7 Tips to Start Auto Nation Auto Auction Business

Auto nation auto auction: If you’re interested in pursuing a non-traditional job, there are many interesting career paths to consider. Many of these jobs require developing unique, specific skill sets, and it may be beneficial to learn more about the requirements to help you determine which job may be a good fit for you. If you enjoy fast-paced work, you may enjoy working as an auctioneer. In this article, we define what an auctioneer is and does, outline how to become an auctioneer, list important skills for them to have and discuss the typical salary, expected job outlook and common work environment for auctioneers.

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Auto nation auto auction

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Auto nation auto auction

An auctioneer is a sales professional who organizes and facilitates the bidding and sales processes. They help clients sell items like classic cars, fine art, jewelry, livestock and memorabilia, and they may specialize in a particular field. They’re responsible for organizing the order of items, determining how to display them and starting and managing the bidding process. This involves sharing the starting prices, chanting the changes and watching the crowd to look for interested bidders.

Auto nation auto auction

While exact duties may vary based on the type of auctions, some common responsibilities for auctioneers include:

  • Collaborating with cashiers, clerks and other auction staff members

  • Helping clients market their auctions

  • Keeping records of sales

  • Listing items on the internet for online auctions

  • Meeting with clients

  • Organizing items after the auction

  • Setting up auction sites and item displays

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Auto nation auto auction

Here are the steps to follow for how to become an auctioneer:

1. Complete your education

Becoming an auctioneer requires a minimum of a high school diploma. While it’s not a requirement, some auctioneers also pursue a college degree. For example, it may be helpful to earn an associate or bachelor’s degree in business to help you understand more about sales and pricing strategies or in marketing or advertising to help you learn how to promote auctions. Other course areas that may be useful include public speaking, agriculture and history.

2. Go to auctions

Attending auctions allows you to learn more about auctioneers and what they do. Look for different types of auctions to attend, and go to as many as possible to help you decide what type of auctioneer you want to be. When you’re at auctions, observe the auctioneers, specifically what they do, how they speak and what decisions they make. This may help you better understand their cadence and skills.

3. Learn about local regulations

States and cities typically have specific laws and requirements for auctioneers. A majority of the states require auctioneers to hold a license. Earning a license may involve completing training, passing an exam or attending continuing education courses.

4. Attend auction school

Look for an auctioneer school in your area. Be sure to refer to the requirements in your state for obtaining a license, such as if the training has to be a certain number of months or affiliated with an organization like the National Auctioneer Association (NAA). While exact auctioneer programs may vary, they typically cover topics like:

  • Advertising

  • Auction laws

  • Cashier skills

  • Chants

  • Clerk skills

  • Contracts

  • Ethics

  • Number counting

  • Sales management

  • Sales setup

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5. Obtain the appropriate license

After you finish school, apply for the license that your particular city or state requires. This may require applying to a certain board, proving your education or passing an exam. Once you obtain your license, you can begin working as an auctioneer.

6. Gain relevant experience

Look for opportunities to work as an auctioneer. For example, you may begin working as an auctioneer with a company. Another option may be to volunteer your services for charity auctions.

7. Join professional organizations

Consider joining a professional organization, such as the NAA. This may help you network with other auctioneers and learn about continuing education opportunities. The NAA also offers a selection of certifications that may be helpful for demonstrating your expertise as an auctioneer, such as:

  • Auction Marketing Management

  • Accredited Auctioneer Real Estate

  • Benefit Auctioneer Specialist

Auto nation auto auction skills

Some important skills for an auctioneer to develop include:

  • Attention to detail: It’s important for auctioneers to identify details of the items they’re presenting and monitor crowds appropriately to identify the correct next bidder.

  • Interpersonal skills: It’s essential for these professionals to work well with other people and have empathy, especially if they’re working at estate sales.

  • Organizational skills: It’s crucial for auctioneers to maintain accurate records of the items for sale, who purchases the items and how much they spend.

  • Public speaking: It’s imperative for these professionals to speak well in front of crowds and to be able to speak quickly and clearly.

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Auctioneer salary

While there isn’t specific salary information for auctioneers available, the national average salary for an auction specialist is $34,346 per year. However, it’s important to remember that exact salaries may vary. For example, factors like your specific employer, geographic location, qualifications and experience may affect how much you earn as an auctioneer.

For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed, click on the link provided.

Auto nation auto auction

There isn’t specific job outlook information for auctioneers available. However, the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics has career outlook data for sales occupations in general. It reports little to no change in employment for sales professionals from 2020 to 2030. The BLS also anticipates demand for sales in service and wholesale sectors, and the niche nature of being an auctioneer may help provide continued job opportunities.

Auto nation auto auction

Auctioneers may work as full-time or part-time employees for established auction companies, or they may start their own companies or work on a freelance basis. Their hours may vary, but they often work outside of standard business hours. For example, they may work all day on the weekends at special events.

Exact work environments may vary for auctioneers. While they may work in offices, a majority of their work may occur on auction sites, and the exact sites may depend on the nature of the auction. For example, they may work in a barn-like structure at a cattle auction or in a house for an estate sale auction. Their work may also require some travel.

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