21 Tips to Start Career Counseling Business

Career Counseling Business: Career counselors support individuals who are making career decisions and transitions.

Their clients may be facing job loss, job stress, or wanting to transition into a new career.

Training for career counselors is offered through degree or professional credentialing programs.

Career counseling degree requirements vary with the occupational specialty and State licensure and certification requirements.

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Career Counseling Business

Alternatively, a wide variety of credentialing programs.

Can be located through the International Coach Federation or the National Board for Certified Counselors.

In today’s time, a lot of employees are either considering to transition into new line of career, encountering job stress or have been dismissed from work.

The role or job of a career counselor is to support these employees or even help them in finding or searching for another job.

Career Counseling Business

In order for an individual to be able to give career consultation.

He or she must first obtain a degree on career counseling.

But the career counseling degree requirements vary on the type of specialty on a particular occupation and state licensure and certifications.

Because of the variations in the requirements, it makes career counseling limited to only a certain audience or target market.

Career Counseling Business

You only can study and give career counseling services to a certain person with a particular occupation at a time.

This is why it is important that you carefully study your target audience and determine which among the available occupations you will best give advice with.

Part of the job of a career counselor is to examine and study the background and history of a certain client or customer.

Career Counseling Business

You need to evaluate his or her work history.

If he or she has completed any training, level of education attained, and even personality traits.

You may also want to schedule your client for an aptitude and achievement test to further help you in your evaluation of him or her.

Career Counseling Business

1. Get a business name:

One of the major factors in starting a career counseling business is the name of the business itself.

You must decide carefully on what name you would like for your career counseling business to have.

Because you and your business will carry this all throughout your business and career venture.

You can also consult an attorney in choosing your career counseling business’ name.

Especially if you are planning on establishing a partnership with other colleagues.

Choose a name for your business and decide what form your business will take.

Will you be a sole proprietorship, an LLC (Limited Liability Company), a partnership, an S Corporation or a C corporation?

Check your state’s online Department of Commerce or Corporations to research your options. Consult an attorney for advice and help getting set up. Register your business with your state

Career Counseling Business

2. Business location:

You should also determine on where will be the location of your business itself.

Study whether it will be an advantage for your clients or customers if you decide to choose a certain location.

You must also put into consideration the rent of the place.

Make sure that you will be able to afford it.

3.Get the business permit:

After you have put into consideration the things that will affect your business plan.

It is now time to go to your local county office and inquire about the requirements.

For you to be able to start your very own career counseling business.

Make sure to obtain all the necessary documents such as permits in running your business.

Career Counseling Business

4. Carry out research study:

You can also seek advice and recommendations from people you know who are also in this line of business.

These people will be able to provide you with the necessary information that you will need in starting your own career counseling business.

Career counselors, also known as employment counselors, assist individuals looking to either establish or change careers.

Counselors utilize a variety of methods to obtain information about each client in order to assess the client’s skill set, goals, education level and personality.

Starting a business helping professionals find their calling could prove rewarding and lucrative.

5. Gain Training, Licenses and Certification

Obtain your license. Contact your state’s department of health services to learn the rules and training requirements for your occupation.

In the state of Texas, in order to obtain a professional counseling license.

You must hold a master’s degree in a related field, which includes training in areas such as counseling theories, human behavior, assessment techniques and counseling methods.

Then obtain certification through the National Board for Certified Counselors.

Career Counseling Business

6. Develop a Business Plan

Research local competitors, define your target audience.

And create a plan that details how you will compete.

Commercial space requirements.

Staffing requirements.

Licensing and insurance costs, advertising methods.

Potential obstacles and how you intend to finance your business.

Career Counseling Business

If you will operate as an independent consultant and work from your home.

You should be able to self-finance.

If not, you will need to get your credit in order and apply for a personal loan or small business administration loan or seek out an investor.

Create a break-even analysis to determine how many clients you need and how much you need to charge in order to break even financially.

7. Establish Your Business

When selecting a business entity, consider expansion potential.

If you expect to operate independently, operating as a sole proprietor may be best for you.

In which case, you will need to register with your county clerk.

If you hope to expand and start an agency.

You will want to form a limited liability company, partnership or corporation.

Career Counseling Business

Consult with a small business attorney or business mentor to help you determine which entity works best for your business.

You also need to purchase a general liability insurance policy, career assessment software.

Accounting software (for managing your clients, expenses, taxes and income) and office supplies.

Once you build a client base, you may want to invest in an answering service to take calls while you are out with clients.

