How to Make Money as an Exotic Dancer

Dance classes near me: Are you wanting to learn how you can become the exotic dancer of your dreams? Move down to Steps for the specifics.

Realize that this is a job, not a lifestyle. You must be motivated and driven as with any occupation. Take it seriously, it’s a job, not a night out or an opportunity to show off. Go in on time and make sure you behave professionally and in line with the rules of the club. You will also need to know the law and be familiar with following local, state, or federal laws as the apply in your location. Some clubs require a background check and fingerprints as well as ID and a social security or national insurance number. Be prepared to provide these.

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Dance classes near me

Assess your fitness level. Are you in reasonably good physical shape? You should be healthy, and while clubs are generally looking for someone slim and toned, there is room for all types of body shapes. A lot of girls worry about not having the right shaped body parts, there is no set size or shape for an exotic dancer.

Get supplies. You should have heels, 4-inch at minimum. Ask the other dancers or the club owner what they like performers to wear. Many dancers start off with platform heeled shoes to aid stability. Remember, stiletto heel shoes make your legs look thinner, so they might be a better bet when picking out shoes. Not all exotic dancers want the focus to be on their legs. Wear footwear you feel is appropriate. You’ll also need a g-string or thong made of sturdy material, probably. The exact details of what you may or may not be allowed to wear will vary depending on where you are working. Online shopping might provide better materials than those at a local boutique. The laws vary, so make sure you check. Make sure you are waxed from the neck down; shaving will NOT do, especially if you have darker hair. Specialist exotic dance venues and those in Europe may have different preferences regarding body hair. No everyone wants to see stubble, and waxing will eliminate razor bumps in the bikini area. If you cannot stand waxing or are in between waxes, you can use make up to help cover anything. You’ll want to learn to apply makeup well.

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Dance classes near me

Go for an audition. You can call the club and ask to set up an appointment to audition or simply stroll into the club of your choice (check the Strip Club List online for clubs in your area), and off you go. Make sure you are of age to dance erotically in your district. Some clubs have audition nights or amateur nights where you can go and try out. It is always best to call the club before and find out if this is their way.

Get a “stage name” for yourself. this will be your alter-ego for when you are at work. The most commonly used “stage names” are: Precious, Diamond, Barbie, Ferrari, etc. Instead of using one of the more common names listed, try being unique and think outside the box. Be creative with your “stage name”. Come up with a name that is unlike all the rest. possibly one that no one else might possibly be using.

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Dance classes near me

Know that prostitution, or “extras”, have no place in a club. Moral judgments aside, it makes it harder for dancers to make money when this happens. Also you will be fired if the club finds out. Prostitution is a highly punishable crime in many areas and many clubs will have undercover cops. Make sure that you understand that even words can get you arrested even if you have no intentions of doing anything for extra money. YOU ARE AN ENTERTAINER, not a hooker.

Be mentally strong. Society can be very anti-sex worker, so because you are working in this field, it requires mental resilience. Customers will insult you, you may lose friends and family… but that reflects more on them than it does on you. Make sure you feel good about what you are doing and see it as a positive thing, this will allow you to stand strong against others.

Dance classes near me

Learn from others. When you start working, make sure you learn from the other girls and respect the way they work. Do not become overly friendly with them just to make more money, as they will see right through you! Expect that you will not do so well at first, but don’t get disheartened. Learn one thing and get up and do it again but better!

Be safe and enjoy the scantily clad adventure!

Get a website. Getting a website of your own can make you much more popular and raise your tip value. Mention the clubs where you work, and customers will come in just to see you, and they will save their biggest tips for your show.

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More tips

  • Get non-slip pads for the bottoms of your shoes.

  • Having your own car is recommended. Exotic dancers get sexually harassed by rude fans and openly insulted by conservative people on a public bus.

  • Do take a self-defense course for reasons described in the “Warnings” section.

