Successful/creative selling in business-Here is a practical guide to successful/creative selling in business.
Successful/creative selling in business, here,one has to be creative which is a natural characteristics of all top sales people in any business establishment.


These are some of  the facts:
1. Creativity is a natural characteristic of all top sales people.
Your level of creativity is largely determined by how you think and feel about yourself when it comes to creative activity.
To carry out a successful /Creative selling in business, there is something that you need to  demonstrates and use at all time.

For example, when you are trying to avoid a traffic jam on your way to an appointment you take the alternate roads side , you are engaging in highly creative acts.

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Also, when you are arranging a party or designing a sales presentation, you are acting creatively.
Even getting dressed in the morning when you match your clothing like ties shirts, blouse, dresses, slacks, shoes together to make an overall impression, you are engaging in an acts of creativity.
The sad fact is that most people do not think they are particularly creative.
However, creativity can best be defined simply as “improvement”.
When you improve anything by doing things differently, you are using your creativity, sometimes at a higher level.
In selling, creativity in  you are essentially creating business where no business existed before.
By the process of prospecting, building rapport.
Identifying needs, presenting solutions, answering objections, closing the sale.
And getting resale and referrals, you are engaging in extraordinary complex creative acts that are the wellsprings of our free enterprise society.

 2. Successful/creative selling, require, stimulating creativity in business. These are done through the following factors:

a.  Clear goals:Here, the more intensely you desire to achieve a clear, specific goal, the more creative you will be in finding ways to accomplish it.
b. Pressing problems: Here, the more determined you are to solve a pressing problem, the more resourceful you will be coming up with different solution.
c. Focused questions: Here, the more focused and specific the questions that you ask yourself, or that others ask you, the more innovative you will be in developing answers. You should use all three of these keys continually to keep your mind functioning at its highest level.

3. Successful/creative selling in business, In selling there are several areas where you can increase your creativity with regular exercise and practice. The more creative you become in these areas, the more you will make.

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There are certain areas of creativity you need to know. these are:
a. Creativity in selling require prospecting. Your success in prospecting largely determines your income.
And your ability to find more and better prospects is only limited by your imagination.
b.  It require uncovering buying motives. You must be creative in questioning to find exactly what the customer needs and what will cause this customer to buy.
c.  It equally require the discovering of new product, uses and applications.
You have to use your brainpower to discover new ways to use your products and to create sales where no sales exist.
d. Bringing together all the ingredients of a business transaction, including you, your company, the customer, the service, the price and terms, the delivery and installation, and everything else, in an extraordinarily complex act.

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e. This is a real test of your intelligence and brainpower. Customers may not want to tell you why they might buy your product.
They know from experience that if you find out what they really want, you will get it, and they will be too weak to resist your offering. So your ability to use your creativity to overcome buyer resistance and answer objection is essential to your success.
4.  Successful/creative selling in business, require creative questions in any business environment,  which brings about thorough planning analysis, as thus:
(a) What are the most attractive features of your product?
Do you know your product’s most attractive features?
List them  in order of importance.
Then go on to determine the following:
why should somebody buy your product at all?
why should somebody buy your product from your company?
why should someone buy your product from you?

You must be able to answer these questions clearly in your mind before you get face to face with customers.

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(b) What specific needs of your prospective customer does your product satisfy?

What benefits does it offer? In other words, what is in it for the customer to purchase your product rather than someone else’s product or no one’s product?
Write the most attractive features of your product down one side of a piece of paper.
Then write the benefits that your customer will enjoy from each of these features next to them on the other side of the paper. Remember, customers do not buy features, they only buy benefits.
They do not buy products or services, they buy solutions to their problems.
They are not concerned with what goes into your product, they are only concerned about what comes out for them.

(c) What does your company offer that other companies do not offer?

What is your unique selling proposition? In what ways is your company’s or product’s area of excellence? In what ways is your company product or service superior to anything else available in the market? The greater clarity you have with regards to these answers, the more creative you will be in finding better prospects and making more sales to those prospects.

(d) Who exactly is your customer?

