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5Tips to start Crayfish business in Nigeria

Crayfish business is a very lucrative business line people can invest or venture into, crayfish have fish likes resemblance the only difference is it’s not big in size somehow small like water crabs.

It’s not really hard to operate if you are trained on tithe start-up may be a big tedious after a while you will tend to love i.e. will soon expose to you the requirements needed and it modus operandi of the business. Akwa Ibom State is one of the most top popular state venturing into this business.

crayfish businesscrayfish business


* Crayfish takes around 90 days to mature

* It reproduces about 400-900 new offspring

* Harvesting time is always from November the 11th months of the year to February if every year.


This is a very simple question but if you follow all my teaching step by step you will really See the ingredients in the soup. I have people already doing this business live and directs so many in case you are worrying how you are going to make sells.

Below are places you can make sells of your crayfish business and see it boom very fast.



3)Road side local food bar’s



6)Open market

7)Online (Internet)

8)Fast food.

Avail yourself this opportunity if you are really serious about the business.

Get to places those things are needed and make supply go to restaurants where they serve food to their customers and

supply it if its affordable you may have more customers even from her customers too.

Make a work to offices and make supply to them,

never forget the big deal which is the open market where you may even be selling in bags or

much quantity because of the centralized exposure market is known to possess.

Have worked in a dormitory before so I know how lucrative crayfish business can be.

for instance you can buy in buy in bulk and supply to the school at your , own rate so you have to know how to manipulate your price and make gains.

If for instance you buy crayfish directly from source it will be cheap compared to getting it at retail price which might be 10 times costlier than getting it in bulk.


Every business has its does and don’t so attention should be really paid to this.

*Avoid giving out your products in credit and if given at all ensure that they are the working-class bracket so you will not lose out of business.

It’s always good to sell and always return back to depo to get more bags.

If your supplier notice that you have the capacity to deliver fast he or she will keep adjusting price for you compared to the lazy ones.

*Never you leak your business secret to customers purchasing from you because for sure they will always hope for you to sell for them at your cost market price.

*Avoid the use of diabolical powers. so far so far have not really seen a good end to business done using diabolical means to create wealth that stands the tests of time.

Though the start is good but it always has a disastrous ending. God is the author of all business so get closer to him pray and sacrifice.



2)Proper research

3)Market surveying




When you are commercializing this type of business its advised to rent a space at least so people will locate you very fast.

Aside from that it will always be your offline store for storing those bags in especially if you sell it in wholesale to your customers who then go retailing it.

so you really need a space its very important.

If you are just starting might be with one bag or half bag you may not really bother yourself about getting a space/renting a store until it reaches that level.

2)Proper research:

As lucrative as this business is you need to ask questions before starting on how it was used to be operated,

why the change, where people fail in, challenges they faced and how they came out of it.

It will be a very bad thing to keep living in the past.

By conducting research, it will help you to know the capital you will need to budget for it.

3)Market surveying:

Another aspect to be looked at is the market survey aspects where you need to find out people opinion about the business,

what they feel was not there that should be added,

what they hate, why they don’t like crayfish,

you survey will help you know when such business sells most.

Market survey helps you know when you should kick off and when to lockup.

Read also :how much is a bag of crayfish in oron


I always love talking about this registration thing and am sure am not wasting my time,

but I thing every good business supposed to have a unique registered Identity where people will know what your business really is and could be traceable.

What if many people are selling it where you find yourself and somebody was directed by another client of yours to get from you

the only that will help is when it’s said “you will see a banner in your left,

with Johns Stocks captions written” if not you will keep losing customers.

Another thing is commercial business when licensed through registration gives you the business right and authority to go ahead and make money for yourself.

By so doing you will need to be a member of the union to be updated on current trends in the market and follow up changes as well.


Advertising your business will always boost sales a lot and will take your business to the next whole level.

Any business that lacks exposure will die gradually and wiped off within a short while.

Why people are running a one-way market advertising way you can be very smart by going very far using the Tv, radio, newspaper, flyers, bulk SMS, email marketing, online advertisement etc.

Target, you audience, imagine your business in the ears of over 8 million people, imagine in the eyes of millions,

imagine getting to the knowledge of people reading newspaper and online advertising you will not rest

when it comes this far because you will always be up and running to deliver you job at places needed.

Places you can get these stuff cheap and in whole places could be In Akwa Ibom state, rivers, calabar etc.

Click here.

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  1. Ehlebi Emmanuel says:

    I will like to go into exportation of crayfish and I would like to know how to locate buyers out there. Thank you

  2. kolawole says:

    Need to know current price and the preservation of goods to avoid spoil. Then the location to buying at cheaper rate in Lagos.

  3. Salami Falilat says:

    Good day… I am just starting the crayfish business and I learnt that bfore one start packaging for selling one needs to dry them… but I just discovered now that .. my crayfish has very tiny ants in it … How do I go about it pls?

  4. Akinsoji says:

    Pls what’s the scientific name of our so called crayfish in Nigeria?

  5. Samuel says:

    Please a 100kg bag of crayfish can contain how many 4 Liter?

  6. Abbie says:

    How can one preserve the crayfish to avoid spoilage?

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