20 Top 9ger Bet Winning Strategies

9ger Bet Winning Strategies:Most people bet for fun and don’t seriously think they’ll ever get rich gambling.

But by taking a structured approach it is actually possible to win more than you lose.

Here a gambling expert explains how it’s done.

This guide attempts to answer the hardest question in gambling which is how do I win money?

Millions of us around the world make sports bets on a weekly basis.

Some people do this purely for recreation and have no expectation of ever winning money, however most are in it to win some cash.

I think apart from some very unlucky people most find that some bets win and some bets lose.

Again from this group most find that they lose over time and the bookies win, so why is this?

Well it all comes down to price.

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 9ger Bet Winning Strategies
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9ger Bet Winning Strategies:

If we assume that a sporting event is not fixed then all gamblers have to approach the event thinking that any result is possible.

You should never look at a fixture and assume a result, you don’t know what will happen and neither does the Bookmaker.

However the Bookmaker believes that he knows roughly what the probabilities are for each possible outcome.

So if Arsenal are 50% likely to beat Liverpool at home then the actual price required is 2.0.

The Bookmaker needs to make money so they will typically price them at 10/11 or 1.909 in decimals.

So if you make 10 bets of £10 each on a Saturday all about 2.0 then probability suggests that 5 will win and 5 will lose.

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9ger Bet Winning Strategies:

That’s fine if you got 2.0 as you will get back the £100 you started with, however if you have taken 10/11 then you will only get back £95.45.

Even betting on consistent winners like Roger Federer can lose you money in the long run

So if you want to start making money from gambling then you have to stop making betting decisions on what you think will happen, you don’t know! Start making them based on price.

So how do you as an individual determine the true probability and so price of an event?

If you have a maths degree from a decent university then you can try and build your own model.

However this is unnecessary as the work has been done for you by Betfair.

The money or liquidity available on Betfair is on the whole generated from very large gamblers with very sophisticated  pricing models.

9ger Bet Winning Strategies:

These professional enterprises spend huge amounts of money on models.

And information to accurately determine the true probability and so price of each outcome.

If they discover an incorrect price they invest heavily.

This has the effect of changing the exchange price dramatically.

The new exchange price then represents the correct probability of a result happening.

So if you want to make money from gambling you need to back at a higher price with the Bookmakers than is available at that point in time on the exchanges.

So in our example if your 10 selections are all 10/11 at the Bookmakers.

But the exchange price is actually 1.87, then across the 10 matches you would expect to make money rather than losing it.

You can apply this central principle in three main ways:

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9ger Bet Winning Strategies:

What You Need to Know before You Start

The next step is getting to know your interface. You have to make the most out of it, so take the time to study.

Sure enough with heavily built UI, advantages are offset against the disadvantages.

Do you know all the buttons and how they function? Nasty ribbon menus encroach on your personal space?

By all means, don’t hesitate to seek help.

As with all top sports betting websites legalized by the UK Gambling Commission a diligent customer service team is standing by and ready to walk you through anything you may find difficult to cope with.
Although there are no hard-and-fast rules of success when it comes to sports betting, we should be able to help you zero in on that win with the following tips.

9ger Bet Winning Strategies:

  • All top-ranked sports betting websites will want to keep their customers informed with meticulous reviews and statistic for the nerds. Don’t do yourself a disservice with an “on the spur of the moment” verdict. Also, abstain from judging on grounds of what you’ve heard, muster up enough information beforehand.
  • Research the different markets and odds that might be on offer. Even the slightest of difference in the numbers can amount to a considerable profit at the end of the day.
  • Gambling is a drug that gives an on command adrenaline shot and it’s highly addictive, although no one will own up to it. Splashing on recklessly is by no means what responsible betting is all about. If you couldn’t gather this much as of now, maybe you should reconsider your betting strategy. The best of the best bookies will live up to their reputation and go as far as to give you free advice on how to govern your bankroll, so be sure to check on those as well.

All things considered, be it a hobby or profession, sports betting should be regarded as a form of gambling, not entertainment.

Therefore you should do a thorough research using our website before you get started.

We update the content regularly and have many more strategies and tips in store for the future.

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9ger Bet Winning Strategies:

1. Take the top price on your chosen selection

If you fancy Arsenal to beat Liverpool and want to bet that way because you want to watch the game then make sure you take the top price.

The difference between top and bottom price can be as much as 30%, no matter how good your instincts are you cannot give away 30% and hope to win.

