14 Tips to Start Customized Uniform Business

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The Customized Uniform Business is now a multi-billion Naira industry.

And it can be relatively inexpensive to start a small scale venture.

A compelling customized uniform design and a catchy phrase attract schools and pupils.

There are many ways to print customized uniform and prospective entrepreneurs must first investigate the market before investing in a print method.

Screen printing is a longer learning process than other method but is the most cost effective for large orders.

Heat-transfer and digital ink-jet printing methods require less training but print slower and are best for small quantity order and single cloths sale.

Customized uniform printing operations do not require a lot of space.

And can be run from home or in a spare room.

Your business success depends on adequate preparation, whether you are running it online, at home or from a commercial location.

Before you start a t-shirt printing business, there are a few things you need to take care of.

You can check out the here for a step by step process at a glance.

Some of these steps are:

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Customized Uniform Business

Customized Uniforms uniformswarehouse.com

Customized Uniform Business

1. Carry out Research for customized uniform printing business:

Make sure you are knowledgeable about the clothing industry.

Investigate your market to decide which printing method is right for you.

Get an understanding of how the business works.

Target a specific section of the market for your customize uniform.

Study established customized uniform companies to learn business methods.

That could contribute to your success. Learn the printing technique.

Customized Uniform Business


This step is to write a good business plan.

This business plan will contain all the valuable information.

Like your market analysis which would show where to purchase plain material for the printing.

How to get it printed, where you intend to sell the finished products, your target customers, and much more.

If you have a good business plan, you’d have a road map to follow.

Before you get started, have clear ideas of what you plan on doing.

Decide the factors like what kind of customized uniform you plan on selling.

Who will be your target niche?

Whether you will go for only online market or you will be aiming to sell in store.

Plan a marketing strategy with the help of the small business advisors.

Identify your brand values, mission, objectives, strategies, goals and long term mission.

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Customized Uniform Business

3. Estimate for the cost:

Estimate the cost of startup capital to start your customized uniform printing business.

You need to calculate machinery cost, manpower cost, raw material and promotional cost in majors.

Financing options are money from your savings, funding from family and friends,  and a loan from bank.

Customized Uniform Business

4. Get your business registered:

Register your business first.

You can setup an One person Company or LLP or Pvt. Ltd. or Ltd. Company.

Obtain a trade license from local authority.

You can register your customized uniform printing business as SSI Unit.

Obtain sale tax registration and go for registration for your brand name.

Customized Uniform Business

5. GET a proper tools for the business:

The first important thing is machinery.

According to your plan purchase proper machines for your customized uniform printing business.

Check the prices from different manufacturers.

Check on-site warranty period and training.

Check the client testimonials before furnishing final order.

You may use your home computer, but it will require a professional graphic arts program and printer.

Second most important thing is raw material.

While you will be making customized printing client’s specification requirement should be the final words.

In case of making your own brand consider to have better quality material for printing.

Hire skilled and experienced manpower for your customized uniform printing business.

In product business quality assurance leads to generate satisfied customers. It means growing the business.

Customized Uniform Business


Promote your business offline and online both.

You can start selling by establishing business relationship with schools owners.

Establish your own distribution retail network.

Concentrate on institutional sale with customized uniform printing

Establish your own business website, featuring all the products with price and MOQ.

Go for some press releases to blogs and social networking.

Go for both free and paid advertising planning

Find smart ways to balance paid promotions with free promotion to create an excellent marketing strategy.

Ask satisfied customers to refer you to the other prospects, to help grow your business.

Be passionate about your venture. Your passion will definitely show in your brand image.

Customized Uniform Business

7. Get to know the reasons for customized uniform:

For a general idea, look around you. So many schools are wearing a customized uniform, and by far, it is the most modern that tells about the school and any uniform organization.

The demand for customized uniform are widespread, and so, many people around the world prefer running this venture. Some other reasons include:

  • It’s a multi-billion naira industry and is hardly affected by other markets.
  • Customized uniform have been accepted by almost all the schools and other uniform organization; from men to women, everyone needs something to wears for identification and the promotion of their establishment.
  • It is quite inexpensive to start and requires very less capital and space.
  • With a large number of schools and the uniform body worldwide, the products are easy to sell.
  • And for the most important point, it provides a better profit margin than many other fashion items.

Customized Uniform Business

8. Get to know more about the business:

The customized uniform printing business requires you to have a careful planning and understanding of your targeted customers.

You need to identify their likes and the current trend in the market.

And then with the help of a designer or yourself.

Create your designs and transfer them on the plain cloth via a suitable method.

