17 Top Comprehensive Travel Insurance Guides

Comprehensive Travel Insurance Guides : With a comprehensive travel insurance guides.

You’ll be covered for unforeseen accidents.

And other travel emergencies such as delayed travel.

Trip cancellation or interruption, medical assistance and lost baggage.

Comprehensive travel insurance is the most popular type of coverage because of its versatility.

Unlike single-trip travel insurance policies that provide certain benefits for up to two trips a year.

A comprehensive travel insurance plan offers a variety of benefits for various trips.

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Comprehensive Travel Insurance Guides

Most comprehensive travel insurance plans can be tailored to suit your specific travel needs.

When shopping for a comprehensive travel insurance plan.

There’s a few things that you must be aware of before you buy.

Most insurance companies will only provide comprehensive coverage for individuals younger than 80 years old.

And benefit vary between plans and companies.

However, most travel insurance companies will provide coverage.

For the full cost of your trip in the event of trip interruption and cancellation.

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Comprehensive Travel Insurance Guides

What do comprehensive policies cover?

Comprehensive policies offer both built-in and optional extras.

Most comprehensive policies will automatically include the following:

Comprehensive Travel Insurance Guides

1. Trip cancellation. 

You’ll be reimbursed for deposits and payments made for planned trips that are cancelled.

If you or your travel companion, business partner.

Or family member dies, becomes ill or suffers an injury.

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Comprehensive Travel Insurance Guides

2. Trip interruption.

 You’ll be covered for 100% to 150% of non-refundable trip expenses.

If your travel plans are interrupted for reasons outside of your control.

You’ll either be reimbursed up to a specified amount or just for the what you pay to return to your destination.

3.Trip delay.

If your trip is delayed your insurance company will determine what you’ll be compensated based on estimates of food and shelter.

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Comprehensive Travel Insurance Guides

4. Baggage and personal items. 

This benefit covers lost, stolen or damaged baggage while on your trip.

5. Accident, sickness or medical expenses.

 If you’re injured or fall ill while traveling, you’ll be covered for medical expenses.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance Guides

6. Emergency evacuation and repatriation.

 Coverage for transportation to the nearest medical facility or reparations in the case of your death.

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7. Accidental death and dismemberment.

 Coverage in the case of accidental death or loss of a limb while traveling or after you return home.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance Guides

8. Baggage delay.

 This benefit reimburses you for any personal items you purchase while your bag is delayed for 12 hours or more.

9. Missed connection.

 This benefit provides coverage for missed connections due to common carrier causes or bad weather.

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Optional coverage under a comprehensive policy

Along with the overall included benefits.

Most insurance companies allow you to tailor your plans with additional benefits including:

Comprehensive Travel Insurance Guides

10. Cancel for any reason. 

This optional benefit makes it possible for you to cancel your trip, no matter the reason.

Most comprehensive plans refund up to 50% of non-refundable expenses.

If the trip is cancelled up to 48 hours before departure.

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11. Car rental collision. 

This benefit covers physical damage to a rental car that you are liable for.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance Guides

12. How is trip cancellation different from cancelling for any reason?

A comprehensive travel insurance plan provides tailored benefits.

To make it easy for you to cancel your trip if there’s an emergency.

While the trip cancellation benefit has limits to the reasons for reimbursement.

The cancel for any reason benefit makes it possible to cancel your trip for absolutely any reason.

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Comprehensive Travel Insurance Guides

13. Trip cancellation

Included in all comprehensive coverage, but it only covers unforeseen events such as:

  • Death or hospitalization of a family member.
  • Unexpected injury or illness that makes traveling impossible for you or a traveling companion.
  • Common carrier-related issues or inclement weather.
  • Jury duty or other legal obligations that prevent you from leaving the country.
  • Unforeseen natural disaster at your travel destination or at home.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance Guides

14. Cancellation for any reason

While trip cancellation is included in all comprehensive policies.

Cancel for any reason is an optional benefit.

With the cancel for any reason option.

You don’t need to provide a reason for cancelling your trip.

However, in order for you to receive your benefit.

You must cancel your trip within 48 hours of your travel date.

Based on the comprehensive coverage that you have.

You’ll only be refunded 50% to 90% of the initial trip deposit.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance Guides

15. How does the pre-existing waiver work on comprehensive policies?

Most policies offer the pre-existing medical condition waiver as a built-in feature or as an additional option.

If you file a claim due to a specific illness.

The insurance company will conduct a thorough investigation into your medical history.

This is to determine if you were aware or potentially aware of this illness within the 60 to 180 days.

Timeframe differs between companies.

Prior to the purchase of your policy.

If your policy has a pre-existing condition waiver.

Your claim won’t be denied in the event you suffer a serious illness while traveling.

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Comprehensive Travel Insurance Guides

16. What’s not covered?

The following exclusions generally apply to comprehensive travel insurance plans:

  • Pre-existing conditions. Your condition may be covered if you choose a policy with a pre-existing condition waiver applied.
  • Medical tourism. Expenses related to elective medical surgery.
  • Extreme high-risk sporting events. While most comprehensive plans don’t cover high-risk sports, such as bungee jumping and skydiving, you may opt to purchase additional cover for these activities.
  • Venereal disease or loss. Expenses for medical attention for AIDS, abortion or pregnancy, unless it’s a pregnancy complication.
  • Losses caused by war. Whether war is declared or not, your insurance policy will not provide coverage for civil disorder, military actions or riots.

    Comprehensive Travel Insurance Guides

  • Unlawful act. Loss due to your participation in an unlawful act or while you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Suicide or bodily harm. Loss of life or injury intentionally caused by you.
  • Frequent flyer tickets. Loss of frequent flyer tickets, free trips, award travel or credit card miles.
  • Nervous, psychological or mental disorders. Loss caused by nervous, psychological or mental disorders.
  • Unfavorable weather. This is different from inclement weather. If you cancel your trip because of a rain weather forecast, you don’t have a claim, unless you purchase the optional cancel for any reason benefit.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance Guides

17. How to compare comprehensive travel insurance policies

Ready to start comparing policies but a little overwhelmed by all the choices?

Here are some tips to sort the good from the bad. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the policy provide coverage for overseas injury or illness?
  • What countries are excluded from coverage?
  • Does the policy cover emergency evacuation and repatriation of remains?
  • This is important to consider if you are traveling to a remote area.
  • Is emergency medical assistance provided 24/7?

    Comprehensive Travel Insurance Guides

  • Does the policy cover lost, stolen or damaged luggage? What’s the maximum pay out in the event of a claim?
  • Does the policy cover trip cancellation for non-refundable bookings or flight reservations in the event of sudden death, illness or other emergencies as it relates to a family member or other non-traveling companions?
  • Will you be covered for personal accidents?

    Comprehensive Travel Insurance Guides

  • Does the cost of the coverage match the level of benefits provided?
  • What is the policy deductible?
  • Is the insurance provider reputable?
  • Can you make adjustments to your policy if necessary such as extend the period of coverage or add additional benefits in the future?
  • Does the policy offer a pre-existing medical waiver?
  • Does the company offer a dedicated customer service team to assist with policy application and making a claim?

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