13 Ways of Finding a Hair Salon that Suits You

Hair salon near me: Finding a hair salon is easy, but choosing a good one can be a challenge. There is so much to consider, whether you are looking for someplace to get your hair done or looking for someplace to work as a hairstylist. As a customer, you can use recommendations, reviews, and a salon consultation to help you decide. As a potential salon employee, you can review the service menu, ask questions, and observe the employees.

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1. Consider the type of stylist you are seeking.

If you have a special hair type, such as curly, short, or African American, then you will want to find a hair stylist who is experienced with this hair type. Keep this in mind when you seek a hair salon. You may even consider looking for the right hair stylist and then evaluating the salon.

  • If you find a salon you like or a have a couple of salons you are considering, then whether or not there is a stylist there who is experienced with your hair type can help you to make your decision.
  • For example, if a salon you are considering has no one who specializes in short hair and you like to keep your hair cut short, then this salon may not be the best choice for you.

Hair salon near me

2. Search online for local salons and stylists.

You probably want to find a salon that is not too far from where you live or work so that it will be convenient for you. Search for salons in your area to get a list going.

  • For example, you can open Google search and plug in the phrase “salons near me” or “salons” and the city you live in. This will generate a list of all of the salons in your area.
  • Keep the type of stylist you are seeking in mind as you search. You might even plug some key terms into your search to find a stylist who meets your specifications, such as “short hair” or “hair extensions.”
  • You can also use hashtags on social media to help you find and view work from stylists in your area. For example, using #chicagocolorist will lead you to profiles and pictures from colorists all over Chicago.

3. Ask your friends and family for recommendations.

Friends and family who live near you may also be able to help you find a salon. Choose a friend or family member who has a hairstyle you like and ask what salon they go to and whether or not they like it. You can even ask what hairstylist they recommend.

  • Try saying something like, “I am looking for a new hair salon. Where do you get your hair done?”
  • Tell friends and family what type of hair stylist you are seeking as well. They may be able to recommend a salon and a stylist.

    Hair salon near me

4. Check ratings and customer reviews.

A salon’s ratings may be a good indication of the type of service you will receive as a customer there. Search online to find reviews of the salon and check the overall rating of the salon. Pay attention to the score and the number of times the salon has been rated.

  • For example, if a salon has a 4.7/5 star rating and it has been rated over 100 times, then this is a good indication that most customers have positive experiences at this salon. If a salon has a 2.5/5 and has been rated 100 times, then many customers have had negative experiences there.
  • If the salon has a high or low score, but has only been rated a few times, then this is not a reliable indication of the salon’s quality.
5. Visit the salon’s website to get a feel for what they offer.

Once you have found a salon that you are considering, check out the salon’s website to see what services they offer. You may also be able to find a price list on the website.

  • For example, if you are looking for a salon where you can get hair extensions, then this information will likely be on the salon’s website.
  • Some salons list prices based on the experience of the hair stylist and/or the length of your hair. For example, a hair stylist who is just starting out may cost less than a hair stylist who has 10 years of experience.
6. Call the salon and ask questions.

 If there is any information that you cannot find on the salon’s website, then you can always call and talk to someone at the salon. Call and ask any questions you have about the salon’s services, hours, pricing, etc.

  • For example, you could call and say, “Hi, I am looking for a new salon. Can you tell me more about the hair coloring services you offer?”
7. Schedule a consultation.

If you think you might want to start going to a salon based on all your research and recommendations, make an appointment for a hair consultation with one of the salon’s hairstylists. Consultations are free at most salons, so it is a good risk-free way to see if you want to give them your business.

  • Call the salon and say, “I am thinking about getting my hair done at your salon, but I want to make sure that the stylist will be able to do what I have in mind. Would it be possible to schedule a consultation?”
  • Come to the consultation prepared to tell the hairstylist what you want. You might also bring a list of questions, and a photo or two of your desired style.

    Hair salon near me

8. Inspect the salon during your consultation.

While you are visiting the salon for your consultation, take a look around and note anything that might help you make your decision. Some things you might want to look for include:

  • Cleanliness. Are the countertops tidy? Are the floors clean?
  • Employee demeanor. Do the employees greet you and smile? Does the hairstylist talk to you in a professional manner?
  • Products available. Can you purchase your favorite hair care products at the salon?

9. Review the salon’s service menu.

When you are trying to decide whether or not you would like to apply to work at a salon, a great place to start is on their website. Visit the salon’s website and review their service menu.

  • If the menu doesn’t list any services that you provide, the salon may not be a good fit for you unless you can rent your own booth. Then, you act as your own boss and can still provide your signature services.

10. Observe the employees’ interactions with each other.

You can learn what your work environment might be like by paying attention to how the employees treat each other. If you will be interviewing at a salon, arrive early and pay attention to how the employees talk to each other.

  • If they seem friendly and helpful towards each other, then the salon is likely to be a positive work environment.
  • If the employees are rude and unhelpful towards each other, then it may not be a pleasant workplace.

Hair salon near me

11. Ask questions.

If you interview for a job at a salon, ask the salon’s owner or manager about different aspects of working at the salon. Some questions you might ask include:

  • What are your customers like?
  • How would you describe the workplace culture here?
  • How do you compensate your stylists?
  • Do you provide hair products and tools?
  • Am I required to have my own clientele prior to starting with this salon?
12. Ask to see the scheduling book.

Looking at the schedule for the salon can give you a good idea of how busy they are and how busy you might be if you take a job there. It can also give you a good idea of the types of services people schedule most often.

  • Try saying, “I would love to take a peek at the schedule to see what my days might look like if I worked here. Would that be okay with you?”

    Hair salon near me

13. Reflect on the overall experience to make your decision.

After you have done your research and visited the salon, take some time to reflect on the whole experience. You might want to make a pros and cons list for each of the salons you are considering for employment.

  • For example, you might like the location, atmosphere, and manager at one salon, and dislike the fact that the salon does not have many customers at the moment.
  • Location, in particular, is a critical factor. It determines how busy a salon will be, especially in terms of attracting walk-in clients.

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