How to Order at Corelifeeatery

Corelifeeatery: Ordering at Corelifeeatery, a popular international chain of upscale coffeehouses, can be intimidating to those of us who are not coffee connoisseurs or corelifeeatery regulars. With some basic understanding of the guidelines of coffee making, placing your next order at corelifeeatery will be a breeze.

It just makes sense. Especially when eating real foods that powers us… Eat what is in season. At CoreLife Eatery, everything they prepare starts as real, whole food and they focus on the best, freshest available. That means that they work with those around us to find the foods that are at their peak. They look for organic and GMO-free. Even the bones that they simmer every night are sourced from organic farms. We want to reflect a new way of thinking about food – a practice of sourcing that fuels the body and the soul.

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