Top 30 Food Vending Business

Food Vending Business: Do you want to start a food vending business.

But want to go niche and be unique?

If YES, here are 26  food vending business

From the day we were born, our body has depended on one form of food.

Or the other for nourishment and survival.

We consume food out of necessity, leisure, fun and experimentation.

Making food and selling the food from a retail location is not just enough these days.

Because customers’ needs and demands have continued to grow.

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The consumers in metro and even suburban cities now expect a ready-to-eat food at their doorsteps.

The food business is in itself very profitable.
In addition, the internet reach-ability is increasing and more people are now using smartphones to get food to their location.
This on its own creates enormous opportunities for food entrepreneurs.

Irrespective of the size of investment you have.

You can always find a food delivery related business that is right for you.

There are different  food vending businesses you can start on your own.

Food Vending Business

And reap a lot of profit. Here are some of them.

26 food vending business

1. Food Vending Business:Food Truck: 

These days, the food truck is one of the most profitable food retail businesses in the metro cities.

The business model has been tested and a lot of startup companies are making huge waves with this business.

The business can be likened to a restaurant on wheels, and you are serving the food at your customer’s accessible location.

In addition, you can take advantage of IT and launch a specific app.

That provides the exact location of your truck in order to attract more customers.

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2. Food Vending Business:Grocery Delivery: 

This is another most trending business in the food service industry.

In addition it is very easy to start.

There are two models that a grocery delivery business can make use of.

One is low cost and the other model demands substantial investment.

In the first option, you open an online store.

List the products with a price tag, procure the materials, promote the site in your locality.

And when orders come, you deliver the item to your consumer’s doorstep.

On the other option, you create a portal and invite the small grocery store owners to list their products.

You act here as a grocery marketplace.

Delivering groceries is convenient for some people as it is inconvenient for other people. Time is precious to most people as their jobs make them busy and they will gladly pay extra bucks to have their grocery delivered to them.

You would need to have several coolers to keep the grocery fresh, frozen and cool when you are delivering it especially in hot weather.
You would need a cell phone, car for delivery, and a website, though this is optional.
In setting your prices, find out the rates your competitors are setting and charge yours accordingly.

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3.Food Vending Business: Healthy Food Delivery 

This food delivery business targets health-conscious consumers and fitness enthusiasts.

In addition, you can deliver the food to the people who are suffering from certain medical conditions.

The demand for this type of service is on the increase in Nigeria.

You can deliver a healthy and balanced meal at homes and offices according to your client’s choice.

You can also decide to operate the business from your small online store in order to reach more customers.

From there people can check the menus and place orders which you will deliver at their door step.

4. Food Vending Business:Home Made Food Delivery:

 There are a lot of people who are too busy to cook for themselves.

Who do not know how to or simply do not want to cook.

Here you can serve them with your homemade foods that you have sourced from restaurants of their choice.

You can deliver the food to your consumers at any place of their convenience.

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5. Food Vending Business:Office Meal Delivery: 

This is another niche food business you can start with very small capital investment.

However, you must have a good client base.

All you need to do is source the food from a reputable eatery and deliver directly to the office of your clients.

Here also, you can establish an online store.

Upload your menus and price tags and promote the site in commercial places.

People can place the orders and even can make the payments at your site.

6. Food Vending Business:Organic Food Delivery: 

the demand for the organically grown foods is increasing very fast.

People are becoming more knowledgeable about their health.

And as such they know the importance organic food to their body.

You can start this business with a small infrastructure.

Open an online store, and according to your investment capacity.

Start the operation in a limited territory.

Choose your product line, advertise to get customers and start selling.

You just need to deliver the organic product at your consumer’s doorstep.

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7. Food Vending Business:Pizza Delivery:

Pizza delivery is one of the most popular and successful food delivery businesses today.

You can start the business in two ways.

One is by owning the franchise of a reputed pizza company.

And another option is setting up your own pizza delivery company.

You can offer different types of pizza with different flavors and tastes.

Starting a pizza business delivery business is not only a profitable kind of business.

Because of the high yields in profit margin.

But it is a popular choice of food deliveries.

If you enjoy unique creations and like to cook.

You would find the pizza delivery business to be an enjoyable venture.

You first have to develop a comprehensive business plan.

Where you will outline your ideas, objectives, obstacles and possible pitfalls that you might encounter.

8.Food Vending Business: Restaurant Food Delivery:

Here you establish an online portal, and ask every small and big restaurant to list their name.

Thus, consumers get a lot of options to select their favorite restaurant and menu.

And after getting the order, you deliver the food at your client’s doorstep.

Here you earn a transaction amount on the billing.

9. Food Vending Business:Egg Delivery Business:

 Egg is consumed by both adults and children as it can be fried, cooked, toasted, and used for other means.

If you start your own egg delivery business.

You can be assured of being in business for as long as you want.

