How to Start Cheap Lawn Mowing Service in Nigeria

Cheap lawn mowing service:  If you are looking to make extra cash as a student, retiree, or in addition to your regular job, starting a lawn mowing business is a good way to do it, especially if like working outside, providing a valuable service, setting your own hours, and making decent pay.

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Cheap lawn mowing service

Obtain equipment. Start by looking for older or in need of repair equipment because it will be cheaper. It will also make you learn how to fix the equipment you will be using. Once business picks up and you save some extra cash, you can invest in newer and better equipment. It is best to make sure you are successful before spending thousands of dollars on a failed business.

  • The mower is the most expensive piece of equipment. Plan on obtaining an 18 inch push mower to cut grass at most residents. A larger model will cut faster but it is more expensive, heavier, and difficult to use around lots of shrubbery. You might want to get a grass-catcher that you can attach to the mower.
  • If you plan to focus on larger yards with several acres of grass, you will need a riding mower with a 36 to 48 inch radius in addition to the push mower. There is a great range in price for riding mowers so make sure you can afford it and be able to generate enough business first.
  • Tractors will break down. Make sure you do research on reputable dealers and mechanics in your area. In general, the more automatic the tractor is, the more breakdowns that will occur. Make sure to obtain a machine that is simple to operate and easy to disassemble and repair.
  • You will need to move your mower and other supplies with good transportation. In other words, you will need a truck or trailer. If you use a trailer, make sure you check the department of transportation for requirements and licensing. Same goes for insurance.
  • In addition to a mower and transportation, you will also need scythe for weeds, hand clippers, rake, basket, gas can, oil, spare blades, and tools for repairs.

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    Cheap lawn mowing service

Set your rates. You will have to formulate a fee schedule before you begin. It is good to offer cheap prices to make your business more attractive to customers, but don’t sell yourself short. You still have overhead and advertising costs and savings to figure into your price.

  • If you know or come across anybody already using or cutting grass as a service, inquire about how much it costs or they charge. Consider both hourly rates and lump sum charges.
  • Consider all factors in your pricing: roughness of the yard, height of the grass, moisture, the number of trees, shrubs, and flowers, and the amount of time you need to spend on hand trimming. These factors are in addition to the cost of gas and oil. Time is money.
  • Try not to estimate the size of the yard. Instead, pace it off and find out how many acres you will mowing. A good estimate to keep in your head is 210 feet x 210 feet is one acre.

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    Cheap lawn mowing service

Generate business. When you are finally ready to begin, make people around you know that you are offering a lawn-mowing service. You will have to plan how to advertise and market your business.

  • Start with word of mouth by visiting residents, garages, lawn equipment dealerships, hardware and general stores, and even the post office. These are high traffic areas and if you can even just a few people interested, you can get started.
  • Place advertisements in the local newspapers and flyers, radio stations, grocery stores, and leave them in people’s mailboxes or on their doorsteps. Nowadays, you can also advertise online with Facebook or LinkedIn.
  • Inform families and friends who can pass this information to other family, friends, colleagues, and other people they know.

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    Cheap lawn mowing service

Collect payment. Depending on the type of customers you have, try to arrange flexible payment plans. Some people will like to pay as you go, weekly or monthly, or in advance. It is important to keep accurate records so make sure to keep an accounting book of some type.

  • Provide a detailed invoice that includes the date, time, service time, and services rendered, along with an explanation of the cost.
  • Have a written agreement prepared for your customer to sign before you begin cutting the grass. The purpose of a written agreement is a safety net you can use to take non-paying customers to small claims court to try and win a judgment against them.

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