Top 50 Ideas to Keep Your Brand Alive in a Competitive Market

In this cut-throat world, standing out is not easy. But staying ahead of the competition is crucial to long-term success; hence, marketers need to think out of the box and come up with some ingenious ways to keep their brand alive in a highly competitive market.
Whether you are a small business or part of an organization with many departments, chances are you’ll face intense competition at some point. The key to keeping your brand relevant is by coming up with creative ideas that set you apart from your competitors. Here are 50 brilliant marketing ideas you can use to keep your brand alive in a competitive market.

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50. Profiles International – Profiles International offers a comprehensive employment screening program that includes criminal history searches, credit reports and education verification. Some other services are employment and military service verifications, driver’s history reports, and incarceration records searches.

49. Proforma Screening Solutions – Proforma Screening Solutions delivers background checks and screening services for companies of all sizes. The company offers an express online background screening with packages that include Social Security number validation, address history, national criminal database searches, terrorist watch list searches, sex offender registry searches, county and federal criminal records searches, and motor vehicle reports.

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48. PSI – PSI conducts pre-employment background-screening services to businesses of all sizes  Specific services include criminal history searches, Social Security number traces, employment and education verifications, reference checks, credit reports, and drug screenings.

47. Research Associates – Research Associates conducts employee-screening services, including personal interviews with former employers and references, reviews of work and education history, education and license verifications, credit and financial information checks, criminal history reports, driving records searches, and civil and bankruptcy court records searches.

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46. SafeGuard Background Screening – SafeGuard Background Screening is a provider of employment screening and drug testing. The company offers jurisdictional coverage for background screening in every county in all 50 states, all federal courts and U.S. national security agencies, as well as extended investigations in more than 220 countries.

45.Safe Hiring Solutions – Safe Hiring Solutions is a risk management firm that specializes in background checks, visitor and volunteer management software, and automated reference-checking software. The company offers a paperless processing option that features an embedded link on each employer’s website, which allows job candidates to electronically sign authorizations and input their information.

44.Sarma – Sarma is a provider of employment screening services, which include county criminal reports, credit reports, drug screenings, education verifications, federal criminal reports, I-9 verifications, multistate criminal searches, motor vehicle reports, sex offender records and Social Security number traces.

43.Sentinel Background Checks – Sentinel Background Checks is a pre-employment screening company that offers a variety of services, which can be tailored to each business’s needs. Among the services available are criminal and civil record searches, credit report checks, motor vehicle report checks, past employment and education verifications, and drug screenings.

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42. Shield Screening – Shield Screening is a full-service background check organization that offers Social Security number traces; credit report checks; motor vehicle report checks; national, state and county criminal searches; National Sex Offender Registry searches; drug screening; and employment, education and professional license verification.

41. SmartStart Employment Screening – SmartStart Employment Screening is a  background and employment screening company with domestic and international research resources. The company conducts criminal history searches, civil records searches, drug testing, and employment, education and professional license verifications. SmartStart can also search credit reports and motor vehicle records.

40. SSC – SSC is a professional investigations and security company that conducts pre-employment screening services. It conducts county, state and national criminal history checks; civil records checks; motor vehicle records checks; and employment, education, military and professional credential verifications. SSC also conducts drug testing.

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39. StarPoint Employment Screening – StarPoint Employment Screening offers a variety of screening services, such as background checks that include criminal reports, motor vehicle driving records, employment verifications and employment credit checks.

38.Sterling Talent Solutions – Sterling Talent Solutions provides employment screening and background check services for companies of all sizes and in all industries. The company’s background checks allow human resources professionals to search criminal records, check education and professional references, schedule drug tests, and monitor employee arrests.

37.SurePayroll – SurePayroll’s pre-employment screening services include background checks, behavioral assessments and skills testing. Background checks feature Social Security number traces, county and national criminal history searches, education and employment verifications, and motor vehicle reports.

36.Trak-1 – Trak-1 is accredited by the NAPBS and conducts criminal court record searches, Social Security number checks, motor vehicle reports, education and employment verifications, workers’ compensation reports, credit history reports, and drug and alcohol screening.