This means you should open an account with all the Bookmakers on an affiliate website – a favourite of mine is FootyTips365.

And review the odds offered by each on a site like Odds Checker so that you can always get the top price on your chosen selection.

Remember to only use Bookies who are credible firms and who actually pay out; they must have history and a UK Gambling licence.

I’d advise you not to use firms without these characteristics.

9ger Bet Winning Strategies

2. Bet on whatever offers value

This is the best way of making money.

A quick run through on a Saturday at 9.00am will show you several examples just on the Premier League where the Bookmakers are a bigger price than Betfair.

If you go through every match in every league and every horse race there are hundreds daily.

Bet no more than 5% of your bank on each selection as they will not all win.

However over the month you are extremely likely to be winning money.

It is possible that everything will lose its just the probabilities are in your favour.

The smaller you bet as a percentage of your bank the more the maths moves in your favour.

If you have £100 and only bet £1 a game then over £100 bets you should be up.

If you only do 2 bets of £50 each then although the odds are in your favour you could easily lose both bets.

Once you choose your bank and staking plan stick with it as if all your bets are arbs you will win money over time.

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9ger Bet Winning Strategies:

4. Place an arbitrage bet or ‘sure bet’

The advantage of doing a value bet is that you do not have to pay exchange commission.

However if you do not want to take any risk then you can place a lay bet on the exchange so that you win whatever happens.

So for example you could bet £1,000 on United at 2.0

And then lay that off at 1.9 for £1,000 you will make £100 less comm if United win.

If you use Betdaq then this is only 2%.

The disadvantage is that you end up making twice as many bets and the admin becomes greater.

However if you do larger stakes then you can make very good money in this way.

9ger Bet Winning Strategies:

The gambling industry in the UK as of now is well regulated and nearly all forms of online gambling are legal.

The Gambling Commission rose to power under the terms of the Gambling Act of 2005.

It took over the responsibility of maintaining online gambling as well as the National Lottery fair and transparent.

In keeping with that first thing is to check if the organization you plan to wager with is displaying a British Gambling Commission licensed status.
The Gambling Commission stamp of approval can usually be found in the footer section if missing.

However, chances are the bookie is at odds with the law or is not UK based.

The banner itself must link directly to the public license register of the commission.

Make sure the details on the license double those of the public license register.

All UK residents above the age of 18 are welcome to gamble online safely.

Bear in mind that the British Gambling Commission can’t resolve consumer complaints or get your money back.

It solely ensures that legal operators have procedures for handling those.

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9ger Bet Winning Strategies

6. Get off the Beaten Track with Variety of Betting Markets

Not being limited in terms of choosing what to put your money on, in turn, can give you an edge.

Even the odds scraping software is not inerrant.

And you can usually happen upon a fair deal at the out-of-the-way leagues.

If the fancy seizes you and traditional isn’t going to cut it for you, prop bets rise up on the occasion.

Prop betting gives the bettor an opportunity to choose from a multitude of desultory betting lines.

Such as who is going to receive yellow card first or if a horse is going to trip over through the course of a race.

With the sharp rise of the eSports industry.

Bookies have all the big gaming leagues covered.

So that hardcore gamers could join in on the fun in a heartbeat.
By and large, the best online bookmakers should cater for the Premier League.

UEFA Champions league, horse and greyhound racing.

ATP and WTA matches, boxing, rugby, darts and snooker, while NBA, NFL, NHL are a must for the American public.

On the more exotic side, you should be able to find sports like badminton, futsal, and handball.

It’s of crucial importance to choose a sport and lines you’re comfortable with.
Football Pools is a form of betting pools inspired by lotteries.

Where the winning conditions are “simply” to predict the outcome of the weekly fixtures in the Premier League.

All participants pay a fairly small tax with the promise to win big.

Formerly the entries were made on paper but now mainly online.

Some sportsbooks gladly promote their casinos by packing a lot of casino credits along with their sports betting bonuses.

Normally, you should be able to access both the casino and sports fixtures through one account but juggle two separate bankrolls for each.

Regardless of what your favourite game is you’re sure to find it.

The best online casinos can satisfy even the most pretentious of tastes.
The more conservative punters can ease into the online casino dynamics through Live Casino games.

Those games take place in a real-world casino while broadcasted via video streaming.

You can choose to sit in or out at any time and the dealers are very nice and address you personally.

