Top 7 Lucrative Business for Tri-cycle Riders

Top 7 Lucrative Business for Tri-cycle Riders

Top 7 Lucrative Business for Tri-cycle Riders in Nigeria | Are you a tri-cycle rider? Or do you have a tri-cycle looking for any business to venture into.

Here are some of the business ideas for you to start with.

 Lucrative Business for Tri-cycle Riders

1. Giving out your tri-cycle on a hire purchase:

This is the type of business in which the owner of the try-cycle will lease out his products in a higher purchasing way.

For the person that have interest in riding the tri-cycle.

So many people do not have enough money to purchase the tri-cycle.

But they have the willingness to ride.

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On that note, you can buy one or more for any person that have the interest at a higher purchase.

Before then, you have to make solid agreement with the person.

Equally, there should one or two witnesses from any legal practitioner.

For instance, if the tri-cycle is being purchased at the amount of #400,000, the person has to hire it at about #700,000 to #750,000.

Giving the person a period of one year and some months.

The agreement form should be well stated and sign by both party and the lawyer or any witness of yours.

Equally, the returns should be made weekly in order to meet up to the required period.

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2. Using it as private venture:

Your tri-cycle could be used as private venture in the following ways.

Dropping children to and from the school.

Here, there are so many families that do not have time to drop their wards in the school, and pick them back in the afternoon.

So they need sincere people to carry out the work for them privately.

In that case you need to know those people that are in need of such services by doing the following:

  • Get known to people from your neighbors
  • Get known to people from your church
  • Print a complimentary cards and give out to people you met.
  • Do verbal advert, by telling people your business.
  • Do not shy away from advertising your business and yourself anywhere you find yourself.

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Equally, you have be a sincere and trustworthy person for the business.

You can equally convey other set of people to their workplaces privately.

Some elderly people equally need people to take them to the hospital for their medical checkup privately.

And other private affairs.

All you need to do is to get in contact with such people.

By giving them your complimentary cards.

Try and distribute them to people you know and to people you don’t know, the luck will click.

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3. Using it for distribution:

This is a well lucrative, hidden business venture in Nigeria today.

You can use your tri-cycle to buy and distribute different types of goods in your area.

The goods to distribute are: recharge cards, bread, sachet water, rice, garri, eggs, drinks, and any other types of goods.

Doing this type of business will make you to return home in a day with nothing less then #5000.00.

If you multiply it with 30 days, you will know what that means.

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All what you need to do is to get flex for your business.

Inside it, list out those things you can distribute from the wholesalers.

Here you will the person to have direct contact with wholesalers.

You will now distribute the goods to the retailers in their various business destinations.

Your marketing point should be 3 to 5 villages away from the wholesalers.

These will minimized their cost of transportation, and they will welcome the idea.

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4. Using it as transit:

It involves moving or carrying loads from one place to another.

For instance, going to the local market to transit or carry the market women with heavy loads to their various destinations.

Or even helping them to convey   their loads to their destinations.

The loads could be: bags of garri, rice, beans, lumps of plantain, banana, raw cassava, firewood, vegetables, e.t.c.

What you need to do is to know the various market days in 5 to 10 villages in a week.

This is to help you carry out the business successfully.

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5. Using it in delivery business:

Delivery business is the act of taking goods, letter to the person they have been sent to.

Here, you will be paid for any type of goods you are to deliver to anybody within and outside the town.

What will require from you is to register your tri-cycle the road safety, police and other delivery agencies.

Equally get registered with the post office, Motor packs, UPS, and other delivery agencies as delivery agent.

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6. Using it as an institute:

This may sounds funny, but real.

How can someone use tri-cycle as an institute?

Yet, you can do it.

Getting to know that a lot of people out there are out for the business.

But unluckily for them, they don’t know the rout to follow.

You can be of a helping hands for them.

You can lead them with your tri-cycle to know the various routes.

In order to get them familiar with the area.

These cannot be done for free.

You can equally train other people on how to ride the tri-cycle and make some money.

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7. Using it for pick and drop services:

This is the most commonest ways on we use our tri-cycle in Nigeria.

It is the act of picking people from one position to another position.

It could be easy only when you know the rout very well.

All what you need to do is that, you have to be purchasing daily government ticket In order to become free with them.

You have to abide to the rules given by the road safety to avoid getting into problems with them.

With the above business tips, with the tri-cycle(keke)  in your hands, you can avail yourself in any of the above lucrative business, and start earning your own money.

Equally visit for more business ideas in Nigeria. Good luck.

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