Review: Yours To Claim manga

Yours to claim manga: Yours To Claim is a yaoi manga about two prisoners in love.

The story starts with the narrator explaining that the two men have been in prison for ten years and have remained there because they refused to give up on their love.

They believe that love will set them free, and so they cannot be locked up indefinitely.

A man named Tetsuo enters their cell with a tray of food and offers it to them.

When they continue to refuse his food, he decides to drop their meals into slots in their cell instead.

If they don’t eat, then he’ll just leave the food in their cell indefinitely until they grow so hungry they can no longer resist.

That night, Tetsuo sneaks into their cell again and leaves something outside the door before running away again.

Later, while inspecting the slot where his dinner usually appears, Shu discovers Tetsuo has left him a handmade coupon book with 12 blank pages that each feature an image of a different item on it: an apple, a banana, some beef jerky, an orange, cheese cubes (each one with a mouse trap inside), cupcakes (one with a snake hidden inside), and so on.

The second chapter of this manga follows after this scene when Shu finds the coupon book and gives it to Tic – who understands what Tetsuo is trying to do – as well as offering him one of his own coupons without hesitation… END SPOILER>
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Review: Yours To Claim manga

Yours to claim manga:

Yours To Claim is a reverse harem romance with a bit of a thriller element thrown in. The story is fairly typical to begin with and that’s part of the reason why it’s so enjoyable. Anyone who has read their fair share of reverse harem knows exactly how this manga will play out, but the execution is what makes it stand out. The story begins with Satoru, your average high school student, who after coming home one evening walks into his room to find an unknown girl sitting on his bed. The creepiest part? She claims to be his girlfriend from ten years in the future! As if that isn’t creepy enough, she also hands him a letter which he reads aloud for the audience: “Satoru, from today you have seven new girlfriends… Try not to fall in love with any of them…” Cue seven beautiful girls all claiming to be his future wife… If only things could stay that simple!

The Good Stuff

One of the best things about this manga is that it’s a clean read. There is no explicit content in the story, but there is a slight element of romance. There are tons of plot twists which keep the story interesting and unpredictable, while also allowing it to flow naturally. The art is very well drawn and easy on the eyes. The characters are all extremely likable, especially the main character and his friend Yuuki.

Reverse Harem Done Right

The downside of reverse harem stories is the fact that most of them are extremely predictable and contain very little character development. This manga bucks those trends and does reverse harem right. The characters are unique and very well developed. They each have their own strong points and do not rely on the MC to do everything for them. The story is not a constant fight between the MC and the girls for his attention; instead it’s an intriguing mystery that keeps readers guessing.

Action and Suspense

As if the reverse harem and mystery aspects of the manga weren’t enough, there is also a good amount of suspense thrown in. Danger and death lurk around every corner, and the characters are all in a race against time to solve the mystery of the letter. You never know when the death flags are going to pop up, or when the characters will be in real danger. It’s a thrilling ride that keeps readers on their toes.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

There are a few flaws in this manga, but they are few and far between. The first issue is the abundance of characters. There are so many characters in the story, particularly girls, that it can be hard to keep track of everyone. The story is also very long, spanning ten volumes. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean that it takes a while to complete.

Final Words

Yours To Claim is a reverse harem manga that does the genre right. It has a thrilling story with lots of suspense, action, mystery, and romance. It also has lovable characters and excellent art. This manga is a great example of how to do reverse harem right. If you like reverse harem and don’t mind a long story, then you will probably enjoy this manga. It’s a thrilling ride that you won’t want to get off of once it gets started.

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