10 Best Breakfast Places Near Me in the US

People can always use a good breakfast to start the day right. With busy schedules and fast-paced lives, it becomes very challenging to find the time and energy to make breakfast or even find a suitable place for it. Thankfully, there are plenty of restaurants in almost every city that serve amazing breakfast options that are sure to keep your spirits high and belly full. Whether you’re looking for the perfect place for a quick bite before work, or somewhere you can go on weekends with friends, these top 10 best breakfast places near me will not disappoint. Read on to discover some wonderful spots!

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10 Best Breakfast Places Near Me in the US

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Most people don’t start their morning with a wholesome and nutritious breakfast. Instead, most of us rush through our morning routine and end up eating fast food or some sugary cereal. However, this isn’t healthy for your body or your mind. The best way to combat that unhealthy breakfast habit is to find a place nearby that serves great breakfast foods. Here are the top 10 Best Breakfast Places Near Me in the US.


Denny’s is a diner that’s been around for over 60 years. They are best known for their huge selection of breakfast foods. With over 100 different varieties of pancakes, it’s nearly impossible not to find one that you’ll love. But that’s not all that Denny’s serves. They also have many kinds of french toast, omelettes, and even an all-day-breakfast platter. Denny’s is open 24/7 and can be found in almost every state in the nation. Best Breakfasts – Moons over My Hammy, Pancakes, and Steak and Eggs Price – $$$ Trip Advisor Rating – 3.5 Zomato Rating – 3.1 What to Order: Moons over My Hammy – A new twist on an old classic, this is a ham and swiss omelette with ham, swiss cheese, cheddar, and cream cheese all topped with a side of home fries.


Also open all day, every day, IHOP specializes in sweet and savory pancakes of all varieties. They also have french toast, omelettes, and many other types of breakfast food. While IHOP doesn’t have a very large selection compared to some other restaurants, they specialize in making their few breakfast options really well. IHOP also has great desserts to round out your meal. They’re open 24/7 and can be found across the US. Best Breakfasts – French Toast, Pancakes, and Omelettes Price – $$$ Trip Advisor Rating – 4.0 Zomato Rating – 3.8 What to Order: French Toast – A classic breakfast that can be made with several different types of bread and with a variety of different toppings.

Bob’s Big Boy

Bob’s Big Boy is one of the most well-known burger joints in the country. They also serve a decent breakfast. While most of the breakfast menu is pretty standard, they do have a few unique options that are worth trying. One unique item that Bob’s is known for is their “slamburger.” It’s a hamburger patty served inside an english muffin. Another unique item they serve is the “jr. slam.” It’s a smaller version of the slamburger meant for kids. Bob’s Big Boy can be found in most major cities. Best Breakfasts – Slamburger, Slamburger Jr., and French Toast Price – $ Trip Advisor Rating – 4.5 Zomato Rating – 3.1 What to Order: Slamburger – A hamburger patty served on an english muffin with lettuce, tomato, bacon, and cheese.

Golden Egg Co.

Golden Egg Co. is a breakfast, brunch, and lunch place with a twist. They specialize in donuts, but not just any donuts. These are donuts that are made with different kinds of fresh, healthy ingredients. For example, one of their popular donuts is a banana and peanut butter donut. They also serve many other types of breakfast food like sandwiches, omelettes, and breakfast bowls. Golden Egg Co. is located in New York City, but they also have locations in Chicago and San Francisco. Best Breakfasts – Banana and Peanut Butter Donut, Donuts, and Omelettes Price – $$$ Trip Advisor Rating – 4.5 Zomato Rating – 4.4 What to Order: Banana and Peanut Butter Donut – A donut made with fresh bananas and peanut butter.


Chick-fil-A is a southern style fast food restaurant that is best known for their chicken sandwiches. However, they also serve a delicious breakfast. Their breakfast menu is heavy on the carbs, but they have some really great omelettes, hash browns, and waffles. One unique thing that Chick-fil-A offers is a “breakfast bowl.” It’s a combination of eggs, hash browns, and your choice of meat all served in a bowl. Chick-fil-A can be found in many large cities in the US. Best Breakfasts – Hash Browns, Eggs and Waffles, and Bowl Price – $ Trip Advisor Rating – 4.5 Zomato Rating – 3.7 What to Order: Hash Browns – A mix of shredded potatoes, onions, and peppers served with scrambled eggs, cheese, and your choice of meat.


While many people think of McDonald’s as a place to get fast food during the day, they also serve a pretty decent breakfast. They have a variety of different sandwiches and some freshly made hash browns. Since McDonald’s can be found in most cities, it’s a great place to find a quick, affordable breakfast. Best Breakfasts – Breakfast Sandwiches and Hash Browns Price – $ Trip Advisor Rating – 3.5 Zomato Rating – 3.6 What to Order: Breakfast Sandwiches – Eggs, meat, and cheese on a variety of different types of bread.

Waffle House

Waffle House has been serving delicious, huge portions of food for over 60 years. While they are best known for their waffles, they also have some great breakfast sandwiches and omelettes. Many people claim that Waffle House has the best hash browns in the world. It’s important to note that Waffle House isn’t a sit down restaurant. It’s more like a diner where you order at the counter and then find a seat to eat. Waffle House can be found in most southern states. Best Breakfasts – Waffles, Hash Browns, and Breakfast Sandwiches Price – $ Trip Advisor Rating – 4.5 Zomato Rating – 3.9 What to Order: Waffles – A Belgium waffle served with butter and syrup.

Taco Bell

While tacos are great any time of the day, they also make a pretty decent breakfast. Taco Bell serves tacos, burritos, and a few other breakfast foods. They also have a special menu that is only available between 2 am and 11 am called the “Breakfast Crunchwrap.” It’s a burrito filled with eggs, hash browns, cheese, and your choice of meat. This is a great, filling way to start your day that won’t break the bank. Best Breakfasts – Tacos and Breakfast Crunchwrap Price – $ Trip Advisor Rating – 3.9 Zomato Rating – 3.8 What to Order: Tacos – Two soft tacos served with scrambled eggs and your choice of meat.

Dunkin Donuts

Best breakfast near me: Dunkin Donuts is a donut, bagel, and coffee shop with over 11,000 locations in the world. They serve a variety of donuts and other pastries, as well as sandwiches and breakfast wraps. You can also get a cup of coffee or espresso drink to go with your breakfast. While many donut shops only open in the morning or early afternoon

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