21 Basic Requirement for University Establishment

Basic Requirement for University: Universities abound in Nigeria.

Government owned and private owned. Well the focus in this article is starting a university in Nigeria.

Universities could be either government or private owned.

There is still need to have more universities that could improve our education.

And give us recognition on a global scale.

To be honest, the business it expensive to setup and the challenges great.

But once you are able to surmount these, the opportunities to become recognized abound.

And you can make some money alongside.

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Basic Requirement for University

The need for privately owned universities is known to so many people.

It is not an issue if you do not know.

There was a time when government owned institutions were the only ones available.

We were beset with a very erratic academic calendar as strikes caused by both student unrest.

As well as demands by teaching and non-teaching staff.

Forced almost all the universities in Nigeria to be on strike for very long periods at a time, in some cases.

So students could be run programs for over 2 years the normal duration without even having extra years.

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Basic Requirement for University

This need to have a stable academic calendar.

Not easily disrupted and that could be easily managed, gave the private universities an upper hand.

Today, we have a healthy number of private universities in Nigeria.

To set up a university, you need to be guided.

This is because a lot of things come to play and even the government has guidelines for establishing a university.

The government takes this seriously.

Education is paramount to every government as it plays a big role in employment, productivity, innovation and industrialization among others.

For this reason, even after establishment the university will have to continue undergoing accreditation periodically.

It is important to note that the standard of the school will be scrutinized at every point in time.

Let me take you through much of what you will need to start and establish a university in Nigeria.

Basic Requirement for University

According to the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

A university may be sponsored by the federal government.

State government or local government.

Or by a company incorporated in Nigeria or by an individual or group of individuals.

Who are citizens of the said country, and who satisfy the criteria set out in the schedule to the Act for Establishment of Institutions.

It will be impossible to start out a university if the criteria set out in this act has been fully met.

It will be important to employ the services of a lawyer or a team of lawyers to handle the back and forth that will assuredly occur during the process of establishment.

Basic Requirement for University

The following steps have been outlined by the National Universities Commissions for the establishment of a university.

  1. You are expected to write an application of intent. This letter of intent should be addressed to the Executive Secretary of the NUC. The letter should include the Name of the proposed university, the location, mission and vision, nature of the proposed university, it proposed area of concentration in the current Nigerian university system, among others.
  2. The commission will then invite you for an interview. The interview is to establish how serious you are.
  3. Following a review of the written application and after appropriate deliberation, you will be invited to collect a set of 10 application forms. These forms will be collected in person and a stipulated fee (of N1,000,000 subject to change) will be made to the commission. Copies of guidelines and other requirements will be issued to assist and facilitate guidance.

    Basic Requirement for University

  4. The application forms collected are to be submitted. The forms are forwarded with a non-refundable processing fee (of N5,000,000 subject to change) addressed to NUC in Bank Draft. The following documents may be attached if prepared and ready. Upon advisement, the last two documents in the list below should not be procured unless the application has reached an advanced stage. The documents are as follows;
  5. Draft of Academic Brief

    Basic Requirement for University

    Draft of University Law

  6. Draft of Masterplan
  7. Counterpart Deed of Assignment
  8. Certificate of Incorporation/Registration of Proprietors (along with Articles and Memorandum of Association)
  9. Deed of Assignment/Certificate of Occupancy
  10. Letter of Available Liquid Cash and lastly,
  11. Bank Guarantee of Funds to the tune of N200 from a bank of repute.
  12. Interactive meeting with the Standing Committee of Private Universities, SCOPU. The members of the Planning and Implementation Committee of the university you intend to establish are invited for an interactive meeting with the aforementioned committee of the NUC. The meeting is a lead up to the initial visit to the campus site of the proposed university.

    Basic Requirement for University

  13. Completion of Submission of Relevant Documents left to be submitted.
  14. Exhaustive evaluation of documents by experts in relevant NUC departments
  15. First verification visit
  16. Revision of documents by proprietors based on report by the standing committee of private universities of the commission

    Basic Requirement for University

  17. Final site assessment visit
  18. Security screening of proprietors and board of trustees of the proposed university
  19. Approval by the management of National University Commission
  20. Approval by the of National University Commission board
  21. Approval by the federal executive council (FEC)


Now that the procedure for you need to be sure your University has been spelt out, it is important to figure out all the important things that need to be carried out such as staffing, equipment purchase, marketing, etc. In all truth, setting up a university is a tedious venture, but the payout is much and the trouble worthwhile.

A university is sort of a very large business with tendrils in many directions, each of which needs to be properly managed to achieve best results. Once you have decided to start out and after the registration and approval by the FEC, you need to begin to follow the plan laid out in letter of intent. The vision and mission of the university must always be considered during decision making.

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