7 Ways to Build Diapers Marketing Business in Nigeria

Build Diapers Marketing Business:  Cloth diapers are coming back into fashion because they are more economical and eco-friendly than disposable diapers.

The hassle with cloth diapers is cleaning them; thus, there are cloth-diaper laundering and delivery businesses that take care of this for busy parents.

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A cloth-diaper delivery-service business makes using cloth diapers simpler for parents and can be profitable for the business owner, as the business itself is relatively simple.

Many small businesses make the mistake of limiting their marketing budget to marketing communications costs such as advertising, public relations, direct mail and promotions.

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A true marketing plan includes the upfront planning, communications expenditures and ongoing monitoring and tracking of your marketing efforts.

Include all three components of a marketing strategy in your budget plan to spend your dollars with maximum efficiency and generate maximum sales.

Build Diapers Marketing BusinessBuild Diapers Marketing BusinessBuild Diapers Marketing Business

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1. Build Diapers Marketing Business:Create a list of the different segments of your marketing efforts.

Include research, testing, creative production, communications and tracking.

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2. Build Diapers Marketing Business:Estimate the costs involved in gathering market research.

Market research includes efforts such as developing a customer profile and examining your competitors. Include administering surveys, buying research studies and hiring a consultant.

3. Build Diapers Marketing Business:Estimate the costs of testing different marketing strategies.

Include product giveaways, focus groups, creating different versions of your product, selling new items in limited locations and follow-up surveys.

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4. Build Diapers Marketing Business:Estimate the costs of a communications campaign.

Include the costs of creative design for packaging, ads, websites and other collateral materials.

Calculate the costs for your desired media buys, such as print ads, website banners and TV and radio commercials.

Include expenses for direct mail, trade shows, public relations, contests, promotions and the cost of building and maintaining a website.

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5. Build Diapers Marketing Business: Estimate the costs of tracking and monitoring your communications efforts.

This might include the purchase of a website statistics package, visiting retailers who sell your product or conducting customer mail or telephone surveys.

6. Build Diapers Marketing Busines:Add up the total estimated costs.

Determine whether you can afford the total price of your marketing plan.

If not, review each category to see where you can cut back.

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7. Build Diapers Marketing Business: Create a spending formula that ties your marketing budget to a percentage of sales.

 If your marketing plan is working, then the more you sell with it, the more you should consider spending on your marketing efforts.

If your sales drop, a spending plan tied to sales will put in a place a brake that will alert you to reexamine each aspect of your marketing plan.

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Things Needed

  • Advertising media kits
  • Decide whether to include sales expenses as part of your marketing budget.
  • This would include salaries, commissions, trips and expense reimbursements.
  • Advertising agencies often charge a 15 percent commission, based on the amount of media you buy.
  • Consider negotiating a set-fee contract to lock in your costs in advance.

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