Best 7 Ways to Choose Laptop or Desktop Wisely

Choose Laptop or Desktop Wisely: If you are a fresh user of computer.

And want to buy a new PC as a primary of your day to day task.

Then you may puzzled about taking a choice.

It is not only your query, many user first perplexed to take a decision about this.

So today we will illustrate you some information about Desktop and Laptop.

Which will help you to take a decision.

Then you can judge either you buy a laptop or desktop? You can think some keywords:

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Choose Laptop or Desktop Wisely
Choose Laptop or Desktop Wisely

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Choose Laptop or Desktop Wisely

1. Size

Laptop: Laptop is forever slimmer and smaller size than the Desktop and looking elegant.

As a result you can take it everywhere while you are traveling. It is lesser than the desktop and simple to carry.

Desktop: Actually desktop have every mechanism is part to part into the CPU and the part size is greater than the laptop, that’s why dimension of the desktop is bigger than the laptop.

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2. Cost

Laptop: If you wish to buy a more configuration computer but your budget is small.

Then you can see that price of laptop is two times from the desktop with same configuration.

So you must invest more money for buying a laptop.

Desktop: But desktop is OK with price.

You need to spend low amount of money and you will get high configuration computer which you will don’t get from the Laptop.

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Choose Laptop or Desktop Wisely

3. Use

Laptop: First feel about which reason you want to buy a computer.

If you want to use your computer consistently even when you are outside from the home.

Then show on for laptop. And it is easy to take and you can defense your official job by laptop when you are outside from the residence.

Desktop: But you will never get this kind of ability from the desktop.

But if you want to buy a computer for your office and you want to run this long time then you can buy a desktop.

And desktop is ready to run long time.

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4. Gaming

Laptop: I think I buy a computer but cannot play game, it is impossible.

So that is not only my thinking, it is a command of every user.

For gaming laptop will not hold you, what you want from it.

If you play game on your laptop that time you need to use keyboard, mouse of laptop which will create an extra pressure on your laptop.

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Choose Laptop or Desktop Wisely

But now a day’s laptop is becoming higher, which is comparable for gaming.

But actually laptop is not compatible for gaming.

Desktop: Desktop is always compatible for every program.

For gaming desktop is acceptable with any kind of gaming with graphics card.

You can use extra graphics card for gaming. You can also use game pad for get a high knowledgeable with gaming.

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Choose Laptop or Desktop Wisely

5. Power

Laptop: Laptop always need little amount power.

Laptop has a battery, which bear your backup when electricity is gone.

Desktop: But Desktop takes more power for its components.

When you use extra gears like graphics card, extra hard disk, extra CD-ROM then you need supplying more voltage on it.

Back up time is only possible using UPS.

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Choose Laptop or Desktop Wisely

6. Moving

Laptop: Moving from one place to another laptop is always easy.

Just drape it and move any place. You can run it any place with movable charger and battery.

Desktop: But it is too hard for desktop move one place to an extra place.

Even if you wish to move it from one turn to another turn in your room then you need to move also the power supply line.

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Choose Laptop or Desktop Wisely

7. Servicing

Laptop: For laptop servicing, if you are not specialist into computer.

You can’t solve any hardware problem and never try it.

And servicing charge is more than the desktop.

Desktop: But if you have fundamental knowledge in Hardware.

You may able to solve some small problem by yourself like hard disk alters CD-ROM, etc.

Now you can take a conclusion what will be the more useful for you.

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