As new markets would continually open up for you once clients see how reliable you are.

The demand for eggs not only stops with individuals but with businesses too.

Such as hotels and restaurants.

Eggs are also used in a lot of industrial processes too.

In starting this business, you would need to partner with as many local farmers as possible.

Depending on the demand.

Also, you would need a truck or car to safely deliver the eggs.

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 10. Food Vending Business:Sandwich and Salad Delivery Business:

 This is an inexpensive business to go into and has the potential of generating good revenue for you weekly.

It is advisable to try to create your sandwich route in office districts.

Or industrial districts of a community or city.

As this would enable you have a large number of customers.

You can make the sandwich yourself but even if you can’t.

You could partner with a catering service or restaurant that will supply the sandwiches and salad on a regular basis.

While you build a customer base to purchase the sandwiches and salads.

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11. Food Vending Business:Bread and Milk Delivery Service: 

If you are looking for a profitable business venture that will provide you with a steady income.

Then the delivery of bread and milk is sure to guarantee you that.

As almost everyone eats bread and milk with a lot of people doing so on a daily basis.

Once you start this business.

The most important thing you would have to consider is to make sure that your products are from a trusted manufacturer.

So as to ensure the quality of your delivery.

The essential factor to consider here is that you would need to be waking up early.

So as to ensure that your customers get their breakfast early enough.

You would need a reliable vehicle to be successful in this business.

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12.Food Vending Business: Coffee Delivery Business:

 Coffee is one breakfast beverage that people love to take in the morning.

Most people love to start their morning with a fresh brew of coffee.

Which is why the coffee delivery business is a great business that will be of immense benefit to people.

You could deliver to offices and help employers keep their employees happy.

The most important factor in starting this business is the location.

If you do not have a strategic location.

Having the best coffee in the world would not matter.

As you would not be able to deliver to people on time.

Also, you have to ensure that you have different tastes and flavors of coffee.

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13. Food Vending Business:Fruit Delivery Business: 

This is for those who want fresh fruits that are organic and straight from the orchard or farm.

Customers get to select the fruits they want.

In this business, you would need a cell phone and a reliable car to be able to deliver the fruits to your customers when and where they would need them.

You can get your clients to set up a standing order, that way you get to deliver the fruits at a scheduled time.

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 14.Food Vending Business: Pet Food Delivery Business:

 According to the American Pet Products Association, 71.4 million homes own a pet, with 93.6 million cats and 77.7 million dogs.

The total expenditure for the pet industry exceeds $45.5 billion.

Annually, each pet household spends $229 on dog food and $203 on cat food.

This makes this industry perfect for any serious entrepreneur.

All you would need to start this business is a cell phone, a computer, and a reliable van.

You can work from home, and use your garage as a storage space for ordered bulk products.

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15. Food Vending Business:Dinner Ingredients Delivery:

A  lot of people prefer to cook their dishes themselves instead of eating out all the time.

As an entrepreneur you can help them to procure ingredients that they can use to prepare certain meals especially those that are exotic in nature.

This is the niche that this business intends to cover.

Having pre-packed ingredients for clients so that they can cook when they get home will turn a nice profit for your business.

In starting this business, you would need to get the necessary food packs for the ready-to-cook ingredients, a cell phone and a reliable means of transport.

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16.Food Vending Business: Lunch Delivery Service:

People who are busy at work, seniors who barely have the time.

Will want to be able to have their lunches.

According to their specifications without needing to go out or pack a lunch to work.

This can be done over the internet or through a call.

To deliver this kind of service, you would need to partner with restaurants that can offer up different dishes.

Where customers can choose from.

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17. Food Vending Business:Liquor Delivery Service Business:

The liquor delivery business has the right yield for the right entrepreneur, and is quite recession proof.

While most service based industries tend to suffer during economic downturns.

This has not affected the demand for liquor which remains high.

The downside of this business is that it is a regulated service industry.

And is subject to variable regulatory concerns depending on the city one is operating in.

If you are starting up this business.

You will need to accommodate several limitations such as the time liquor can be delivered.

The amount you can deliver, the age of the delivery person, and the documentation requirement for the recipient.

18. Food Vending Business:Fast food delivery business:

Fast food business is one of the brightest delivery business ideas.

Thus, providing the service of fast food delivery is a great idea.

You can either start your own food business.

And deliver the same or you can take franchises of food delivery service from other restaurants.

 19. Food Vending Business: Diet Meal Delivery: 

Diet food helps to remove extra weight in the fastest way in addition to exercise.

You can cater to individuals who battle with one weight issue or the other.

20. Food Vending Business:Frozen food delivery:

 delivering frozen food to individuals and businesses can be very profitable especially if you live in a city.

To get started, you will need to choose a target market and have a supplier from who you can get the frozen foods from.

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21.Food Vending Business: Food delivery software: 

You can create a software that makes it easy for businesses.

