How to do CTR Manipulation

CTR manipulation: CTR manipulation (or Click-Through Rate Manipulation) is the practice of artificially increasing traffic to your website or rather, a particular page on your website.

It is designed to resemble organic traffic and trick a search engine into increasing your rankings because it perceives your page as popular and providing helpful information.

CTR manipulation does work in that it can quickly and drastically increase traffic to your site. However, for a search engine to improve your ranking, traffic has to grow gradually and be maintained.

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CTR manipulation


As the organic traffic to your site increases, Google (or any other search engine) will naturally move your site up in the SERP rankings.

And as we know, the top three sites statistically get many more clicks than other sites on the first page of Google. So ranking higher in itself leads to more traffic.


The best time to consider this practice is when your web page is “stuck” on the first or second page of Google (or whatever search engine you are using) and not moving up in the rankings to one of the top positions despite all your other SEO efforts.

In this scenario, CTR manipulation could give you the boost you need to get to the top of the SERP or move to where you think your page should realistically be.


A CTR bot is a software program that uses IP proxies to generate traffic to a particular page on your website.

Utilizing a keyword you provide, it will search for the keyword in a search engine. When a traffic bot finds your site in the search results, the bot will then visit your site, simulating the actions of a human visitor.

In theory, these bots are designed not to leave any footprints, which could reveal that the traffic is coming from the same source.

Using a CTR bot can generate bulk traffic to your website very quickly. And there are many of these programs to choose from.

But this is where you need to be very cautious – reportedly, some of these programs don’t work at all, so it is best to go for a reputable brand.

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CTR manipulation

In addition, mobile proxies would appear to work better than the conventional kind (according to well-known SEOs Chris Palmer and Craig Campbell).

It is also worth noting that you cannot go through one click-through rate manipulation exercise and expect lasting results. The manipulation would have to be sustained until your website page has achieved the desired ranking and has stabilized there.

Technically, using CTR traffic bots is considered a Black Hat SEO practice. As mentioned before, it has some inherent risks.

It can, however, have a significant impact on your CTR.

How to naturally increase CTR

We wrote a comprehensive article on how to improve CTR a few months back, so we highly recommend reading that for a full list of suggestions. But here’s some of the highlights:

  • Improve your meta information—your meta title is the headline that shows for your search engine listing, so is crucial information for both the search engine and the user. It tells them what your page is all about. If it’s relevant to the user’s search query and written in an enticing way, you may see an increase in its CTR.
  • Use schema tags—this is code that also tells search engines what the page is about. It includes information like the content’s type (e.g. “blog”), its author, and a whole lot more. This allows search engines to better predict when to show your page for certain search queries, known as “relevancy” in the world of SEO.
  • Try paid ads—if you have a listing that is on the first page of Google, you may be able to boost its CTR by creating an advert with an identical page title. People tend to develop a preference for things that they are familiar with (called the mere-exposure effect), so by having both an advert and an organic listing on the first page, they may be more likely to click on either one.

By carrying out these methods, you can boost your CTR, reduce SERP volatility, and increase the SEO rankings for your webpages.

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CTR manipulation


Search engines aim to present users with the most relevant content to have a good experience, get their queries answered, and return to use the same search engine.

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