11 Basic Requirement to start Cold Room Business

Cold room business:  What is cold room business? Answer: this type of business is the type of business that has to do with the preservation of items, such as fishes, meats, drinks, and other major things from spoiling especially when they are in much quantity and bought with huge amount, of money.

Cool room business has been yet another alternative to making a living in any locality even if you have a steady power supply when those items are in much quantities you can’t store them in your refrigerator.,

you will need to get them to a cooling room outlets for preservation and people doing it makes so much money from it.

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My Hustle: How I make millions from operating a cold room business


Before venturing into this business bellow are very important point to note down and before I round off this segment you will become an already established personnel in this field so let get started:

1) Adequate/Proper Research

2) Conduct a Survey

3) Look for a Space/Location

4) Business Name Registration

5) Employing of Trained Personnel

6) Business Advertisement/Exposure

7) Capital

8) Counsel

9) Hard work

10) Honesty and Reliability

11) Adequate/Proper Research:

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Before starting this business you will need to make research on it by asking questions on its mode of operation, how it works, how to run it successfully, its challenges and how they overcame it because there will be no need to do the same old mistake if not you will be running at a very big lose.

Here scientific research could be used, what this means is that it may follow a systematic process and if possible the 5W and H may be adopted;

  1. Who and who did it?
  2. Where did they do it?
  3. Why did they do it?
  4. What was their gain and loss?

When did the start doing their cool room business with this you will be able to know if the business is seasonal or periodical. The facts is some business move very well in raining season while others work very well in dry season so you need to conduct research on it.

2) Conduct a Survey:

You must do market survey for cool room business in Nigeria. Yes you must survey the market to find out what works in this business because it might be that what you are about to venture in is outdated, so you need to get people’s opinion, suggestions on the business, what they feel should be added or subtracted so as to move along smoothly in your market. One of the ways that you can do is online survey.

How to start Cold Room Business in Nigeria

3) Look for a Space/Location:

Location matters a lot when it comes to cool room business, it needs to be in an open space close to market, most times its encouraged to put it in a busy area such as plazas, market area like I said before, it must not be too far from people it should be easily reached and seen. A big area is needed for this, as you will fit in large refrigerators, generators and other equipment.

4) Business Name Registration:

When a business is commercialized its advised, in fact as a matter of must, must be registered for authority and licensing.

By so doing you have power and say in your affairs apart from that it will give you a very unique identity for example if I have such business on cool room I can call it say “Coolest Ng”. But ensure you get registered,

its ok to name it anyhow you like but if you don’t register it when the government comes for you, I’m telling you, you are on your own

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5) Employing of Trained Personnel:

Certainly, you can’t do this business all on your own unless you are just starting. Cool room business grows very fast and as such it will get to a point where you can’t handle all the jobs all on your own that is where you will need to employ more staff or workers depending ,

on how you call it, but be it as it may you can employ technical expert to handle your business, boys to move to places those items are and help bring it to location of the office to be preserved.

This will really motivate customers to patronize your business.

All am saying is put swag, do what others are not doing. You may eat small and grow big.

How to start Cold Room Business in Nigeria

6) Business Advertisement/Exposure:

For any business to move and boom very fast it must undergo the advert process. When you advertise a business, you get more exposure to your business and by so doing you make more sales.

In this business one may say but am not selling any product.

yes you are not what you sell is the services you render to people because when you remedy a need you get paid for that so there are many ways to tell people about your business such as:

-Broadcast medium

-Print Medium

-Online Medium

With broadcast medium, you can advertise your cool room business on air through the radio or television.

The reach for this medium is always very high at about a million plus and same for radio. if you have the money to pay am promising you millions running your way.

Another which I stated above is the print media, such as the newspaper, flyers, posters advertisements.

Imagine your advert being in the eyes of millions of people in the country reading it on newspaper.

And the last is online advertising such places could be making use of popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter and other places.

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7) Capital:

Cool room business needs money, good capital base before you even start it.

If you are sure you can do it or if you are ready to do this business but no money read on am going to let you in.

Many people always make mistake of wanting to get the complete finance before starting,

but if you don’t have definitely you have to purchase those tools one by one and before you know you have your complete facilities. Things you may purchase including refrigerator, generator, knife, cutlass etc.

How to start Cold Room Business in Nigeria

8) Counsel:

You need to get counsel from time to time on how to run it, importantly there are times you have problems with your co competitors and you may not know how to come out of it, you must seek for advised and other things based on logistics.

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9) Hard work:

I promise you success if you work hard. But if you don’t work hard you may FAIL.

You must determine to succeed even if people try and fail just beat up your chest and say to yourself you must be the first to overcome it.

Do your homework, when people are using one way to earn re-strategize ways to go two step ahead.

Be customer friendly.

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How to start Cold Room Business in Nigeria

10) Honesty and Reliability:

Lastly, People always go wrong in this angle due to looking for quick and urgent money which sometimes don’t last long for sure.

Don’t give people fake promise if you have been offered a job make sure you pick it up and deliver them as at when due.

Because the owner is not going to like it if his or her stocks get spoiled.

Don’t tell lies let your yes be yes and no be no, never can tell who is going to help you.

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