just as likely to see men working in the kitchen as you are women. So when we come across a woman-led restaurant, it feels like something of an anomaly.
This isn’t always because women are less interested in working in the food industry or can only find work behind a desk at a catering company or hotel. It’s often because society has placed limitations on what they believe women can do and where they can go with their careers.

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10 Women-Led Restaurants to Check Out on Your Next Outing

Women-led restaurants: BusinessHAB.com

Women-led restaurants: In the past decade, there has been an undeniable increase in the number of women working in the food and beverage industry. In a field that is traditionally dominated by men, these fearless women are carving their own path. These women-led restaurants challenge the way we perceive the typical “white tablecloth” establishment. These spots are paving the way for new, innovative ways of serving top-quality food while also giving back to the community. Here are 10 women-led restaurants you need to check out on your next outing.

The Bachelor’s Kitchen

Women-led restaurants: The Bachelor’s Kitchen is a Miami-based restaurant owned and operated by Ana Cheron and Vivian Ramirez. The two were inspired to open their own restaurant after working together in a commercial kitchen. In addition to delicious sandwiches and salads, the restaurant features a rotating menu that features plant-based dishes. The Bachelor’s Kitchen also holds workshops and classes where attendees can learn how to cook healthily and vegan. The restaurant’s slogan is “Be Kind To Your Body,” and their mission is to encourage healthy living in one’s everyday life. The Bachelor’s Kitchen is a women-led business that is both accessible and inclusive. The restaurant participates in community events such as VeganMiami and Vegan SpongeBob SquarePants, where it offers free tastings to the public.

Che Fuego

Women-led restaurants: Che Fuego, a Mexican-Asian fusion restaurant, is run by Chef Vicky Camarillo. Camarillo’s family has been in the restaurant business for over 25 years, and she credits her parents for much of her success. In addition to running Che Fuego, Camarillo has also appeared on Food Network, ABC, and FOX. The restaurant has received positive reviews, and was recognized by the Miami New Times as one of the best restaurants in Miami. Che Fuego features a menu of tacos, bowls, and salads, as well as cocktails and beer. The restaurant also hosts various events, including workshops and music nights. Che Fuego’s mission is to bring together the Latinx and Asian community in Miami, and to provide a space that is welcoming to everyone.

Dos Chicas

Women-led restaurants: Dos Chicas is a New York-based restaurant chain owned by Tonia and Caroline Fletchall. The sisters started by selling tacos from a food truck, and have since opened several brick-and-mortar locations. Dos Chicas specializes in creative tacos, and is known for its experimental menu. The restaurant’s menu changes with the seasons, and often features ingredients that are fresh and in season. The menu also changes daily, and is designed to be convenient for New Yorkers who have busy schedules. Dos Chicas has received positive reviews for its avant-garde tacos and delicious beverages. The restaurant is also committed to giving back to the community, and hosts an annual taco-eating contest called the Dos Chicas Blackout. All proceeds from the event go to a charity that supports kids who want to become chefs.

Holly-hood Food Co.

Women-led restaurants: Holly-hood Food Co. is a women-led catering business based in Los Angeles. The business is run by Holly Cassel, who has been in the food industry for over 20 years. Holly-hood specializes in finger food, desserts, and brunch items. The company hosts various events, including birthday parties, fundraisers, and corporate gatherings. The company was created to make catering more accessible to busy women who have limited time for cooking. Holly-hood’s website features a calendar where potential customers can select a date and choose from a variety of menu options. Holly-hood also offers catering for special dietary needs, including vegan and vegetarian. The company donates a portion of its proceeds to the Women’s Collective, a non-profit that supports women in the food industry.

Lady of the Manners

Women-led restaurants: Lady of the Manners is a vintage-inspired ice cream parlor in New York City. The owners of Lady of the Manners, Meghan and Jessica, have a combined experience in the food industry of over 15 years. The two friends started Lady of the Manners as a means of expressing their love for vintage culture. The parlor’s name is inspired by vintage etiquette manuals written for women. The parlor serves vintage-inspired sundaes and ice cream floats, as well as milkshakes, floats, and sodas. The menu also features baked goods, such as scones and cookies. The parlor also hosts a variety of events, including game nights and craft nights. Lady of the Manners donates a portion of its proceeds to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Latina Coffee

Women-led restaurants: Latina Coffee is a New York-based coffee shop and roaster owned by Fernanda Motta. Motta’s family has been in the coffee business for generations, and she worked with her father to open the New York shop. Latina Coffee specializes in single-origin coffee, and uses a method called coffee siphon brewing, which is a manual process that produces a cup of coffee with a fuller flavor. The coffee shop also has a program called Latina Coffee Society, where members can learn about coffee-making techniques and go on coffee tastings. The shop participates in the Specialty Coffee Association of America, where it hosts regular events for coffee aficionados. All proceeds from these events go to support the Specialty Coffee Association of America, a non-profit organization.

Miss Oyl’s

Women-led restaurants: Miss Oyl’s is a New York-based bakery owned by Jessica Oly. The bakery specializes in creative and whimsical baked goods. Miss Oyl’s was created out of Oly’s love for baking, and her desire to share sweets with others. Customers can expect to see desserts like Oreo-cookie-dough cronuts, macarons, and doughnuts. Miss Oyl’s has received positive reviews, and the bakery was featured on the Cooking Channel’s show “Bite Mark.” The shop also participates in several food festivals, including the Big Apple Food Fest, where it hosts an ice cream-making workshop. All proceeds from the event go to a charity that supports families who have a child with autism.

Shouk: Arabic Street Food

Women-led restaurants: Shouk: Arabic Street Food is a restaurant chain based in San Francisco. The chain is run by chef Lina Hazim, who started her career in the food industry as a teenager. Shouk specializes in Middle Eastern cuisine and hosts a weekly pop-up event. The restaurant donates a portion of its proceeds to the Y-ME organization, which supports people who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. The restaurant has received acclaim from several publications, including Eater, where it was listed as one of the must-try restaurants in San Francisco. Shouk’s menu features vegetarian and vegan dishes as well as lamb and chicken plates. The restaurant hosts regular events, where customers can enjoy full meals and desserts.

Sugar Shukr

Women-led restaurants: Sugar Shukr is a rooftop farm-to-table restaurant and bar in New York City. The restaurant is run by chef and owner Yissel Abud. Abud’s dream was to own a restaurant, and she worked in the food industry for over 10 years before opening Sugar Shukr. The restaurant hosts weekly events, including a Sabbath dinner every Friday. The restaurant’s name is inspired by the Arabic word “shukr,” which means “thank you.” Sugar Shukr donates a portion of its proceeds to charity, and hosts fundraising nights for non-profit organizations. The restaurant also hosts wellness workshops, where customers can learn about meditation, yoga, and healthy eating.

Viva la Cocina!

Women-led restaurants: Viva la Cocina! is a chain of Mexican restaurants based in Chicago. The chain is run by Juana Ayala, who started her career as a chef for McDonald’s. Ayala created Viva la Coc

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