35. TriCor Employment Screening – TriCor Employment Screening is a full-service background-screening company with national and international coverage. Services include Social Security number trace reports; driving history reports; county, state and federal criminal history searches; education, license and employment verifications; and drug testing.

34.TruDiligence – TruDiligence, which is accredited by the NAPBS, offers an integrated applicant-tracking system and conducts criminal history, civil history, credit report and motor vehicle record searches. TruDiligence also provides education, employment, license, certification and Social Security Number verifications.

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33.Truescreen – Truescreen offers a comprehensive suite of applicant-screening services. Specific screenings include federal, state and county criminal records searches; sex offender registry searches; Social Security number validation and verification; and education and employment verifications. The company also offers fingerprinting and drug testing.

32.Trusted Employees – Trusted Employees provides employment screening solutions for organizations of all sizes. The company conducts criminal history searches, sex offender registry searches, Social Security number verification, and employer, education and reference verifications. Trusted Employees also conducts drug screenings and motor vehicle records searches.

31. Universal Background Screening – Universal Background Screening is a provider of background-screening solutions, including a comprehensive selection of employment background checks and verifications, employee drug testing, employment physicals, and compliance management services. The company conducts background checks on vendors, temporary staff, consultants, volunteers, students, executives and a company’s extended workforce.

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30. Validity Screening Solutions – Validity Screening Solutions offers employment-related background screenings and rechecks. The company conducts criminal and civil court record searches, as well as employment and education verifications.

29. Verified Credentials – Verified Credentials is a background-screening company that serves organizations across all industries. The company conducts criminal background searches; academic, employment and professional license verifications; health care-specific searches; drug testing; and international screening.

28. Verified First – Verified First provides employment background checks, drug testing and E-Verify services. To conduct a search with the system, you simply enter basic employee information, select databases and click Search. Most results will be returned within seconds.

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27. VeriFirst Background Screening – VeriFirst Background Screening is a provider of risk management and background-screening services. The company conducts employment background checks that include searches of criminal records, credit history reports, employment and education verifications, E-Verify workforce eligibility, and drug testing.

26. – provides background screening services for a wide range of organizations. The company is able to review criminal, civil, credit, government and driving records. It also conducts employment and education verifications and drug testing.

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VICTIG – VICTIG is a full-service background-screening company for businesses of all sizes. The company conducts county and national criminal records searches, credit reports, motor vehicle record reports, and employment, education license and reference verifications.

Here is a list of online background check websites:

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26. – helps you find people and learn more about them from public records and background checks. With the service, you can search current and previous addresses, phone numbers, criminal records, census records, business associates, marriage and divorce records, property records, and bankruptcies. – offers all types of background checks, including criminal background checks. The service’s criminal database contains county court records, state repositories, departments of corrections, administrative offices of courts, state sex and violent offender registries, government exclusion lists, and terrorist watch lists. This website abides by FCRA regulations and can be used as part of the pre-employment hiring process.

24.* – is our best pick for do-it-yourself background check websites. It provides online access to background reports for either yourself or someone else. The service offers instant access to background information such as Social Security number validation, criminal and arrest records, bankruptcies, judgments, liens, address history, alias names, and evictions. This website abides by the FCRA regulations and can be used as part of the pre-employment hiring process. Read our full review here.

Branded business methodology – Members of Background Searcher get unlimited access to the site’s selection of links to investigative databases, resources and search sites, including state, federal and local government public records. Background Searcher doesn’t state on its website whether it abides by FCRA regulations.

22.BeenVerified – BeenVerified provides instant access to public records. The company aggregates up-to-date public record databases through its web-based software. The service is not FCRA-compliant and is not intended for pre-employment screening.

21. – provides instant access to public records in one easy-to-read report. The site’s background check services cover criminal records, phone and address history, sex offender databases, property ownership records, marriage and divorce records, family member lists, and bankruptcy and tax lien history. is not a consumer reporting agency under the FCRA guidelines.

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20. CriminalPages – CriminalPages has a large set of online criminal databases from federal, state, county and municipal sources. This service provides a multitude of criminal information including arrest, conviction and incarceration. CriminalPages is not FCRA-compliant and is not intended for pre-employment screening.