This phenomenon is gaining popularity quickly for its authenticity.

9ger Bet Winning Strategies

7. Get the eSports – a New Dimension for Betting

Electronic sports betting is a brand new niche for online bookies to expand on.

But you are sure to find the best picks of the cyber action on the top betting sites.

Whether it be Dota 2, League of Legends or CS:GO, or even World of Tanks.

If you’re not convinced that marriage between eSports and online betting is possible.

Ask the professional gambler Bertrand Grospellier (ElkY).

A former Starcraft player who turned his gaming knowledge into a successful gambling career.
Competitive gaming offers elaborate mechanics that can, in turn.

Be exploited by the experienced players to turn a profit.

It is therefore needless to say, that in a binary world such as eSports.

Knowledge of the mechanics and play styles should be your focal point.

This new sports betting market is.

However, not equally appraised by all bookies so be careful not to fall victim to shortened odds.

9ger Bet Winning Strategies

8. Bonuses and Promotions Are the Essence of Sports Betting

Simply put, deposit bonuses are designed to let you breeze in online betting without having to invest too much.

A hefty bonus will provide the incentive that gives you enough skin in the game to kick-start your gamble.

So much with the “easy” part.

You should be well up in the bookmaker’s niche for the sake of choosing the right start-up bonus.

So it’s worth sitting back for a while and pondering your next move.
Betting bonuses come in all shapes and sizes.

Ranging from doubling your initial deposit to free (but contingent) bets, the best in the business know how to deliver the goods.

We break down all you need to know about the different bonus schemes.

Terms and conditions in our bonus page.

9ger Bet Winning Strategies

9. Sports Betting Bonus Amounts What to Expect?

As mentioned above, sportsbooks are more likely to offer their best deal for first-time depositors.

In terms of amount in second place come reload bonuses.

Free plays or free bets and No Deposits rank at third and fourth respectively.

As with promotions, it’s really hard to determine what value you can get.

Because this is where the best online bookies get really creative.

For a detailed insight on the matter read our expert relies on some of the best online sportsbooks.

9ger Bet Winning Strategies

10.Mobile Apps Will Raise Your Game in Sports Betting

If nowadays we use mobile applications of all sorts why not go the extra mile in sports betting and connect your account to your cellie.

An application provides ease of access, stellar security (due to Android OS being open source and iOS’ out of this world core architecture) and last but not least – coherent, user-friendly interface.
Mobile sits beautifully with live betting and the Cash Out feature, giving you the power to “get a grip” on your gamble.

The challenge currently is centered around Windows Phone and BlackBerry users, their choices are few and far between.

However, the household names usually deliver a very potent mobile version of their main website.
From time to time disillusioned players complain about slight navigation issues.

For instance, the number of touches needed to access the desired markets or if there’s too much horizontal scrolling required.

A major functionality flaw in some mobile applications is the absence of a cashier, along with sparse betting lines.

9ger Bet Winning Strategies

12. Live Betting Shores up Online Wagering to a Whole New Level

Introduced more than a decade ago, Live Betting or In-Play betting revolutionized the sports betting industry.

Ante posts or future betting are now quaint, punters worldwide recognize live betting as much more transparent and convenient.

The way it works is fairly simple – the table of odds is constantly updating its figures throughout the course of a game depending on which side has the upper hand at the moment.

As the balance of powers shifts, so do the odds.

If you need something extra to become a believer wait for your favourite to score and back them up.

Or why not have a bet with friends while watching the game at a local pub.

9ger Bet Winning Strategies

13. Seeing Is Believing – Watch Live Sports While Betting Online

There was a time when finding a decent stream online of particular sporting events was a real struggle.

Punters worldwide were forced to stay in the dark, without so much as a means to follow their favourites live.

Now live stream betting is the name of the game and is being the norm for pretty much all top bookies online.

It’s easy to curl up and join in the action with just a click of a button.

In order to unlock the live streaming service, some sportsbooks require that you fund your account.

While some will let punters tune in after they make a registration.
Online bookies’ live streams are not a mere substitution for televised sports or other online sports streaming websites.

They provide you with constantly updating odds, functionality for placing bets at any given time, and detailed statistics and graphs for the savvy punters.

The key point is that it’s easy to make an informed and timely decision based on what one sees.

Computer users with a reliable Internet connection should not have any problems to indulge in a high definition sports experience.

But what about racing? Pretty much every event on the wagering list is covered live.

