Bakery Business Plan Template

Bakery Business Plan Template: Bakery products such as bread, biscuit, chin chin, etc.

Bakery Business Plan Template:  Consumption constitutes one of the common meals in Nigeria which has created a huge market for investors in the bakery Business.

Bread competes with many popular and staple food.

Bread is a widely accepted product because it is easily edible, affordable, and convenient to handle.

Bread is a household product.

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70 percent of breakfast diets in families, offices, and institutions contain bread.

Therefore the size of the bread market is increasingly large and it is produced locally.

The bakery business is comparatively easy to start.

It can be operated from the home or from a factory.

Statistics show rapid growth of the population in our urban cities consequently the demand for bread will constantly remain high.

Also, a large percentage of all imported and locally wheat flour is utilized in the bakery business for the production of Bread, Biscuits, Cakes, Pasta, etc.

Bread competes effectively with other products.

More than 85 percent of all imported and locally produced wheat flour is used by bakeries to produce bread and other products like biscuits, cakes, pasta, and pasta.

Bread is richer in nutrients than any other single food source and is particularly important as a rich source of carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins B and E.

Bakery Business Plan Template

The understanding of the different Market opportunities in Bread production is vital for the successful operation of the Bakery business.

There are different types of bread that are produced to meet the need of certain classes of customers.

It is vital that entrepreneurs understand these types of bread

Plain White Bread; This is the most common of all types of bread.

It is plain and whitish in color. Made for low-income earners.

A large percentage of bread falls in this category.

They are sold in the market without labels, branding, or packaging

Nourished White Bread; These are loaves that provide nutritional value to the consumer and they are more costly than plain bread.

They contain ingredients like eggs, milk, fruits, etc., and are healthy for consumption.

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Bakery Business Plan Template

Great attention is given to the product’s taste, branding, packaging, and quality standard.

The markets for bread are the middle class who are willing to pay extra for the high quality of bread.

This segment of the market is dominated by franchise bakeries, industrial bakeries, and small independent bakers.

Special bread; This type of bread are wheat bread that are brownish in color, and   wholemeal bread.

They are usually produced to meet the needs of the rich and high class in the society and are sold in supermarkets, specialty stores.

This type of bread requires specialized skills and experience to produce and are more expensive than the plain and special kind of bread.

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Currently, it is possible for small investors in Nigeria to start a bakery at minimal cost as a result of the arrival of a unique home-based oven.

Who previously could not afford to invest in the bakery business as a result of the high capital involved.

The prices of the oven range from N45, 000 to N200, 000.

Depending on the sizes.

While the smallest oven can accommodate 25 loaves at a time, the biggest can contain 150 loaves and can bake five to eight times a day.

Charcoal and gas can be used in the process.

Some of the other items required include shelve, Baking Equipment, Oven, Utensil, Pans Doughnut fryer, Refrigerator, Display cases.

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Friends and relatives can constitute the first market to try your baked bread.

The strategy should be adopted to encourage friends and retail shop owners.

Within the vicinity to order bread from your bakery, by giving them free samples.

A good strategy of encouraging people to order baked goods from the baking business is to offer cheaper but great-tasting cakes and bread.

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The small network of customers built will inevitably grow into a larger network of customers over time.

As long as you are persistent in the provision of quality and best tasting baked goods to the customers.

Choose a location for the business that is approximately close to the customers so as to have high patronage for your product.

If you want to start from home, make sure you put your home-based oven in a cool dry place.

In addition to this, remember to apply personal marketing that is word of mouth marketing as it remains the best.

And also ask your friends, family members and even existing customers to recommend the product of your baking company to other people.

Bakery Business Plan Template

Also select the kind of bakery you’d like to open.

This will depend on accessing your talent, budget, and goals. Some examples includes, Online bakery;

This means you don’t really need a storefront to operate a bakery.

You can commence an online bakery.

This will require an attractive website, pictures of the products, and a way to place an order.

It is possible to run a bakery from your home.

Bakery Business Plan Template

Counter service bakery;

With a small commercial space, customers can walk in and pick up baked goods from an employee-managed counter.

Specialty service;

This  plan facilitates the specialization in a certain kind of baked good through the renting of a space .

So whether you run the business from your home, or rent a space it is possible to run a baker business.

Bakery Business Plan Template

Sit down bakery.

Some investors capitalize on the sit down and dine option.

Currently it is a growing trend in the bakery industry.

These bakeries have an area to order baked goods and serve them in a small eatery.

Therefore starting and operating a successful bakery require knowledge, skill experience and proper planning.

Which is embedded in the Business Plan?

The Business Plan provides the required information about the business.

And its viability which is usually needed by the investor or financial institution involved


The Business Plan should provide detail information covering the following issues





Vision and Mission –

Ownership of the enterprise

Bakery Business Plan Template

Legal status

Location and facilities


Business Strategy

Key success factors

Revenue base

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Nature and size

Target clients

Key competitors and players

Production process

Service delivery

Quality assurance

Demand/supply analysis


Competitive edge

Bakery Business Plan Template





Market positioning-

Service delivery strategy

SWOT analysis

Bakery Business Plan Template


Organization of structures

Shareholders and directors

Management Team

Personnel support


Legal issues

Regulatory issues

Social issues

Environmental issues


Total Estimated project cost

Capital Fund Statement

Projected income statement

Projected cash-flows statement

Projected Balance sheet

Economic justification

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