How to Start Cooking Gas Selling Business

How to start cooking gas selling business 

How to start cooking gas selling business : Cooking gas business is yet another way entrepreneurs are Looking up on to now a day, because of, its numerous uses at homes and organizations, it has been really appreciated based on its affordability, and its, odorless.

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Taking a look at the  tertiary school structure where there are hostels and students needs energy to power their food and move on.

So, they will always opt in for something cheap and quite affordable

Kerosene most times are very exorbitant and sometimes really scarce so if youre interested in the business I guarantee you nothing less than 100,000 naira monthly.

All you need do is buy them in much quantity and storing them and selling it in small quantities to people.

I will show you how to generate income from this business and the processes involved in running it.

cooking gas selling businesscooking gas selling businesscooking gas selling business


1) Location

2) Startup Capital

3) Planning

4) Equipment Installation

5) Insurance

6) Business Name Registration

7) Advertisement and Marketing

1) Location:

Location is very important here in this business as it must not be cited anywhere since it is not an anyhow business,

this business is a matter of life and death that is the reason the government put measures to curtail illegal gas setup.

To avoid explosion and fire outbreak.

Such business is located far away from gracious environment like factory and other fumes production plants.

2) Startup Capital:

Like i always tell people there is no business that does not need a startup capital, that is money to run it,

but I advise and always will say cut your clothes according to your size as all fingers are not the same.

Mr. A may has 500,000 naira and you have 50,000 just start with what you have because me I believe in starting small and growing big till you reach your goal. Never want to be like ‘A or B’ be yourself.

Capital in this type of business is vital as you will need to purchase the cooking gas from the depo in bulk at a reduced rate and sell it to your customers in bits.

You can make more money if you’re doing both the refill and the gas selling+ the cylinder selling too.

Say you bought your gas at 25,000 naira for 50,000kg and its been sold at say 700 naira at 250kg you can strategies how it will profit you by say selling at 500 naira for 250kg and you make more sales if they gas is selling high too.

You need the purchasing power to do so but start small, since there is higher demand for it you will make more money fast.

3) Planning:

He who fails to plan definitely plans to fail no two way about that sir.

Planning of any business is one of the backbone of any business growth aside from the financial aspects.

When you are planning a business, it gives you time to think on whats you should put in place to ensure the smooth success of your business.

1. You will have to

2. map out the cost,

3. location,

4. new methods you should use such as research,

how to deal with problems if they arise,

who can quickly assist you in case of emergency,

places you can buy it cheaper,

what customers prefer and so on and by so doing,

once you start you will be seeing rapid growth but never fail to pray handing your business into Gods hand.

even the scriptures says we are not fighting with flesh but against principalities, and powers in high places.

When planning in the area of finance don’t put your heart in a whole.

which is to say dont dwell on past pricing system of how things were sold you never can tell the changes so far either reduction or increase in price.

Create room for extra cash inside.

4) Equipment Installation:

Please during installation of your equipment dont temper with it unless you know how to do it,

you need to hire a technical expert to help you fix it to avoid spoiling it.

If you know the technical know-how aspects on how to go about it you can go ahead in fixing your tanks, scales, pump, pipes circulation etc.

Don’t forget it negative side, the harm that it might cost so ensure you switch off all device once it no more in use.

How to start cooking gas selling business

5) Insurance:

Due to the inflammable nature of gas and

how it can be hazardous to man, kind one needs to an as a matter of must,

must ensure he or she seeks for insurance cover in case of fire outbreak and explosion.

Though this business is very lucrative but It can as well end you in jail or get you a lawsuit case.

In the past people who fall a victim in their business had jail terms

in such cases without any compensation but thanks be to God for the introduction of insurance.

When your business is insured then you are assured. It is a very risky type of business so care must be strictly adhered to.

6) Business Name Registration:

After getting a space, after planning, after installation,

after getting insurance after getting all of the above dont

you think you have to compliment your business by having a unique business name for your work.

Get to cooperate affairs commission in country and register your business name,

but please don’t choose a name that people will call other people to pronounce for them if not you will be losing out because people sometimes need easy going stuff.

Though no one will want to know how far you have come to reach that level but never warring do your part.

If you have a post-board make you fonts easy readable by using common text,

avoid too much fancy unless it suits it, make, it appealing.

Getting a business name for your business is not that costly depending on your location and the company you affiliate with.

How to start cooking gas selling business in Nigeria


Ensure you dont fall into the wrong hands if people claiming to beat down price for you

or claims to know how far when they dont know anything,

they will get your money and disappear into thin air.

Office is most time safer than all those shortcuts imagine losing say N30,000 to the unknown.

7) Advertisement and Marketing:

This type of business moves very fast especially if you sell it at a very reduce rate to customers around.

Advertisement campaign like posters and hand bill will boast sells rate.

You can use online marketing tools to extend your reach

God in your side you may be offered a contract to supply it in companies, school and other places it may be needed industrially.

Get more, click here.

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