15 Signs to Get the Best of After hours HVAC Repair Services

After hours hvac near me: When something happens to your HVAC system, you may wonder if it classifies as an emergency. A good thing to remember is that an emergency is different for everyone. Many people have family members in their home that have asthma or other breathing difficulties; especially in North Carolina, having a broken AC system or furnace can be detrimental to this family member. If it is the middle of the night in winter and temperatures are below freezing, you need a heating unit to keep warm. If your AC breaks on the hottest day of the year and you have young children or older family members (or if you’re just too uncomfortable!), you can’t wait until the next business day or—even worse—until the weekend is over.

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Signs Your AC Needs To Be Repaired

Wondering when you should call for 24-hour air conditioning service? Here are some signs that your AC may be in need of a repair:

  1. Your AC unit won’t turn on at all.
  2. Your home feels hot even though your thermostat is telling you something different.
  3. There are odd noises such as banging, clanging, popping, or whirring coming from your vents or AC unit.
  4. There are hot spots throughout your home. This may be a whole room that is hot or spots throughout a room.
  5. You notice odd smells coming from your vents or AC system.

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Signs Your Furnace Needs To Be Repaired

Here are some signs that you may need furnace repairs:

  1. Your home feels cold and clammy at the same time.
  2. Your furnace is making odd noises—these may include popping, banging, or screeching.
  3. You’ve noticed an unexplained spike in your energy bills.
  4. Spots throughout your home feel colder than others.
  5. Your furnace won’t turn on at all.
  6. There are odd smells coming from your vents. This may be a burning smell, a mildew smell, or any smell that just isn’t right.

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Benefits Of An HVAC Inspection

When it comes to your HVAC systems, what you don’t know can hurt you – and your bank account! An HVAC inspection will give you valuable insight into the state of your heating and cooling system.

This can help you:

  1. Prevent problems: A thorough inspection of your HVAC equipment can catch potential issues before they become major (and more expensive) problems. A small adjustment or repair now is much better than having to replace a part or pay for a much bigger repair down the road.
  2. Increase efficiency: An HVAC inspection will test whether your systems are running efficiently. If not, action can be taken to correct any issues and restore their efficiency. This saves you money on energy bills and reduces wear and tear on your systems.
  3. Make better plans: If you’re the planning and budgeting type, it can be very helpful to know how much longer you can reasonably expect your HVAC equipment to last. Your technician may estimate that you can expect your 12-year-old furnace to endure at least two more years, giving you time to start saving for a replacement.
  4. Buy a home with confidence: If you’re interested in purchasing a new home, HVAC issues might not be immediately apparent during the viewing. Even a general home inspection won’t give an in-depth picture of the state of a home’s HVAC systems. Knowing the state of a potential home’s heating and cooling equipment can give you more information to adjust your offer or request special terms.

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Your heating and cooling equipment work tirelessly year after year to keep you comfortable in your Raleigh home or business. But do you really know what state they’re in?

If you’re like most people, your air conditioner is tucked away someplace outside, and your furnace is out of sight and out of mind in the basement or attic. Expecting them to run on autopilot year after year can lead to problems when minor issues are left to get worse.

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