19. – provides private investigator-assisted background checks, criminal records, employee screenings, tenant screenings and international criminal background checks. The service’s reports are compiled using several different databases that contain billions of records across a variety of subjects. This website abides by the FCRA regulations and can be used as part of the pre-employment hiring process.

18. – lets you search for someone’s court cases, contact information and arrest records, as well as sex offender status, bankruptcy information, and birth, marriage and divorce records. This service is not intended for pre-employment screening.

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17. – provides background check services that can uncover if a person was ever arrested, sued, has a criminal record, filed for bankruptcy, was married, divorced, owns a property or a business, has an active warrant and served time in jail. The website’s database includes more than 2 billion records covering all 50 states.

16. Instant Checkmate – Instant Checkmate is a public-records search engine that lets you search for anyone in the U.S. and get immediate access to his or her criminal records, related court documents, addresses, age and known aliases. The service is not FCRA-compliant and is not intended for pre-employment screening.

15. Intelius – Intelius provides online information about individuals, their histories and connections to others. The company’s  services range from basic people search results to detailed background reports, and it also offers an identity theft protection service. The service is not FCRA-compliant and is not intended for pre-employment screening.

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14. PeopleFinders – PeopleFinders is a data-as-a-service provider for consumers and businesses seeking detailed insight involving people, places and things in the United States. PeopleFinders’ data includes information on virtually every adult in the U.S. The service is not FCRA-compliant and is not intended for pre-employment screening.

13. PeopleSmart – PeopleSmart is designed to help find you people and connect with others. The service, which provides access to contact information and public records, allows you to try to find someone by name, email, phone number and address. The service is not FCRA-compliant and is not intended for pre-employment screening.

12. PeopleWise – PeopleWise is a service that can help you find information about people, businesses, assets and neighborhoods. You can search for people using public information that is compiled from official data sources. The service is not FCRA-compliant and is not intended for pre-employment screening.

11.PoliceArrests – PoliceArrests allows users to search over 800,000,000 mugshots for free. Joining the service gains access to every detail and step of an arrest from booking to distribution and everything in between. PoliceArrests is not FCRA-compliant and not intended for pre-employment screening.

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10. US Search

US Search is an online provider of searches for people, background checks, phone number lookups and public records. The service is not FCRA-compliant and is not intended for pre-employment screening.

9. Verispy

Types of records available via Verispy include bankruptcy history, address history, marriages and divorce history, property ownership, criminal records, sex offender records, business licenses, evictions, lawsuits, email addresses, and social network profilesVerispy is not a consumer reporting agency as defined by the FCRA.

Here is a list of background check companies that specialize in household employee screening and weren’t listed above:

8. Background Checks for Nannies

Background Checks for Nannies offers background-screening services from True Hire. Its services include identity reports, credit reports, driver’s records, reference and credential reports, and criminal records at the county, state and federal levels.

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7. Childcare Background Search

Childcare Background Search is a background check service for families and nanny placement agencies. The checks include national and county criminal checks, sex offender checks, driving history records, and college education verification.

6. ESR Screened Caregiver

ESR Screened Caregiver, from Employment Screening Resources, provides background-screening services for employers of caregivers. The company offers three different screening plans that include criminal history checks, sex offender searches and motor vehicle records.

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5. eNannySource

eNannySource is our best pick for household employee background checks. eNannySource’s background checks – which include criminal history records, address history, Social Security number traces, driving reports and reference checks – are fully compliant with the FCRA. Read our full review here.

4. GoNannies

GoNannies offers three levels of background checks that include criminal history searches, employment and education verification, and driver’s license checks.

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GTM offers a number of household employee services, including payroll and background checks. The company’s background checks include Social Security number checks, credit checks, driver’s license checks, criminal conviction searches and drug testing.

2. NannyVerify

NannyVerify provides FCRA-compliant pre-employment background-screening services. The company offers a variety of background-screening packages, which include in-court county criminal records checks, motor vehicle reports, and education and employment verification.


Safelutions offers a variety of security services, including background checks for businesses, schools, organizations and household employers. The company offers three different nanny background check packages that include thorough investigations into previous employment, tax records, references, criminal records, driving records, lawsuits and sex offender registries.

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