My Journey to Becoming a Self-Made Millionaire

Davina selling sunset: When you think of self-made millionaires, what do you envision? Do you see an image of someone who comes from money and has connections at their disposal? Perhaps it’s a trust fund kid who had the luxury of not needing to work for money. Or maybe it’s a person who grew up in poverty and turned their life around through hard work and persistence. What about someone who came from a middle-class background but happened to find a company that was going public and decided to invest in their stock so they could become financially secure.

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After all, how can someone become wealthy without help or family assistance? These are likely the types of ideas that first come to mind when thinking about people who have managed to accumulate enough capital to retire early with financial security. And while there are some variations on this theme, the truth is that most self-made millionaires did not come from an affluent background or assist in some company’s IPO early on in their career. People nowadays are more engaged with starting their own business instead of staying employed their entire lives. One of the popular options when it comes to starting a business is selling newspapers or magazines. Though paper prints may not be a suitable option for many, there are still those who are interested in subscribing to those selling newspapers or magazines.

This is your target customers and the first thing that you should keep in mind is being their trusted and reliable source either for daily or weekly distribution of newspapers and magazine requirements.

How Much to Start ?

For you to sell newspapers and magazines, you can either start it alone by getting your supplies from a local newsprint retailer or being a retailer of a newspaper outlet. You can start with a small yet less profitable capital if you would choose to gain more customers first with delivering dailies or weeklies with your papers coming from a retailer near you. If you would choose the other option, where you will be a retailer, the starting capital may depend on the number of prints that you want to purchase or you want to start with.  You can prepare at least $1000 as your starting capital.

What Kind of AgreementDavina selling sunset:

Davina selling sunset: If you are planning to be a retailer, there are different options that you can agree with the distributor of the newspapers and magazines. There are distributors that would start with one or two racks of newspapers and magazines first and then see if the sales would increase. Most of the time, individuals, like you, would choose to start a small newsstand where people can pass by regularly. This is one way of having a great start for a business especially when you are just starting to get the attention of your potential customers.

When you notice that the sales are increasing, you can proceed to offering a delivery service of newspapers or magazines for everyone who would subscribe to the service. For many who have started this kind of service, they were able to find this venture more profitable as they are able to meet the needs of people who are still into receiving and reading newspapers and even magazines on a regular basis.

Regular Fees to Pay as Retailers

Davina selling sunset: Of course, for you to receive regular number of copies either for a daily or weekly basis, you have to keep paying regular fees to the distributor. As a retailer, your role is to spread the copies to more people and with great effort, you can maximize your profits as you get more customers coming not only within your area but the neighboring areas as well. By then, you can expand your delivery service to these areas and make more money that you can use for the regular subscription fee as a retailer.

Davina selling sunset: You are assured that you can actually receive the number of print copies that you need continuously. You can then add the number of racks to be filled out as you get more customers requiring more options on the print copies especially when it comes to magazines.

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