9 Best Carpet Laying/Flooring Tools for Business

Carpet Laying/Flooring Tools: Whether you’re working on a grand design or a leaky tap, you’ll need a trusted tradesman or the required skills to fulfil the task, and as every tradesman knows, using expert quality tools is a must. This is where Draper Tools come in. Our extensive range of tools are specially made for all trades, from builder’s through to plumbers, bricklayers, fencers, electricians and al whole host of other trades all purposely intended to be used by professional tradespeople. Whether the task is large or small, we’ll have a tool which caters for it, and it’s true to say professional quality tools can be inspiring, hence, whether you’re a painter and decorator, carpenter, joiner or roofer, in fact whatever your trade, putting your trust in our tools, helps you with the job at hand.

Carpet Laying and Flooring Tools:

Carpet is one of the best flooring material that gives an incredibly beautify your room with stylish designs and patterns. Ranging from its simplicity in installation, diversity in color and texture, carpets offers an adorable flooring that attracts the attention of many. While you may look for a wall to wall carpet to keep your footwall, the carpets will also provide a soft and warm surface that is ideal for kids and pets. Choosing to install your carpet through a DIY method makes it the cheapest flooring options than ever before. To accomplish the mission, you will need the following essential tools.

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Carpet Laying and Flooring Tools:

Best Carpet Laying/Flooring Tools

1. Linoleum Knife

While other knives can also do the work, linoleum knife does the unbelievable. Due to its sharpness, the blade cuts the carpet with little effort and time.

2. Carpet Steam Roller

Helps to meld two pieces the carpet after seaming them together.

3. Large Magnet Or Weigh

Helps to suck up any staple on the floorboard, thus enhancing the safety of your carpet.

Best Carpet Laying/Flooring Tools

4. Carpet Tape

You need the tape to adhere the carpet to the floor and create a seamless surface. The carpet tape also prevents the cover from sliding on the pre-existing floor, thus making the flooring firm.

5. Teamer And A Trowel

The two unique tools help to stick the carpet against the floor.

6. Power Stretcher

The tool is essential in stretching the carpet for a higher fit.

Best Carpet Laying/Flooring Tools

7. Bonding Iron

The bonding iron heats the two pieces of carpet to make them fit together seamlessly. Moreover, the tool has an adjustable thermostat and heat shield that provides ideal heat for hot melt tape while protecting the carpets from damage by the high temperatures.

8. Staple Gun

It is a powerful device that you should use to drive the heavy-duty staples through the carpet into the wood. Not to mention, the tool is more powerful than the traditional stapler and has higher efficiency.

Best Carpet Laying/Flooring Tools

9. Hammer

You can use it to roll the tack strips to prevent the tacks from affecting the quality of the carpet surface.

With these tools at hand, there is no much to worry. But, you should take care not to end up with seams on the surface of your carpet as they may cause tripping and fall risks.

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