Make a list of all the qualities and characteristics that your ideal customer would have. What would be his or her age, education, occupation, income level, experience, attitude or need. The greater clarity you have in identifying your ideal customer, the easier it will be for you to find more of these customers to talk to.

(e) Who buys your product or service right now?

Who are the lowest percentage of your customers and who represent the highest percentage? What do you have in common? How could you find more customers just like the very best customers you serve today?

(f) Who will be your future customers?

Markets are continually changing, and  you must change as well . Project ahead five years, based on current trends, who are likely to be your best customers at that time.
(g) What are the trends in your business and in your market? What changes are taking place that may force you to change the way you sell or the people to whom you sell. In what direction is your market moving? how are your customers changing?
(h) What new market might be there before your product or service? who else could benefit from your area of specialization and differentiation that you have not yet reached?
(I) Why does your customers buy? what advantages or benefits does your prospect perceived in purchasing your product or service ? of everything that you offer to the customers , what parts of your production or service does your customers most appreciate and compliment?  what are that hot buttons that causes your customers to buy? you must know the answers to the questions  to quid  from meeting other prospects.
(j)Who or what is your competitors? who are your major and minor competitors? what benefits do your prospective customers see in buying from your competitors? how could you offset these perceived benefits how could you position yourself in such a way that people would buy from you rather than from your competitors .
This is often the key to breaking open the entire market. When you position yourself properly against your competitors, your sales often increase by hundred of percent.
(k)What is your competitive advantage? this is your area of differentiation. In what way do you have advantage over your competitors? how and why are you superior, but if you don’t  have a competitive  advantage, don’t compete.
Your competitive advantage is invariable the most important reason that a customer would choose your product  over that of your competitors. Fully understanding the nature of your competitive advantage is the key to develop an effective and creative sales presentation.
You should  be so clear about the competitive advantage of your product or service that someone could wake you up at night and ask, why is your product better than anybody else’s? and you could answer the question out of a sound sleep.
(l)Who are your non customers? who are the people  who could use your product or service , but buy neither  from you nor your competitors.These are people who are not even in the market at all .In reality, the non customers are the greatest  untapped market for your products or service.If you can identify  them and find and find a way to get through to them , you can often create sales where no sales exists and where  there is little competition or price resistance.
(m) When do your customers buy? when is the best time to sell to your customers? is it a specific time the business cycle or a specific season during the year? do customers buy when business is growing, or when business is declining  some services are most appropriate with businesses are in difficulty. Other services are bought more readily when business are growing rapidly.

What season of the year do your customers buy the most. During what stage of the business cycle do they buy? some products are most suitable for start-up business. Others are better suited for growing business. And some work best for large companies that have stabilized or leveled off in the market.

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(n) What has to happen before your prospect will buy your product? often, a person will only buy a product, or try out a company  or service, when she has received a recommendation from someone she trusts. Sometime the prospect will only buy when she has spoken to another satisfied customers, or the prospect has to get encouragement ,reinforcement, or approval from another person before she feels comfortable enough to buy.

Here are some questions to ask the hesitant prospect , what would have to happen before you  went ahead with this offer?,what would you have to be convinced of to buy this product or services? The answers you get will often give you the key to the sale.

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5. successful/creative selling in business, Creative selling begins with a thorough knowledge of your product or service.
The better you know and understand what you are selling, the more creative you will become in selling it.
The more knowledgeable  you are about why  and how your product or service is superior to that of the competitors, the better you will be in expanding it to customers and in overcoming their buying resistance.
Read, study, and memorize your product information. Find  out your competitors are selling, what they emphasize, and how much they charge. Become an expert in your market
Write a minimum of twenty answers to each question,once you have done that, go back over your list of answers and select at least one idea that you will implement immediately.
When you generate these answer, and then take action on at least one of them , you keep the tap open for creative ideas all day long.

As you move through your day , you will constantly have ideas and insight on how you can be more effective and get more done.

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Your mind will sparkle like light on a Christmas tree.
You will be more alert and aware. You will come up with solutions not only to own problems , but to the problems of others quickly and efficiently.
 If you need a complete business idea on tips  in successful/creative selling in business, please let  us know. or you want us to help you set up any business, kindly contact us. Otherwise, please check out these other business ideas you can do.

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