kpop dance classes near me: Now that the K-pop craze has reached new heights and is continuing to grow, there are more opportunities than ever for enthusiasts to get their fix. Whether you’re a casual listener or an all-out fanatic, there are plenty of ways to get involved with K-pop culture. From singing along to your favorite hits to learning the dance moves so you can show them off at a future concert, there are lots of ways to express your love for this dynamic genre of music. One great way to introduce yourself to the world of K-pop is through dance classes. Check out these local places where you can learn how to groove like your favorite idols:

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Join a K-POP Dance Class Near You: 5 Places to Check Out

kpop dance classes near me:

So you’ve got the moves like Jagger and can nail that MoonWalk…but could you pass as a K-pop star? If you have a love for K-pop and are looking to break out of your shell, why not join one of the many K-pop dance classes available nearby? Check out these 5 places where you can learn how to be like your favorite Korean idols.

KCON Culture Center

KCON Culture Center is a unique space that mixes culture and education, and is dedicated to promoting the Korean culture through a variety of programs. The KCON Culture Center hosts dance workshops, dance classes, and dance competitions throughout the year. Moreover, it was at the KCON Culture Center that the first K-pop Dance Festival was held.

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The Aesthetic Classes by APAN

Founded in 2012, The Aesthetic Classes by APAN offers a wide range of Korean language and culture classes for all ages and levels, from children to adults. The K-pop dance class is taught by a professional dance instructor and is split into two levels: Beginner and Advanced. The Beginner level is for those who have never danced before, while the Advanced level is for those who already have some experience. The K-pop dance class teaches various K-pop dances, including “Idol,” “Save Me,” “Knock Knock,” “Boy in Luv,” and “As If It’s Your Last.”

Seoul Dance Centre

The Seoul Dance Centre is a nonprofit organization that provides dance education at all levels and across the lifespan. Each term, the Seoul Dance Centre offers a range of K-pop dance classes, divided into Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced, with each class focusing on a different idol’s dance. The Centre also hosts K-pop seminars, where you can learn tips and tricks from industry experts.

Shinchon Idoru Language School

Shinchon Idoru Language School is a language school that aims to provide social, cultural and linguistic experiences through the study of Korean language and culture. The language school offers various Korean language and culture classes, the K-pop dance class being one of them. The K-pop dance class is taught by a K-pop dance instructor who is a professional dancer and choreographer and has taught at many language schools and universities. The K-pop dance class is divided into three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. During the lessons, students can expect to learn and practice various K-pop dances, such as “Knock Knock,” “As If It’s Your Last,” “Boy in Luv,” “Save Me,” “Idol” and “DDU-DU DDU-DU.”

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Korean Cultural Centre London

The Korean Cultural Centre London (KCC) is an organisation dedicated to bringing Korean culture to the UK and promoting UK culture in Korea. The KCC hosts a variety of Korean language and culture classes, including the K-pop dance class. The K-pop dance class is taught by a Korean dance instructor who specialises in K-pop dances. The K-pop dance class is split into two levels: beginner and intermediate. During the lessons, students can expect to learn and practice a variety of K-pop dances, such as “Idol,” “Save Me,” “Knock Knock,” “Boy in Luv,” “As If It’s Your Last,” and “DDU-DU DDU-DU.”

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With more and more people getting into K-pop and its musical style, there is also an increase in people wanting to learn how to dance like their idols. If you’ve ever wanted to try some K-pop dance classes, there are many places you can check out, ranging from language schools to dance studios. The best part is that they don’t require any experience, so anyone can join! Whether it’s learning the dance moves of your favourite idols or just bonding with friends, these K-pop dance classes are a fun way to blend cultures and meet new people, while also exploring your creative side.

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