To manage and analyze their deliveries and monetize the software in order to make money.

For instance, Spatula (a food delivery software).

Makes it easy to manage deliveries for multiple restaurant.

By giving each restaurant a simple delivery request form for manual requests.

And a unique email inbox to forward confirmation emails from ordering platforms.

It also sets your preference to automatically offer jobs to the right drivers.

After claiming a job, the driver clicks “On My Way” to send a live tracking link to the customer via SMS and “Navigate” to launch turn by turn directions.

22. Food Vending Business:Food delivery blog: 

You can create a blog about food delivery and write about the plethora of opportunities that exist in food delivery. You can then monetize the blog using the various options that are available.

23. Food Vending Business:Food delivery podcast:

 you can create a podcast where you can talk about food delivery.

How to get started, what it entails and how to make money from it.

24. Food Vending Business:Become affiliated with UBEReats:

You can make money by becoming affiliated with UBEReats.

UBEReats drivers pick up and deliver food to customers.

Drivers don’t handle payment, only the deliveries.

You can choose to do only food deliveries while you work.

Or if your car qualifies, you can also do regular Uber rides.

You receive requests that tell you where to pick up and drop off the order.

The app will tell you if the drop off is curbside or if you have to go to their door.

You will be paid a pickup fee, a drop off fee and for mileage.

Uber takes a 25 percent cut from whatever you make.

However, if the customers tip you, you can keep it all.

25. Food Vending Business:Kosher food delivery: 

kosher foods are those types of food that conform to the Jewish dietary regulations of kashrut (dietary law).

Food that may be consumed according to halakha (law) are known as kosher.

A lot of people do not understand what kosher is or how to prepare them for those that enjoy eating such meals.

You can take advantage of this by sourcing kosher foods from reputable restaurants and delivering them to the door steps of your clients.

 26. Food Vending Business:Halal food delivery:

This refers to what is permissible or lawful in traditional Islamic law.

It is frequently applied to permissible food and drinks.

There are over 1,703,146,000 Muslims in the world today.

With about 2,595,000 of them in the United States of America.

This just goes to show that there is a large market for home delivery of Halal foods.

27. Food Vending Business:Food kiosks 

Food kiosks are temporary booths or stands used to prepare and sell foods like pretzels, ice cream and hot dogs.

The low overhead, flexibility and ease by which a kiosk can be opened and closed are among the reasons why they’re so popular.

Because they are usually operating indoors, kiosk owners typically sign licensing agreements at malls, stadiums, movie theaters or other locations.

28. Food Vending Business:Food carts and concession trailers

This style of mobile food business has been around for decades and is a multibillion-dollar industry.

Cart owners prepare food in advance or purchase ready-made food like ice cream bars.

Then, the food is heated up or pulled from the freezer.

Food carts used to focus on simple fare like ice cream and hot dogs.

But have expanded their menus in recent years to include dishes like kebobs, gyros, salads, and fish and chips.

Food carts usually either have room for the vendor.

To be inside and serve food through a window.

Or they utilize all the cart space for food storage and cooking equipment.

Concession trailers, on the other hand, are often found at fairs, sporting events.

Or other places where they can be unhitched and sit for awhile.

Unlike most carts, trailers allow for cooking and have room for two or three people inside.

Carts are less expensive than food trucks, and are usually pulled by a vehicle or pushed by hand.

They’re fairly easy to maintain and, in many areas, require less licensing than the full-sized food trucks.

29.Food Vending Business: Mobile catering businesses

Mobile catering trucks are similar to mobile food trucks, but are hired for specific events.

The client chooses food from a catering menu, and the truck then serves the food at the event.

The differences between catering trucks and food trucks are primarily in the manner of doing business.

One particular advantage of a mobile catering business is you’re not risking as much in inventory because you are cooking and bringing food as ordered for the party.

You also have a specific destination, so you need not worry whether your favorite destinations will be busy or not.

30. Food Vending Business:Bustaurants

As the name implies, a bustaurant is not a truck but a bus, often a double-decker with the lower level for the kitchen and the upper level for customers to sit and eat.

This is a new concept and hasn’t really been proven yet, especially since the idea tests a rash of licensing issues.

They also require more room to park, and are more costly to start because the buses need to be fully refurbished.

Food Vending Business: Conclusion:

In conclusion, no matter the state of the economy, you can successfully run a food vending business.

People want the ease of having things brought to their door.

With a cell phone and reliable transportation.

You can deliver food to your clients wherever it is most convenient for them.

Even when you don’t have a lot of money or time, you still want a tasty meal, and mobile food businesses are uniquely positioned to provide it.

Whether serving crepes from a splashily painted food truck, a bacon-wrapped hotdog from a push cart, or Baskin-Robbins ice cream from a franchised kiosk, food is going where consumers are.

Even though street food is enjoying a resurgence.

This is a tried-and-true business model that’s fed generations of eaters.

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