5 Important Note For Gas Cooking Business

Important Note For Gas Cooking Business: Cooking gas business.

Is fast becoming one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria.

And this is because the number of people making use of gas cooker is on the rise.

There is other reason why this business can be very rewarding for those buoyant enough to invest into it.

Every customer is more like a life customer.

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Because they will always come back as soon they run out of gas.

However, it is important to note that it takes extra carefulness.

To keep the business running in other to avoid a hazardous situation because the risk of fire.

Explosion is common due to the high inflammable nature of liquefied natural gas.

Be that as it may, the above risk can be checked by indulging in safety practices.

Which include constant checking of cylinders and hose to avoid unknown leakage.

Also, it should be a thing of law that under no circumstance.

Should any form of fire be allowed to come within the vicinity of operation.

That being said, we shall proceed.

To what you need to take into consideration before venturing into the business.

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Here are five things you should know before starting a cooking gas business

Important Note For Gas Cooking Business:

1. Good location

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Location plays a very vital role in the progressiveness of the business.

And the worst mistake you will ever make is to site your business.

In a location where your target customers can’t be found.

Know where the numbers of people using gas cookers are higher.

Than those using kerosene stove and situate your business in that locality.

At the same time, it should not be too close to residential buildings.

Due to the hazards associated with Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

Important Note For Gas Cooking Business:

2. Build your gas station/buy cylinders

When it comes to this, it is how big you intend to start that counts.

If you’re starting as a major distributor, you will have to build your own mini gas station.

But if you’re starting as a retailer with a cubic store.

Then gas cylinders will have to take the place of gas station.

However, you should remember to structure.

Wherever you’ll be using in such a way that where the gas cylinders will be kept.

For filling is safe and a bit distant from where cash transactions will be made.

Important Note For Gas Cooking Business:

3. Employ skilled staffs

Cooking gas business is not the type of business only you can do all by yourself.

The burdensomeness in it won’t make it possible.

However, you can always find competent hands to hire if you really want to make the business work.

Employ a technician, a cashier as it will help foster the growth of the business.

Important Note For Gas Cooking Business:

4. Find out the necessary license and obtain it

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It is always stressful to obtain the necessary license when it comes to this business;

So stressful it is that people tend to give up the process sometimes.

However, it is advisable that you meet an oil and gas consultant.

Who will guide you through the whole process in other to make it less stressful.

Important Note For Gas Cooking Business:

5. Advertise your business

People will patronize you if they know that your business exists.

And one of the quickest ways to make your business known is through advertisement.

Find a convenient way to promote the business and your effort will pay off in time.

As more Nigerians shift from kerosene to Liquefied Petroleum Gas for cooking.

Industry stakeholders have highlighted the need for more.

Sensitization to safety in order to prevent accidents.

The LPG consumption in the country is said to have increased to over 600,000.

Metric tonnes per annum from around 70,000MT in 2007.

According to the Department of Petroleum Resources.

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The depot LPG storage capacity in Lagos increased from 6,000.

Metric tonnes in 2014 to 30,000MT in 2017, with more capacity expansion underway.

“People are still scared when it comes to the consumption of gas.

Because they believe they can’t handle it,” the Zonal Controller, DPR, Lagos Zone.

Mr. Oluwole Akinyosoye, said, adding that industry players should do more to sensitise the public.

He said at the Nipco’s Safety Week, “You need to be able to educate our people.

To let them know that gas is volatile, but that is the energy you have to use now.

“There is considerable good penetration of gas skids in Nigeria, especially in Lagos.

But you still need to put the safety out there for them to understand;

January 15, 2018 was a very sad day in Lagos;

An incident happened around Magodo, and one person died. Read more…

I can tell you that the operator of the gas plant lost hundreds of million naira worth of investment.”

Stressing the need to take safety seriously at home, he said.

“Safety starts from our home; we should check our gas, burners, among others, always.”

He said the DPR was engaging the Nigerian National Petroleum Company.

And other players to ensure we don’t just load the product.

But to ensure those trucks are fit for purpose.

Because if you load trucks that are not fit for purpose.

And there is an explosion in your facility, God forbids.

On the way to the plant, or at the plant, it will be on record.

That the truck loaded from the company.

“That is why the DPR is looking at the LPG guidelines once again.

And we are writing a letter on what to look for before loading a truck;

We want to ensure that before any truck loads.

You must ensure it has the right shut-off valves, and be correctly installed.”

Akinyosoye said gas plant owners and operators must ensure that customers adhered to safety rules.

The Safety Chief, Nipco, Mr. Vitalis Ofoegbu, said, “

Gas is very safe if you can abide by the rules.

Everybody can make use of gas if they can follow the simple rules of it.

“Nigeria has the largest quantity of gas in Africa.

And most people in rural areas are still making use of firewood. Read more…

We will introduce gas to the rural areas; we don’t want them to use firewood any longer.

He advised consumers not to use their gas cylinders whenever they observed any problem.

The Managing Director, Nipco Limited, Sanjay Teotia, said at an event.

To commemorate this year’s World Safety Day, said,

“We are fully committed to the zero campaign of ensuring zero incidents.

And fatality in all our operations since the commencement of loading and ancillary services in 2004.

Teotia stated this at a programme to educate the LPG truck drivers on the LPG operating.

And safety precautions where he was represented by the General Manager,

Administration/Human Resources, MrJohn Okpeku.

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