CBD dabs: how to take them?

You know there are many ways you can enjoy the benefits of CBD. Some users prefer edibles. Like capsules, gummies, oils, or tinctures. Some like vaping the herb. Many users also take the drug topically and sublingually. All the processes have different effectiveness and bioavailability.

There is a new way of enjoying your favorite cannabinoid. You can now dab them. Are you interested in trying out these products? Want to know how to use them? Read the full article to get all the necessary information about CBD dabs.

What are CBD dabs?

Cannabis plants contain many plant chemicals; CBD or cannabidiol is one. These products are trending in the wellness market right now. CBD dabs are a form of CBD concentrate derived from hemp plants. They are an authentic version of the drug.

Wax, crystals, shatter, crumble, pull-n-snap, budder, honeycomb are some well-known dab products. Each product has its pros and cons; they differ in shape, consistency, texture, and flavor. But all the products have high concentrations of CBD.


Dabbing means taking the vaporized drug by inhaling it from a concentrated version of the cannabinoid. In this way, the drug directly gets into your system via your lungs. It is a simple and effective way to take the therapeutic herb.


What is CBD concentrate?

Manufacturers use many extraction processes to extract CBD from the plants. They take out the cannabinoid and the terpenes from hemp. It also removes other unwanted substances. The extraction process decides the texture and concentration of the end product. So, you can pick one which suits your needs the most.


Kinds of CBD concentrate:

The THC concentrate making processes are the same as CBD concentrate making processes. So, you may find products of similar textures. Let us look at some options you have.


  • CBD Isolate:

The extraction process removes THC (the cannabinoid responsible for the mind-altering effects of marijuana) all the other cannabinoids from the plant to produce CBD isolate. It is available in powder or crystalline solid form. You can choose these products to enjoy the drug’s benefits in their purest form.


  • CBD Extract:

CBD extract has an oily texture. The product contains all other cannabinoids and terpenes. You have to freeze the extract before dabbing to remove the excess fat and other plant stuff.


  • Terpsolate:

Terpsolate is CBD isolate mixed with terpenes (in liquid form) after extraction.


  • Shatter:

Manufacturers add liquid terpenes with the slab form of CBD isolates. Then they shatter them in small pieces or powdery form.


  • Crumble:

The texture of CBD Crumble can be supple. So, it has a risk of breaking apart while handling. Manufacturers remove the oils from the product to make it a concentrated product. Then they add a crumbly texture.


  • Wax:

You can find CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD wax in the market. It has a sticky texture.

How to use CBD Dab products?

Let us learn how to dab CBD and what tools you need for the process. First, you need a CBD concentrate of your choice. Also, you will need a dab rig, butane torch, nail or banger, carb cap, and a dab tool.


Step 1:

Attach your CBD concentrate with the dab rig. Then heat the butane torch till the surface becomes glowing red.


Step 2:

The thickness and the material of your nail or banger are prime factors in deciding how much you have to wait to dab the drug.


Step 3:

320 to 356 degrees Fahrenheit or 160 to 180 degrees Celsius is the optimal temperature for dabbing the therapeutic drug. Too much heat can ruin the terpenes in the product. The thumb rule is to heat for 20 seconds and 60 seconds to cool down. You can use a specialized app to measure the time accurately.


Step 4:

Use the dab tool to place the CBD concentrate on the surface of the banger or nail. Now start inhaling and try to intake most of the vaporized substance. You can use the carb cap on the banger or nail to entrap the heat.


Step 5:

Keep exhaling the vapor at the same time.


Step 6:

It is crucial to clean the nail properly every time after using it. Wait till it cools down; then use a cotton swab to clean the inside. Dipping the swab in alcohol is also a good idea to clean the inside walls.

Can CBD dabs make you high?

Cannabidiol does not come with the euphoric effects of THC. The products have less than 0.3% THC. So, it is unlikely to get high by using them. But the drug alleviates stress and stretches your muscles. So, you might feel relaxed and sleepy. Using the drug might help you get a night of quality sleep. But it will not provide you with a typical body high.

What are the benefits of using CBD dabs?

CBD dabs take a fair amount of work, and it is a more complex process than other methods of intaking the drug. The dab rigs and butane torch also make it an expensive one. Then why is it becoming so popular?

The process offers all the therapeutic benefits of the drug. But it takes effect almost immediately. So, the people seeking quick relief can use dabs. Traditionally, edibles are the most common way of intaking the herb. Dabbing; lets you skip the earthy and grassy taste of the drug and reaches your bloodstream much faster. You will also get a more potent effect through dabbing.

How long do the effects of CBD dabs last?

Dabbing CBD can give you a lasting effect for about three hours. Though the period is not that long, the effects are potent. The process has high bioavailability, so you will need a lesser product to achieve the wanted results.

These are all the necessary information you need to know about dabbing CBD. Many people use it from time to time to enjoy CBD body butter benefits. Try to check the certificate of analysis before purchasing the product. Whether you buy your cannabis products online or from a brick-n-mortar store, make sure it is a licensed store. There are also e-rigs and e-nails available to let you dab in a flameless way. You can also try dab pens, a portable and simple way to dab CBD.


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