Top 72 ideas to Build Team Networking Business

Build Team Networking Business

BUILDING TEAM NETWORKING BUSINESS INNIGERIA | The component of building a team networking is what enable a whole lot of people to truly succeed in any business establishment.
Here, you will know more on how to build a good team networking business.
In order to succeed in life, one needs to look at the organizations that are successful.
Taking a family for instant, they are the most basic unit in our world which has different levels of success. To measure what they accomplish, they are stronger and are on average and more financial stable than individuals.
The reason is because a family is able to draw upon the resources of each other, and it receives moral and physical support from the different members of the family. An individuals has to draw upon his or her own resources, physical ability and other factors.
Team working therefore means sending out work to other individuals. It is the foundation of all successful business people.
There are two types of team. These are: Formal and the Informal teams
To build a team networking business, you need to do the followings:When you change your thoughts, remember to also change your world. You can request publication of your article for publication by sending it to us via our Email below.  or SMS/WhatsApp) or call +2347034920650.  Click here to start business now with
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Top 72 ideas to Build Team Networking Business in Nigeria
1.  Remember that each member of the team has something to add to your team.
2. Formulate team objectives carefully and always take them seriously.
3. Remember that team members must support each other
4. Always break long term aims into short term projects.
5. Allocate a clear deadlines for each of your projects.
6. Decide early on what style of team is appropriate for your objectives.
7. Try to form strong bonds with other team members of formal or informal teams.

8. Find a senior individual that can promote the team’s work.

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9. Remind members that they are all team participants.
10. Fixed goals that are measurable to keep your team focused.
11. Make use of the great power of friendship to strengthen a team.
12. Always choose a leader on merit, regardless of other considerations.
13. Look for a strong team commitment from a leader.

14. Always reward merit, but never let errors go unremarked.

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15. Remember that everyone in a team think in a different way.
16. When recruiting people for a team, look for their growth potential.
17. Pay close attention to lack of relevant experience in group members.
18. Take people out of the team if they do not perform.
19. Find people with a good level of personal skills, and help develop them.
20. Set challenging goals that are still realistic in view of your deadlines.

21. Consider the aims of individual team members when setting targets.

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22. Do not let failure of one parts of a project jeopardize its overall success.
23. Insist of having IT support that gives you exactly what you want.
24. Treat external consultants as team members.
25. Keep your team sponsor informed of progress.
26. Keep tasks to yourself only if you know that no one else can do them.
27. Do not delegate any unnecessary work scrap it.
28. Give your team the freedom to make its own decisions.

29. Encourage positive contributions from team members.

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30. Acknowledge, publicize, and celebrate all team successes.
31. Find an easily accessible way of displaying team progress daily.
32. Encourage people to form working partnerships within the team.
33. Encourage natural leaders to lead and develop their leadership skills.
34. Never reject a team idea without explaining why, frankly and fully.
35. Make sure that the team keeps in contact with its customers.
36. Show your team who is in charge by being assertive, but not aggressive.

37. Think of ways to make an instant good impression on a new team but without being over eager.

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38. If you ask people for their advice, be prepared not only to welcome it, but also act on it.
39. Help your team find a way to change obstructive group behavior.
40. Look for a way to use conflict constructively.
41. Remember that everyone deserves some fun during work hours.
42. Always conduct a thorough, open analysis when projects go wrong.
43. Have an open door policy if you want to be accessible.
44. Ask people who bring problems to bring solutions.

46. Use dispassionate fact finding as the best method of defusing conflict.

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47. Meet informally as well as formally to discuss your team’s progress.
48. Keep the team members in close proximity to ease communication.
49. Set aside areas in which people can meet and talk informally.
50. Encourage the free flow of communication between colleagues.
51. Invest in the most appropriate technology, and keep it up to date.
52. Change the chairperson at each meeting to involve everybody.
52. Try to delegate as much as possible to other members of the team.
53. Distribute agendas in advance of the meeting to give your team time to prepare.

54. Cultivate all relationships that may be useful to the team.

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55. Try to keep all relationships on an even keel.
56. Make sure that good news is heard and clearly understood by all the relevant people.
57. If trouble is brewing in any team relationship, deal with it quickly.
58. Arrange social contacts with other parts of the organization.
59. Find out which technology can keep you in touch with sponsors.
60. Keep a record of contacts with valuable people you meet outside the team or office.
61. Award team roles carefully so that they do not overlap.
62. Look for the good points in an idea, and never criticize ideas in public.
63. Look for people with experience when seeking problem solving.

64. Analyze the roles that people play within your team.

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65. Never dismiss brainstormed ideas out of hand, that is disheartening and stop the flow of creativity.
66. Treat everyone in the team equally to avoid causing any resentment.
67. Regard disruptive team members as innocent until they are proven guilty.
68.Telling individuals they are doing a good job will build team morale.
69. Always treat team members with respect, even those who may be creating problems for you.
70. Avoid direct conflict with team members.
71. Remember to be tough on the problems, not the people.
72. Ensure that the whole team is able to learn from solving problems.

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