9 Tips to Start Cinema Business

How to Start Cinema Business

Cinema business: Today I will be exposing to you another way on how to start a cinema business in Nigeria.

Cinema business over the years has been a relaxing spot for families and an avenue to send off stress after a heavy workload.

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How to Start Cinema Business

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A cinema is a place movies or film are displayed or shown for entertainment usually for a fee.

Aside from that, it has been a very good source of living for entrepreneurs especially with the introduction of popcorn and ice cream.

Now here is how you are going start a successful cinema business in Nigeria:

(1) You must Conduct Personal Research:

Since you are just starting you don’t expect to make money since you don’t know how to go about it,

all you need do is contacts specialists in fields like the recording studio, events planners, decorators and

all of those guys that one way or the other might have contributed to making a good cinema come on board.

Ask them how they did it and how they can help you do it and they will be happy to help for FREE or with a little penny.

They are the ones to tell you a good location, design, market survey etc.

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(2) Make A Tour Around:

That is to say, visits other cinema places and learn what they do, how they do, why the fail,

what needs to be done in other not to fall a victim negatively rather learn from their mistakes and avoid them.

This will help you in running a successful cinema business in Nigeria.

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(3) Get Products Authorization or Franchise:

Here getting authority to be selling other people’s products at your cinema spot is an alternative not compulsory.

since there are catchy products that are premium-oriented you will as well make lots of money if you have a great turn up.

But to come in you must get a franchise permits from such companies else you might be sue to court.

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(4) You Must Be Competent and Qualified:

Yes, you need to be trained in order to function effectively in you cinema business venture or else you will be running at a very big loss.

You must be able to handle Movie Tickets, so it’s advised to get the train in business school for business skills and in cinematography.

(5) Reach out To Movie Dealer’s/Distributors:

Contact movie dealers for catchy movies yet to be released especially ones that have been so much waited for released. I bet you, you will make so much income from the influx of customers in your cinema spot.

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(6) Space and Arena:

To be able to run a good cinema business in Nigeria you need to get a good place

Nigeria space that will fit In or contain both your customers and your equipment and preferably in a busy zone that has much attention.

As my adage, will say “busy people are busy making money

Imagine after a long day job you find a good spot to relax and get one or two movies to calm your head and

reduce work stress your cinema spot will be first since it’s located in such busy area. Pays very Nigeria.

(7) Get a good cinema Facilities/Equipment:

to be able to pull people’s leg to your cinema venue you must ensure you have a proper lighting facility. You also need good interior design, workable speakers (sounds system).

Must make it compelling since the first impression matters a lot in life.

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(8) Always Set in An Income Alternative: Reason behind this

Is that then cinema sometimes make have its own downside financially since it occurs to all business so it’s advisable to backup other businesses such as popcorn selling, grabs drinks etc.

so as to make good profits and balance gaps left financially to cover the cost.

(9) Get a good Advertisements Avenue:

Always advertise your business by the use of either a print media (newspaper, magazine, posters, flyers) and broadcast media (television, radio and the internet) so as to gain much exposure to your business.

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-Insufficient funds:

A good balance and such cinema need a good capital to be able to run it effectively. Right from space renting and facilities purchase as well as registration and licensing fee.

-Negative Attitude and Mentality:

Many people fail even before the start the business. Thought like will I be able to do it? it’s hard, it’s not for people like me, what if I fail, it will not work can create a very bad impression in business and could lead to failure because what you confess is what you possess.

-Economic Problem:

the Economic problem could be if your cinema location is in the environment where there is usually crises like an epidemic periodic disease it will scare lots of people from visiting your venue so as not to contact the infection no matter how good it is.

Another issue is bombing and explosions, people are afraid to die neither do they want to lose their love ones and may not come to your cinema spot no matter how attractive it is. So, one must bear this in the heart as well.

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-Moral Behaviors:

While starting a cinema outlet a good entrepreneur must ensure that his or her customers don’t abuse the cinema venue through smoking, sex acts, endorsed as not to be closed down by the government especially endorsed by the laws of the land. Such areas those restrictions are placed should be considered to avoid unnecessary charges.

-Lack of Commitment:

By this I mean a situation where one does not hand over his or her business into the hands of his maker and creator could be disastrous to a greater proportion when the wild win blows it might crash you down and people will start saying bad things against you especially if you were very successful so to guard against this one must consider God first in all his dealings.

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the above articles have been able to expose to you how to start up a good and successful cinema business here in Nigeria and quickly bellow is the quick run-up.

1.You must Conduct Personal Research:

2.Make A Tour Around:

3.Get Products Authorization/Franchise:

4.You Must Be Competent and Qualified:

5. Reach out To Movies Dealers/Distributors:

6.Space and Arena:

7.Get a good cinema Facilities/Equipment:

8.Always Set in An Income Alternative:

9.Get a good Advertisements Avenue:

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