8. Services and Prices

Develop various methods and services for helping your clients create and reach their goals.

Subjects covered may include teaching interviewing skills, public speaking skills, business etiquette, professional attire and how to build resumes.

In addition to one-on-one consulting, you may host seminars and develop books, CDs, e-books and home study kits.

9. Network in the Community

Contact professionals and organizations that can help you connect with your target demographic.

If working with new graduates, join professional organizations that focus on young people.

If you intend to service seniors looking to come out of retirement.

Visit senior centers to learn of associations that appeal to that demographic.

Consider joining your local chamber of commerce.

As well as organizations sponsored by your church, Alma Mater or golf club.

Build relationships with local businesses who may hire you to provide group counseling.

10. Decide on the audience

Decide on the audience you plan to serve and the services you will offer.
As a career counselor you evaluate the client’s education, training and work history.
You discuss their skills and personality traits.
You can arrange for aptitude and achievement tests to help the client make career decisions.
You may decide you want to work with individuals to develop their job-search skills or assist them in locating and applying for jobs.
Once you have identified your niche, think about how you will differentiate yourself from other
counselors. Develop your mission statement.

11. Select your opening date

Select your opening date. This will focus your efforts!

Determine where your business will be located.

As a career coach you have the option of working with clients virtually.

Will you have a storefront or will you meet on the phone and on line?

Determine whether you will need additional liability insurance.

Check with your municipality to see if any additional licenses and permits are required.

For example, you may need a sales & tax use permit depending on your location.

12. Set up your files and a record-keeping system

Set up your files and a record-keeping system to track expenses—including your credentialing and professional association fees—and income.

Open a business checking account and get checks printed.

13. Set your prices

Set your prices. The rates you charge will be determined by the niche you are serving.

Use the phone book and research your competition on line to see current rates.

Don’t undercharge for your services.

Initially, set your rates in the average range, neither the cheapest nor rivaling those of the most experienced and established competitors.

Complete your business plan. Once you have made decisions about the issues above, you’re ready to pull it all together. Outline the steps of your marketing plan and get started on it.

Career Counseling Business

14. Launch a website

If you want to work with clients locally, volunteer to speak at your local Rotary Club or Chamber of Commerce meetings.

Join Toastmasters International or BNI.

The goal is to meet people and distribute your business card widely.

Launch a website for an on line presence and build a clientele through a blog.

15. Social and negotiation abilities

To begin Career Counseling Business, you’ll need brilliant social and negotiation abilities to help you cope with those who are facing job problems and employment problems.

From counseling those regarding how to choose the best area that suits with their qualifications and handling their bosses with the coolest way are the matters that you’ll handle as a career counselor.

Career Counseling Business

16. Gain Training, Licenses and Certification:

 In some countries, to be able to get yourself a professional counseling license.

You have to have a master degree in a related area.

Including learning areas for example counseling techniques, counseling ideas, assessment techniques and human behavior.

17. Define your audience: 

 Research local rivals, define your audience.

And make up a plan which define how to compete, commercial space needs, staffing needs, certification and insurance charges.

Advertising techniques, possible problems and just how you want to finance your business.

18. Ability to self-finance

If you are planning to be an independent consultant and work from your house, you should have the ability to self-finance.

Otherwise, for starting in career counseling business you will have to acquire the personal bank loan or small company administration loan or look for a financier.

Get a break-even analysis to find out the number of clients you’ll need and just how much you have to charge to be able to break even financially.

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19. Establish Your Company:

 When choosing a business entity, study their potential growth.

Operating like a sole proprietor might be good for you.

Meet with a small company lawyer or business counselor that will help you pick which entity works well with your company.

You should also buy a general liability insurance plan, career valuation software, accounting software (for controlling your customers, expenses, taxes and earnings) and office supplies.

When you develop a clientele, you might want to purchase an answering machine take calls when you are not present in office.

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20. Prices and services:

 In career counseling business you need to develop various techniques and services to help your customers to create and achieve their set goals.

Subjects covered may contain training interviewing skills, speaking in public abilities, business etiquette, professional clothing and just how to write resumes.

Additionally one-on-one assessing, you might host workshops and develop books, Compact disks, e-books and home study material.

21. Network locally: 

To be successful in career counseling business ask experts and organizations to help you interact with your target demographic.

If dealing with newly graduates, connect with professional organizations that target youthful people.

If you plan to serve senior citizens who got retired, visit senior centers to understand of associations that work for that demographic.

Be a part of local chamber of commerce, different social Club.

Build associations with local companies who may hire you to deliver group counseling.

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