15 Best Online Booking Holiday Inn Express & Suites Carson City

Best Online Booking Holiday: Planning a complete vacation or a business trip can be done efficiently online.

Websites such as Expedia, Hotwire, Orbitz, Travoline and Kayak have replaced traditional travel agents in helping people search for and book the least expensive flights, cars and hotel reservations.

All major hotel chains provide the opportunity to book a room online.

And even international hotels and guest houses are taking reservations through their websites.

Pay for online hotel bookings by making a deposit with a credit card, or paying in full for the best rates.

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Best Online Booking Holiday

1. Compare prices.

Search for the hotel you want by checking specific hotel websites.

Or using an online travel agent, such as Expedia, Travelocity or Orbitz.

Look for hotels that have the dates you need available, and figure out how much you will spend per night.

  • Research sites such as Hotels.com or Travelweb, which are specific to hotel bookings only, and do not include additional search options for flights and rental cars.
  • Check for additional fees. Some independent online booking agencies charge a fee for using their service. The fee can range from $1 to over $10, and it is never refundable if you cancel or change your reservation.

2. Reserve your hotel.

Book the hotel you want by using the hotel’s website, or an online travel site.

Provide your contact information and the dates you will arrive and check out.

3. Determine when you will have to pay for your booking.

As you complete your reservation, you will be given an amount that is due.

  • Pay in full for the best rates. Many hotel sites and discount agents will offer you a lower price if you pay for the entire stay at the time of your booking. There are often restrictions on canceling or changing your reservation.
  • Provide the required deposit. If your plans may change and you do not want to pay for the full cost of your stay, book a hotel that only requires a deposit. When you pay the deposit required by the hotel, which is often the equivalent of one night’s stay, you can usually still change your travel dates without a penalty.
  • Pay at the time of your stay. Depending on the hotel, you may be able to guarantee your reservation with a credit card number, but not pay anything until you arrive at the hotel. Most online agents such as Expedia, Orbitz and Hotels.com will not provide this option.

4. Check the hotel’s website directly.

Some hotels promise the best pricing when you book directly through them versus through a booking website.

Select the dates you’ll be traveling, how many people will be sleeping in the room.

And any other details the site asks for.

This will show you what pricing looks like so you can compare with other hotels in the area.

  • If you are unfamiliar with the hotel, look up some reviews to see what other customers have said about the accommodations, cleanliness, and service quality.

5. Call the hotel directly after you’ve looked at online pricing offers.

If you found an online price for a room cheaper than what is offered on the hotel’s website.

Ask if they are willing to match that price.

You can also tell them if you found a less expensive room with a competitor.

They may be willing to offer you a different price than what they have listed online in order to secure your business.

  • This is one of the best ways to get a better deal on pricing.
  • If you are celebrating a special event, like a wedding, anniversary, or birthday, mention this while you are on the phone. You may get a free room upgrade or a special amenities kit.

Best Online Booking Holiday

6. Ask about event or group discounts.

The hotel may offer senior rates, business traveler rates, veteran rates.

Discounts for booking more than one room or one night at a time.

Or discounts if you’re attending a certain event in the area.

The only way to find out is to ask!

7. Bundle your flight and hotel together.

This can sometimes lead to big savings, but it may make it harder to change your reservations if you have something come up last minute.

Look for vacation package deals online or use a travel agent to have someone else do the research work for you.

  • Sites like Travelocity and Orbitz let you input your travel dates, locations.
  • And preferred travel class and will give you a list of paired flights and hotel bookings that you can choose from.
  • Some of these bundles will also include a car rental, which could potentially save you even more money!

Best Online Booking Holiday

8. Join loyalty programs through the hotel or booking websites.

If you prefer to stay at a particular hotel, joining their loyalty program can pay off big time.

Most programs guarantee the best pricing for members.

Free Wi-Fi, or free nights for every so many bookings.

Similarly, some booking websites will offer a free night for every 10 nights booked.

  • If you are going to join a loyalty program, pick 1 and stick with it to ensure you are using all the available discounts.

9. Take advantage of upgrades by booking later in the day.

Hotels want to book as many rooms per night as they can.

And later in the evening they will have a good idea of how much availability they have.

Check booking websites and the hotel’s website directly.

To see how much a room would cost that night and to see if there are any last minute deals.

  • You can also take advantage of booking someone else’s cancelled reservation this way.
  • This option works best if you are traveling for leisure or by yourself for business, rather than if you are attending a big event or conference. Bigger events mean rooms will be booked up early in the season.

Best Online Booking Holiday

10. Call the concierge directly rather than the 800 reservation number.

The people who work at the hotel are more likely to offer you a discount or upgrade.

Be friendly and polite, and don’t be afraid to ask about getting a better price.

  • Better yet, go to the hotel directly and talk to someone at the desk. Face to face is often a better way to make a connection with someone if you’re asking for a deal.

11. Stay at a newer hotel to save money.

New hotels are looking to get the word out about their hotel.

And will likely offer discounted prices to drum up more business.

You may even be able to book your stay with the manager directly, who can offer a bigger discount.

  • Stop into these new hotels rather than making a reservation on the phone.
  • This way you can check out the surroundings to make sure they’ll meet your expectations.

Best Online Booking Holiday

12. Redeem credit card points for hotel bookings.

Many credit cards offer travel deals or points that can get you a few bookings for free every year.

Using these to make a day-of reservation will give you more flexibility in where you stay because you won’t be as concerned about your budget.

  • Cards like Discover and Capital One Venture offer cash back money or bonus points that can be redeemed for hotel stays. Check what discounts your current credit card company can give you.

13. Bid on a room to get a good deal on a last minute booking.

Hotels that have available rooms often place them on booking sites with their lowest acceptable booking price.
When you’re ready to make a bid, go to a booking site, select your preferred neighborhood and star levels, and the price you’re willing to pay.

The name of your hotel won’t be revealed until your bid is accepted.

  • You have to be okay with leaving things to chance a little bit.
  • But this can be a great way to get a good room for a good price last minute.
  • Your credit card is charged as soon as your bid is accepted.
  • So you have to be willing to go with the flow to take advantage of this option.
  • You can’t change or cancel the reservation.

Best Online Booking Holiday

14. Determine your budget.

Before you look for a hotel and make a reservation, you want to ensure the hotel will meet your budget and your needs.

You should first determine your budget, or how much you can spend, when booking a hotel room.

This will help you narrow down your search and be efficient with the time you spend looking for a hotel and booking a room.

  • Having a limited budget does not mean you will end up staying in a cheap, dirty hotel.
  • In fact, there are many discount options available for visitors on a budget.
  • On the flip side, you may be travelling for work and have the ability to expense your accommodations to your company’s account. In this case, an affordable hotel rate may not be as much of a priority for you.

15. More tips

  • If booking a room ahead of time, check the cancellation policy—many hotels require a partial payment if you cancel 24-48 hours before your reservation.

  • Request a corner room—this will give you more square footage for the same price as other rooms in the hotel.

  • Mention if you are celebrating a special occasion—like a birthday or an anniversary—when booking your room. This might result in a free upgrade or a special amenities kit.

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