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Less data is included in the less costly cell plans than in those with more expensive plans. As a result, it’s critical to understand what kind of membership you require.

Price monthly

The notification from the mobile provider should make it apparent how much a cellphone membership costs each month. The majority of mobile providers offer a variety of monthly subscriptions that are tailored to certain users. 

While a few of the plans feature a lot of data, others have less to accommodate users who use their phone exclusively for calls. There are also a variety of packages available, such family packages. This combines many subscriptions for a single, beneficial price.

Binding time

Lock-in subscriptions are often only applicable if you sign up for one while also purchasing a phone. The phone is then frequently partially paid for as part of the subscription’s monthly fee.

If you’re going to get a new phone anyhow, this may be advantageous. However, several companies also offer practically all new phones for a significantly reduced price. They occasionally also include a warranty.

This is frequently an excellent choice if you want to make using your mobile device as inexpensive as feasible. Some cell companies now bundle subscriptions with almost phone purchases. OneCall, for instance, engages in activities about which you may read more on their website.

Quantity of data

The majority of us employ our phones mostly for data transfer rather than making phone calls. We use social media, check the news online, and send images to our loved ones. We have applications on our mobile devices that assist us with a range of duties as well as provide amusement and games for us to unwind.

All of this uses a lot of data. As a result, it matters when selecting a subscription.The quantity of data considered as monthly consumption might vary greatly, thus it is important to confirm this in advance.

Additionally, one should consider the cost of potentially going over the monthly data consumption cap. There are plans offered by some carriers that let you carry over unused data into the following month. Because you have the opportunity to “use up” all you originally paid for, this is often favorable.

A smart tip is to see whether your operator is warning you when your data is nearly used up. If they don’t, be sure to keep track of the quantity of data you still have. If you ignore it, you run the danger of being taken aback when the bill comes.

You run the danger of continuing to consume a great deal of data at the possibly high cost if the service does not halt data transfer once you have used all the allotted amount and you receive no notification that it is currently exhausted.

For instance, if two children in the rear seat spend three hours watching movies using their phones while traveling to the cabin, it might result in expensive data consumption if it is outside the scope of the subscription. We frequently require a lot of data because of how prevalent mobile phones are today. 

We frequently consume mobile data, for instance, when we browse the internet, download music and movies, and send and receive images.

Speed and its restrictions

Speed is important since we’re utilizing our phones to browse the internet, listen to music, and stream movies. On its website, Telenor provides a more thorough explanation of what smartphone speed entails.

Since everyone may now use 4G, it may at first appear that it is the same for all subscribers.

However, some 4G plans have speed restrictions, while some use 3G. These restrictions might be permanent or they could start to apply once a specific amount of megabytes have been consumed. As a result, be mindful of any restrictions.

Cost of international mobile subscription

Check what governs your subscription overseas if you occasionally go outside of Norway. With operators abroad, certain operators have arrangements. If so, you might be permitted to use your mobile device there under the same restrictions.

Additionally, the EU has implemented “Roam Like Home” regulations. This implies that even if you enable data roaming, the cost of connecting to your carrier’s infrastructure in Norway won’t increase. A function that links your phone to the regional mobile network wherever you are is called data roaming.

When traveling within the European Union, the United Kingdom, or the European Economic Area, Roam-Like-Home is in effect. Turning on enabling data roaming may be pricey, so it’s vital to be cautious if you’re planning a trip to other regions of the world.

Some cellphone subscriptions can’t be used outside of the country. These restrictions, for instance, apply to several child-oriented subscriptions. Having such a low membership can be beneficial if you’re certain that you won’t use the phone for vacation.

Some of the most affordable cell phone plans are only valid in Norway. This is particularly true of several products marketed for children and teenagers.

Consumer assistance

It is also crucial that the operator you select has good customer service. We are more reliant than ever on our smartphones in today’s culture. While placing calls is one usage of our phones, there are many others. 

We keep up with the times by reading emails and the news, sending images, watching movies, and taking photos. But we also utilize it for necessary tasks like accessing online banking, opening and locking doors, registering with BankID, and saving tickets, to mention a few.

You might want to give your cell phone usage some serious thought. After that, you may create a list of your mobile subscription’s top priorities. This makes it simpler to examine and contrast the deals. Visit so you can take a look at the plans you qualify for today. 

The existing plans can be ordered by cost. Then you may start with the one that’s most economical and determine if it meets your crucial criteria. Go on to the subsequent one if they haven’t. You may then locate a mobile program that is both affordable and meets your demands.

How affordable a cellphone plan may be

Mobile telecommunication can be quite affordable if you don’t need a lot of data use or maximum speed. In Norway, there are in excess of fifteen operators available. Because of this, there is fierce rivalry for clients.

Mobile subscriptions are available for as little as 150 NOK per month. For instance, Ice charges NOK 149 per month for a membership for young adults who are under the age of 29. It is a 3G plan with little data. The cost of subscriptions will significantly increase for individuals who desire 4G or 5G.

If you are deliberate about selecting the least expensive cell phone subscription in accordance with your demands, you may save a significant amount of funds over the duration of a year. On the Consumer Council website, you may find out more about the factors to take into account when selecting a mobile subscription.


Norway has a large number of mobile providers, and there is intense rivalry. As a result, low cost cell phone subscriptions are available. However, it’s critical to remember that subscriptions’ content might vary greatly. The following are a few of the crucial variables:

  • Price
  • Quantity of data
  • Velocity
  • Contract time

Only you know which features matter the most to you, so being able to compare a phone plan which will allow you to retain all of them, while still giving you the best deal for your money is the idea behind these phone comparison websites. 

Once you plug in the personal information required, and any details about the features you wish to have in your plan, you’ll quickly be able to see which plans are right for you, and which won’t give you the amenities that you require in a phone. 


Being able to enter your details once and see which plans and companies you qualify for is the main idea behind the comparison website. This protects you financially from having too many credit inquiries, while also allowing you to get the financial answers you’re seeking from qualifying phone companies. Click here to read more about credit inquiries, and what they mean to your credit report.  


Please be certain that you read the fine print on the comparison site, and that you only key your information into trusted and linked sites, so that your identity remains protected throughout your search for a phone plan. 

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