How To Start Custom Mobile Cover Printing Business

How To Start Custom Mobile Cover Printing Business

How To Start Custom Mobile Cover Printing Business | Custom mobile cover printing is a profitable business, any individual can start this business from home.

If you want to start a custom mobile cover printing business with small capital.

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Read this post to get every detail.

Let us first understand what is custom mobile cover printing business?

The business is all about printing images on the smartphone covers as per your clients specification.

And you can operate the business entirely online from an eCommerce store.

Additionally, you can operate the business from a retail location too.

And in that case, startup cost will much higher.

However, here we put an entire guideline of starting this business at home.

Why Is Custom Mobile Cover Printing Business Profitable?

The smartphone population is increasing very fast globally.

And this is an ancillary product of smartphone.

So, we can expect an increasing demand for customized smartphone covers.

Additionally, the business demands a very small startup cost.

Only you need to have a sublimation printing machine.

You can use your own PC or laptop.

Furthermore, you can promote this product from both offline and online options.

Apart from an online shop, this is a great product to sell from the mall kiosks.

Finally, this is a high profit making business. You can expect 200% gross profit from this business.

How To Start Custom Mobile Cover Printing Business

Custom Mobile Cover Printing Business

Ways of Starting Custom Mobile Cover Printing Business

Broadly, the business has two different operations.

These are creating the product and second is the eCommerce operation.

Here we put the details of both the two steps.

1. Creating The Product

First of all, talk to a local business consultant to identify the licensing factors and tax liabilities.

You must consider this before commencing the business.

2. Study the market:

Secondly, study the market and try to identify the products that have the huge demand currently.

As an example, 3d printed covers have the huge demand recently.

3. Get Business Plan:

Accordingly, draft a business plan for your business.

Here you must consider your investment capacity, skill, and business size.

4. Location foe the Business:

Determine a dedicated space for the operation at your home.

Procure the printing machine and other raw materials.

Additionally, you must procure the packaging consumables.

5. Start Production:

Finally, you will need to procure the blank mobile cases from the reliable suppliers.

There are several different types of smartphone covers that are very popular.

6. Creating The eCommerce Store

When you are starting the business from home.

This is the most vital part of operating the business.

In this process, you will manage the entire business from the eCommerce store.

7. Create a name and Register:

First of all, get a domain name for your business.

And you must procure the name that is relevant to your business.

Register the domain name and take a hosting to get live your site.

Next, the most important factor is choosing the right eCommerce platform.

However, when choosing an eCommerce platform it might be a fairly confusing task.

Especially if you aren’t from a technical or eCommerce background.

Broadly, there are two different types of options available.

Either you can use managed hosted eCommerce platforms.

Or open source content management system.

And a managed hosted eCommerce platform is always easier to handle for a beginner.

After selecting the eCommerce platform, sign up with the company.

And now is the time for establishing your store.

Upload some sample images of smartphone covers.

Attach price tag and delivery details.

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And now your online mobile cover printing business is ready for operations.

8. Promote Your Mobile Cover Printing Business

You must promote your business both is online and offline.

And there are numerous low-cost ways of promoting the business.

Craft fairs and trades how are the great options for promoting the business offline.

And in online, you must have a blog with your eCommerce site.

Additionally, promote the smartphone covers on the social media.

Additionally, you can create videos to promote the items on the YouTube.

Facebook advertisement and Google Adwords are the best options for online marketing.


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