50 Creativity Museums Around the World That Will Inspire You

Creativity museum: Creativity is a double-edged sword. It can lead us to new places, introduce us to new people, and open our eyes to new ideas. But it can also cut both ways. In fact, being too creative can actually be a hindrance to your career.
Many people with an eye for detail and a love of solving problems think of creative careers as the perfect way to express themselves while still making money. But the truth is that creativity doesn’t always work in your favor. Creativity can make you stand out in a bad way during job interviews, which may explain why some companies won’t even consider hiring anyone who tests too high on the creativity scale. As much as we love artists and designers here at Insider.

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50 Creativity Museums Around the World That Will Inspire You

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Creativity museum: Creativity is not a finite resource. In fact, it’s something we all possess and can cultivate more of — no matter our age, profession or interests. Creativity has been proven to positively impact our lives in ways we never expected. And one of the best places to go to find more inspiration is museums that celebrate creativity specifically. Creativity museums around the world will not only increase your knowledge on various topics but also open up your mind to new ideas and ways of thinking. These creative museums are sure to get your juices flowing and perhaps even spark an idea or two.

La Casa de la Araña (Spinning Museum)

This creativity museum in Mexico City is a must-see for any art or design lovers. La Casa de la Araña (which translates to “House of the Spider”) is the world’s first spinning museum. The entire museum is built around a giant central space where visitors can spin around a giant spider-shaped spindle to create their own artwork. There’s also a children’s section and an education room to learn more about spider silk. The museum also hosts workshops, special exhibits and art classes — so it’s a great creative space for children and adults to visit together. If you’re part of a creative field, you can also apply to become a resident artist at La Casa de la Araña. The museum welcomes artists from all over the world to live in Mexico City and create their own artwork in the space. La Casa de la Araña is sure to spark inspiration in anyone from artists to designers and even gives kids a chance to explore their creative side.

The Harry Potter Tour at Warner Bros. Studio

While plenty of museums around the world celebrate creativity, this Harry Potter tour at Warner Bros. Studio is the ultimate place for fans of the books and movies. While the tour is free, you’ll have to book a ticket online in advance — they’re often booked up weeks or even months in advance. The tour itself is incredibly detailed and immersive. You’ll be taken through the various stages of designing a Harry Potter set, including props, costumes and even special effects. You can also explore the Great Hall set from the first film. This tour is sure to be an experience of a lifetime for even the most devoted Harry Potter fans. There’s no better place to visit to learn more about the creativity behind making the Harry Potter films, and there’s even a gift shop at the end where you can pick up souvenirs.

Museum of the Coexistence of Cultures

This creativity museum in Paris explores the collision of cultures throughout history. The museum explores the ways in which people have been both conquered and conquered others. The museum is split into five themed rooms: Cultures of the World, Cultures of the East, Cultures of the West, Cultures of the South, and Cultures of the North. Each room not only explores the history of these cultures but also how they’ve intermingled throughout history. This creativity museum is a great stop for anyone interested in history or culture and is also designed for children. Visitors can follow a path through the museum that’s designed for children to be able to explore the displays themselves. The museum even hosts workshops for families. If you’re interested in how different cultures have influenced one another over time, this creativity museum is a fascinating place to visit.

MOCAD – Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit

This creativity museum in Detroit is a must-see for art lovers and photography buffs. The MOCAD was founded in 2001. Since then, it’s been a hub for contemporary art and conversation in Detroit. The museum has three exhibition spaces and hosts special exhibitions every couple of months. It also has a shop onsite where you can pick up art books and limited edition prints. The museum is open daily and admission is free. Several times a year, they also host a special event called First Fridays where the museum stays open late. If you’re in Detroit, the creativity museum is a great place to check out the latest exhibitions and meet other art lovers. It’s also a great place to learn more about the local art scene in Detroit.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Creativity museum: This creativity museum in Montreal features a massive collection of art from all over the world. The museum was founded in 1880 and has continued to build on their collection ever since. Today, the museum’s collection has more than 100,000 pieces in it. The museum is split up into five themed galleries. It’s also located in a beautiful building that is worth seeing in and of itself. The museum also hosts various special exhibitions every year. If you’re ever in Montreal, the museum is definitely worth visiting. The creativity museum is open daily and admission is free for everyone.

National Toy Museum

This creativity museum in London is dedicated to all things toys and childhood. The National Toy Museum started as a private collection in the 1980s. It was officially opened to the public in the 1990s. It’s one of the world’s largest collections of childhood toys with over 13,000 pieces. While it’s a creativity museum for children of all ages, it’s also a great place for parents to learn more about their own childhood toys. The museum also hosts workshops where you can make your own toys. If you ever visit London, be sure to add this creativity museum to your list. It’s open Wednesday through Sunday and admission is free.

Rotterdam Painting Museum

Creativity museum: This creativity museum in Rotterdam focuses on the history of painting. While there are museums around the world that are dedicated entirely to painting, the Rotterdam Painting Museum covers a wide range of topics related to painting. The museum also focuses on new ways of viewing art and has a special exhibition space dedicated to digital art. If you’re interested in the history of painting or perhaps a budding artist, this creativity museum is a must-see. It’s open daily and admission is free. If you’re visiting the Netherlands, this creativity museum is a great stop on your trip.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA)

This creativity museum in San Francisco is one of the most famous museums of its kind in the world. The SFMOMA has been open since 1935 and features a massive collection of over 35,000 pieces. The museum is broken up into eight themed galleries and hosts a variety of special exhibitions throughout the year. If you’re interested in art or design in any capacity, this creativity museum is a must-see. It’s open seven days a week and admission is free. If you’re planning a trip to the Bay Area, be sure to add the SFMOMA to your list of things to do. It’s a great place to learn more about modern art and design.


Creativity museum: There are endless ways to spark more creativity in your life. And one of the best places to start is at one of these creativity museums around the world. Whether you’re interested in art, history, technology or another topic, there’s sure to be a creativity museum that’s a good fit for you. Visit one of these creativity museums, and you’ll not only come away with a new appreciation for the topic but also a new creative spark. And who knows, you might even find some inspiration for your next creative project.

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