Once the product is ready, you can market to the target customers via different channels like the internet or various physical stores and schools.

Although the customized uniform printing business is mainly focused on creating custom printed uniform, you could extend it to include a service where you produce “custom printed gifts” for corporate organizations.

The gift business is complementary for those who use heat presses to print customized uniform with a quality heat press.

You can print on number plates, glassworks, blankets, wood or any other flat surface.

Customized Uniform Business

9. Get to know the Market analysis:

This step is to carry out a market analysis.

This can be achieved by private survey companies, government offices, or talking to other entrepreneurs in the business.

Try to get a good insight about the industry, and identify things like.

What kinds of material are the most popular for the printing business, and in high demands.

Also, try to know your potential customers, their choice patterns, and the current trends.

Look for the competition in the market, what prices they’re selling the same goods, and how you can compete for market share.

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Customized Uniform Business

 10. Execute marketing strategies:

Now let us consider a scenario where you wrote a good business plan, had an excellent market analysis, and now have the finished product.

The customized uniform won’t sell themselves.

You need to make sure your target customers know about your product and brand.

Map out a strategy to spread the word about your brand as it has a significant impact on the business growth.

  • When you target the local market, business cards and flyers can be a great way to advertise your business in various local organizations, shops, schools and other firms.
  • Use your satisfied customers for word-of-mouth advertising, as it is free of charge and people tend to trust the experience of someone who has the product.
  • If you are planning to sell on an e-commerce site, look to use paid promotion like Facebook ads, Google Adwords, and others to get the attention of many prospects.
  • Also, exploit free promotional channels such Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for advertising your business, as the more people know your business, the better for your brand.
  • Connect with some fashion bloggers, as they have a large following and can easily get you a lot of orders.

Customized Uniform Business

11. Have great set of designs

Well, design is what separates regular customized uniform from the custom printed uniform.

Everyone is looking for the latest and better models, which connect with their personality.

Thus, it becomes the sole reason that makes the sale.

Always try to get the latest designs that connect with your clients and stand out from rest, as no one wants to see old designs.

Always refresh and update to stay ahead of the competition.

For this, you can develop on your own or hire freelancers.

Your designs need to be simple rather than being complex.

Customized Uniform Business

12. Mark the Quality

If you want your clients to always return, the quality of the substrate customized uniform is a critical deciding factor.

A satisfied customer will always return and also bring you more clients.

If you use poor quality material for the printing.

They will degrade your brand reputation.

Moreover, a client can be tricked to use this once, but not twice.

Also if you use high-quality t-shirts, the prints will be better and vibrant. Quality products ensures loyal consumers who can advertise your product to others.

Customized Uniform Business

13. Get the proper printing equipment

You should try to fetch the printing equipment according to your business needs.

  • A screen printer for a cheaper design can be used over and over again. So they are excellent for large orders. The shortcoming of this process is it takes a bit more time to learn and get used to.
  • For small orders, you can have a Heat press or digital ink-jet printers.
  •  They are slow and require less training time. The advantage for heat presses is that besides customized uniform.
  • You can work with a large number of other materials, thus expanding your domain manifold.

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Customized Uniform Business

14. Get to know the Challenges

In every business, entrepreneurs face a whole lot of challenges which makes it difficult for their businesses to scale.

To make your venture a successful one, you need to tackle these challenges skill-fully.

Some of the most prominent problems are mentioned below:

  • Client Dependence: If a single client makes up for half of your income, then you are an independent contractor rather than a full-blown entrepreneur.
  • What if your primary client suddenly pulls out?
  •  It will have a significant impact on your business. So always try to diversify your customer base.
  • Balancing growth and quality: As businesses grow, the quality of their products starts to get affected, which in turn affects business’s reputation.
  • Competition in the market: This is the major factor every business will eventually have to face. Before entering the market, have an in-depth analysis about your rivals, what they are offering, and at what price.
  • Less than expected sales: It could largely happen that your sales volume may never reach your initial projections.

Besides these, there are some other smaller challenges you may face. You’d need to tackle them smartly to ensure your business succeeds.


Starting your own customized uniform printing business can be a great bet.

It can provide you with the right economic support you need for a full-time business.

It’s a business anyone can start with a low budget and space to work with.

If you follow all the steps mentioned above and do careful planning.

You will surely make progress soon.

Take care of the various constraints like pricing your products against competitors, getting the paperwork cleared if required, and others.

Finally, don’t get discouraged if the sales are not up to your projected mark for the first few weeks.

It takes time, so put in the effort and be patient; you will taste success soon.

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