    Dance classes near me

  • Make sure before starting the job you respect yourself and think highly of yourself as you may be tested in areas of morale and have your respect boundaries pushed. If you treat yourself with respect and stand up for yourself – you will be fine.
  • When you go to your car or step out to smoke, make sure it’s well-lit AND there is somebody you trust out there with you.
  • For using a safety razor when shaving, you may prefer a lubricant like Astro-glide to shaving cream.
  • You’re play-acting that you’re a prospective fantasy date. Customers knowingly come to the clubs to be excited by seeing somebody dancing without clothes in a sexy way, and daydreaming about being with you. There is nothing wrong with that.

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    Dance classes near me

  • Dancers make quite a bit of money, if they have good sales skills, are attractive and work the customers well. It is possible to make between $200-$600 on average a night, depending on where you are located.
  • Visit a few clubs to get an idea of how things operate.
  • To discourage stalkers, ask for an enclosure of wood planks to be built for an outdoor smoking patio, with a table and a couple of chairs.
  • White deodorant which has no smell after pubic shaving lessens irritation.
  • Do not sleep with any of your coworkers, this means other dancers, security and especially the guys in charge.
  • Do not list your personal email on your website. Hire a company who will set up a business email for you. This way you can monitor all your fan letters.

    Dance classes near me

  • Keep learning. Being an exotic dancer and doing it well can be quite taxing, as you are always controlling situations, whether it is to controlling the way the customer is behaving or how he needs to pay you or yourself, you have to stay in the right mood. It can be quite exhausting so make sure you treat the job with respect and not just a brain-dead job which you do not need to “work”.
  • Set up your business email with an auto response or have your website company do it for you. Your fans expect you to be busy and that you may not be able to respond to everyone individually. An auto response can soften the blow of not getting a personal response back.
    • Don’t do anything you aren’t comfortable with. Always remember you’re worth more feeling good about yourself.
  • Let your body and your passion lead you.

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Dance classes near me


  • Making more money as an exotic dancer may encourage you to change your lifestyle. You might move to a more expensive apartment, for instance. Make your decisions knowingly- if you change your lifestyle, you may be locking yourself in to this career. Be prepared for hard choices should you change your mind.

  • Don’t assume that because there’s two or three people offering you a ride, that it’s therefore perfectly safe. Sexual assault often takes place with multiple accomplices. When it does, illicit substances, i.e. narcotics, are usually involved.

  • Exotic dancers are considered, in most places, independent contractors. This means you should hire a tax accountant, keep all of your receipts (for waxing, work clothes, make-up, manicures and pedicures), and be sure that you keep track of your income. A notebook with a notation for each shift, the date, the hours and the amount of money you have made and paid out, is proof of income.

    Dance classes near me

  • You should get health insurance, in case something unexpected happens. If you hurt a knee or ankle, or any other health expense, not only will you be out of work, you’ll be responsible for your medical expenses. You’re making enough money- just do it!

  • On very rare occasions, an exotic dancer may be the target of a sexual predator. But so can a nurse, a receptionist, a restaurant server, or any lady who works with patrons in a manner that, ideally, requires them to be warm, personable, friendly and often subservient. To appear less like a prospective victim, conduct yourself with self-confidence when not onstage.

    Dance classes near me

  • Many exotic dancers are married or have a steady boyfriend with whom they live. That can give a safety cushion should you decide to change jobs after all.

  • Once you start earning a regular income get income protection. That is insurance that pays you if you cannot work e.g. if you break a leg. This is really important as you will be relying on your pay and you will be stuck if you money just stops.

  • Prepare your mate for the possibility that you’ll be making more money. There’s no sure way to guarantee there won’t be resentment because you’re making more money for seemingly “playing around”. It can come up unexpectedly, as something he/she “throws in your face” to hurt you.

    Dance classes near me

  • There are jobs that will reject you for having once been an exotic dancer, and you probably won’t be able to conceal it from (for example) any private investigator. If you choose this path, be aware that it may come with a future price. Don’t expect to be able to simply leave it off a resume and therefore have it be forgotten. But, be open about it and it can’t “haunt” you.

  • For the sake of your reputation and that of the club, avoid going off alone with an individual. Even if it’s just your brother, people will gossip and ruin your good name. Yes, every exotic dancer definitely has a good name to uphold. You may need the trust and help of your co-workers one day. Earn a reputation for responsibility by upholding the honor of the establishment.

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