7 Reasons Why Christian Yelich’s Mom Is The Best

Christian yelich mom: Christian Yelich is one of the best outfielders in Major League Baseball. He’s an all-star, Gold Glove winner and he just finished his third season with a batting average above .300. The dude can ball. And a big reason for his success? His mom, Paula.
Yelich’s mother has been with him in Miami through thick and thin. She even helped him pack up and move to Florida so he could begin his career as a professional athlete. She’s been there to support him through every step of the way, and her unending love and support has made Christian the player he is today. Here are 7 reasons why Christian Yelich’s mom is the best:

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7 Reasons Why Christian Yelich’s Mom Is The Best

Christian yelich mom: BusinessHAB.com

Christian Yelich is a superstar athlete who grew up in the small town of Wholesome, California. He now lives in Miami, Florida and plays for the MLB team known as the Miami Marlins. He has a combined 1.5 million followers on Twitter and Instagram. His mom, Barbara, only has a combined 300 followers on her Instagram and Facebook pages combined—but that doesn’t make her any less amazing. In fact, Christian Yelich’s mom is the coolest mom in sports right now!

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Christian Yelich’s Mom Is A Proud Mother

Christian Yelich’s mom is incredibly proud of her son. She often posts photos of him on Facebook and Instagram, sometimes tagging him to let him know that she’s bragging about him. She was even proud for him when he was still in high school—and he wasn’t even playing a sport. She was “super proud of Christian for playing the French horn in the Wholesome High School Band.” One can only imagine how she feels now that he’s a major-league baseball player. Although she is proud of her son, she has never once bragged about him on social media. She has always let her posts be positive and encouraging toward others. Christian Yelich’s mom is definitely proud of her son, but she has never once tried to show it with social media posts—even when he was in high school.

Christian Yelich’s Mom is a Badass

Christian Yelich’s mom is a true bad-ass. She’s the kind of person who doesn’t care about what others think of her. She’s all about living her life to the fullest and doing what makes her happy. You can see this in many of her posts. She loves tattoos and has many of them, but she doesn’t care about what anyone else thinks about them. She keeps them because they make her happy! She has a tattoo of an owl on her shoulder and has a very good reason for it. She said, “I’ve always liked owls. They’re very wise and they’re actually really quiet.” She also has her son’s initials and a baseball bat behind her ear. She said she got it because “I like baseball.”

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Christian Yelich’s Mom Loves MLB And Her Son

Christian Yelich’s mom loves baseball! She has a baseball field in her backyard and often posts pictures of her and her son playing on the field. She also posts pictures of her son when he was playing as a child. She loves the MLB and tries to support her son as best as she can. She’s even been spotted at several games throughout the country. She’s shown up at games in Miami, Colorado, and Los Angeles just to cheer her son on!

Christian Yelich’s Mom Doesn’t Care About Your Opinion of Her Tattoos

Christian Yelich’s mom is a very strong and independent woman who doesn’t care what you think of her tattoos. She has many posts defending her tattoos and telling people what they mean to her. She once posted that “people’s opinions are like a pair of dirty underwear. Everybody’s got ’em and they’re usually smelly.” Her tattoos aren’t for anyone but her; they’re for her to show her personality and her love for different things. She once again reiterated this when someone on Instagram said, “I’m an old lady and I don’t like the tattoos.” Christian Yelich’s mom responded with, “I will be an old lady someday, too.”

Christian Yelich’s Mom Supports Her Son When It Counts

Christian Yelich’s mom isn’t only proud of her son; she supports him when he needs her the most. She was there for her son when he wasn’t playing well. At the beginning of the season, she told him that “it is a marathon not a sprint.” She knew that he would get better as the season went on. She also supported her son during the Brewers vs. Marlins game when he got in a fight with the other team’s pitcher. She was seen in the stands cheering him on with his teammates’ parents.

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Christian Yelich’s Mom Is An Inspiration To Others

Christian Yelich’s mom is an inspiration to many people. Many kids who grow up in rural areas often feel that they don’t fit in and that they don’t belong but Christian Yelich’s mom shows them that they do belong. She shows that no matter where you come from or what you do that you can make it to the MLB. She’s shown the world that it doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl, what you look like, or where you come from that you can be anything you want to be. She shows everyone that it’s never too late to follow your dreams. She’s shown that you can be successful even if you grew up in a small town in California and that you can make it to the MLB as long as you believe in yourself.


Christian Yelich’s mom is the best. She’s incredibly proud of her son, but she doesn’t let that get in the way of her supporting other people or other teams. She loves baseball, she loves tattoos, and she loves her son. If you’re a baseball fan, you should definitely follow her on Instagram and Facebook, because you never know when she’ll post something hilarious or inspiring!

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