Find a list of the best sports betting sites providing live streaming.

And an at length reviews in the respective section.

9ger Bet Winning Strategies

14. Tilt the Odds in Your Favour

In sports where draw is always a possibility, mathematically odds will be evaluated beforehand to 33% for each of the three possible outcomes – win for the home or away team and draw.

If dodging bullets is not your thing – start with 1 on 1 sports like boxing, snooker or tennis where from a statistical standpoint of view the chances of staking a winning bet are 50%.

Reducing the possible outcomes to a single binary decision could be the deciding factor that will get you on the right track. For a complete set of tips pay a visit to our betting guide page.

9ger Bet Winning Strategies

15. When the Human Factor Comes into Play

What is the human factor? It’s hard to get an insight on certain club’s politics.

The motivation level of all the players in a team.

Let alone to determine whether or not one of them is experiencing a change of heart.

Lots of punters have learned to their cost how the lavish lifestyle of the bad boys of football can ruin their team’s performance.
However, there is an even darker side of the “human factor” which contravenes with fair play but is a very present danger for the shrewd punters to tackle with.

That’s indeed match-fixing, while it’s possible at all levels of competitive sports.

Some individual sports players are infamous for their misdeeds. i.e. snooker player Stephen Lee who was upset with 12 years ban from professional snooker.

9ger Bet Winning Strategies

16. Move Your Money However You Like with a Multitude of Payment Methods

After choosing a worthwhile bookmaker to deposit money with.

The next important thing is to work out which payment method benefits you the most.

Check the Individual sportsbooks reviews for a comparison of the different payment method related bonuses.

17. Security Reigns Supreme in the Top Online Betting Sites

Your personal information and credit card details must remain strictly confidential at all times.

Moreover keeping up to date in the security department is their number one priority because unchecked security issues can bring down an entire company.

What really puts the big names head and shoulders above the rest is they can afford to spend millions on upgrading the security features of their service.

9ger Bet Winning Strategies

18.What Is Two Step Verification?

The best online sportsbooks use Google 2-Step Verification, or other two-step secure login methods.

As an extra safety measure for their customers.

It is vital for users who surf the Internet unaware of dangers as malicious software, emails, that can compromise the data on one’s device.
How this works is, after you enter your password a piece of security information will be sent to your email or phone.

Only by entering that second security code will you be logged in.

In order to set up two-step verification, you need to specify an email address.

Phone number or authenticator app for the second part of the verification to take place.

9ger Bet Winning Strategies

19.Why Do You Need Encryption?

Cryptography is a means of encoding pieces or block of information.

So that only the authorized parties can decode it.

Complex encryption algorithms make the blocks of information chunky.

And may compromise the operation speed of some websites.

But it’s better safe than sorry isnt it?
The RSA algorithm for traditional SSL/TLS encryption is now the norm with the best first-time depositors.

In case you want to check an online betting site’s security certificate take a look at the left-hand side corner or double check if the URL starts with “https.

9ger Bet Winning Strategies

20.Can Bookies Ask for Your ID?

Not only do they can, but they are obligated under the terms of the UK gambling law to do so.

Contrary to the common speculations.

The reasoning behind this procedure is pretty straightforward.

All UK bookmakers need to make sure they are dealing with customers meeting the following criteria:

– Over 18 years of age
– Who hasnt self-excluded from gambling
– Gambling is allowed in your country of residence
– Legitimate ID documents – clear proof of identity
The latter has a lot to do with particular criminal schemes for money laundering.

This is not the only challenge that the biggest online bookies have to face.

Some punters who have self-excluded from gambling would stow away under a fake identity.

In the unlikely event of suspecting you in one of the two activities described above.

The firm is highly likely to demand copies of other documents proving who you are.

Going around the rules is illegal and although deposits are always welcome.

Given that you have funded an account, the company has 72 hours to verify youre an adult with the intention of freezing your account if unable to do so.

The bookmaker will then return your initial deposit but collect all winnings.

Advanced Guide and Tips

This section weve designated for what’s trending in the sports betting world.

As well as unorthodox methods, appreciated by the experienced punters.

Get a sneak peek at the new technologies and betting strategies that have a proof of concept.

Betting Systems

When executed the right way, a betting system can bring and extra buzz factor.

They aim at minimizing risk while extracting maximum value.

Which is in broad strokes, what makes having a flutter a profitable activity.

If you haven’t settled on a system yet, here are a few worthwhile candidates.

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