How to Start Carpentry Trade School

Carpentry Trade School: Is carpentry a good career for you?

If the carpentry benefits described above match what you want from a job.

Then it’s probably a great choice.

Plenty of excellent woodworking and carpentry jobs are out there, ready for motivated people like you to fill them.

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Carpentry Trade School

Get the Background

Whether you want to become a professional carpenter or simply build items for personal use, learning carpentry skills is the first step.

Start by building up foundational skills and learning how to use hand and power tools.

For a more in-depth approach, take some courses in carpentry or even earn a degree.

To gain relevant experience, volunteer for a building organization, work on a construction crew or become a carpenter’s apprentice.

Remember that carpentry is physically demanding work.

And always take the necessary precautions to keep yourself, and those around you, safe.

Learning this trade through a carpentry school or apprenticeship can lead to long-term security and satisfaction.

After all, carpenters get to perform many high-value tasks that can’t be easily automated.

They often enjoy strong demand for their skills.

And many get to experience the freedom that comes from running their own contracting businesses.

Building Foundational Knowledge

Education & Training

Although some people learn this trade by going straight into a carpentry apprenticeship, many others benefit from attending trade school first.

Brush up on your math skills.

Math is an important part of carpentry, especially geometry.

If you struggle with math, get a tutor, take a course online or at a community college, or work independently to strengthen your skills.

  • There are a lot of great online math tutorials that walk you through how to solve problems step by step.

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