6 Steps to start diaper selling business

Start diaper selling business in Nigeria: Not everyone who ventured into a business investment has had a success story to tell.

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diaper selling business

In our present world of changing technology, environmental and economic conditions.

The internet has become an easy access to almost anyone, anywhere in the world today.

Goods and services are now being bought and sold online from or to any part of the world.

It is now a lot easier to make money, than before.

Making good money can be as easy as a piece of cake, as well as a hard nut to crack; depending on the investor’s ideas and insight.

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In fact, if you want to make real good money, you need to have three important things on hand; the capital, the right product to sell and a comprehensive knowledge of how to obtain and sell your product. Bear in mind…, it often takes a long while to completely figure out how the business operates.

Before you can fully understand and quickly understand the operations of the business, there is the need for you to learn from those who are already grounded in the business.

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Choosing the right product to sell is the first step to a successful business. Most people who have had a fall out in their business venture are majorly those who made a wrong choice of product.

This means that the product does not have a large market to sell, and as such, your goods are tied down with you. This is why I decided to share this product idea I have discovered from various research with you. It will constantly increase your wealth as you grow in the business. This article will show you how to make money importing and selling baby diapers.

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Why You Should Start a Diaper Selling Business

  1. There is a high demand for baby diapers. Nursing mothers; high, middle and lower classes, constantly flood the market on a daily basis, looking to buy diapers for their babies. This is major because, diapers are not reusable; after the first use, they are thrown away. So, here is an opportunity for to
  2. It is cheap and easily affordable by any class of people; rich or poor. Anyone can afford to buy a diaper of different price categories. There are different types of different price range. Pampers are relatively cheap and in high demand in the Nigerian Market.

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  3. The market is already available for your product to sell, you don’t need to do so much marketing and advertisement. Your customers are all around you.
  4. It does not require a huge amount of capital to start. In fact, you only need a minimum of N15,000 to start. As you make the profit, plow back and increase your capital.
  5. The market is flooded with fake and low-quality diapers of exorbitant prices and parents would love to have access to a product they can confidently trust. To make you diaper sell, you must sell affordable and quality diapers. Yours will definitely be cheap since you import directly from the manufacturer or licensed supplier.

How to Make Money From diaper selling business in Nigeria.

Consumers all over the world are constantly in need of baby diapers. To make money from diaper business, you need to follow the following procedures:

1. Import The Product Yourself

If you want to make a good profit from this business, consider importing the goods yourself. This will help you sell at a cheaper rate than your rivals.

There are a lot of manufacturers online, from whom you can order your product and they are willing to ship it down to you at an affordable shipping rate. Some may offer free shipping to your destination.

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2. Decide on your Customer Base

Choosing your customer base, you should bear in mind the kind of people you want to sell your products to. Your customer base determines the product category and the method you intend to use to get your product across to your customer.

You should consider supplying directly to busy, working moms in their offices or to retailers.

You can also consider a door to door delivery service to stay at home moms.

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3. Decide on a Reliable Producer or Supplier:

To sell at cheap and discounted prices to your customer, you should decide on a supplier close by you.

Make your research and find out where you can buy your quality and affordable diapers.

Alternatively, you can buy directly from the manufacturer in your location or look for a good manufacturer online and make your order.

4. Choose the Brands that Move Fast:

As I earlier on pointed out, your customer base will determine the brand you should sell.

Meanwhile, make a research a find out the brands that moves faster in the market.

Brands of diapers in high demand include; Pampers, Doctor Brown’s, Huggies, Toujours and Tescos, Johnsons diapers, Soft Care, Phoenix, and a whole lot of others.

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5. Device and Aggressive marketing Strategy:

Nowadays, people find the customers online, while some are around your neighborhood.

To sell your diapers, you can decide to do a door-to-door marking in your neighborhood, church or community councils.

You can use various marketing online tools to market your products, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Jiji, etc.

You can also create a website where you can showcase your various brands for customers to make a selection. Home delivery is a very important customer satisfaction strategy in online selling.

6. How to Grow and remain in the business

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Starting a business is one thing, growing and remaining there is another thing.

If you start with as little as N15,000, you can spend N10,000 on two or three cartoons and spend the remaining on marketing and transportation.

After sales, profit is usually about 40% of cost price.

You can then plow back and buy larger quantities.

While in business, never relent in meeting your customers’ demand.

Ensure you do not compromise in good quality and always make sure you sell at a moderately cheaper price than your rivals.

Finally, keep on advertising, the more you advertise, the more you increase your customer base.

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  1. mr-David says:

    pls i will like to start this business of selling pampers and be come very big in it so i need a manufactures i want to be a distributor ok thank yu

  2. Egba Divine says:

    This article is a bomb! In fact it’s a gateway to success

  3. Egba Divine says:

    Where are diaper factories located in Nigeria

  4. Good day,

    I want to be a major distributor of baby diapers, how do i go about it

  5. Mr David,

    Please lets communicate off line (munonyegroup@gmail.com)

    We are looking for distributors or whole sale buyers of baby diapers in Nigeria.

  6. Mrs Johnson says:

    Pls I want be diaper distributor in my area pls i need to know the step to take and capital I need for business thanks

  7. Abigail says:

    I would like to start this diapers business can I start wit 500k and how will the profit be like
    And how do they sell from manufacturer??
    Pls am from Abuja Karu

  8. Mr Rachel says:

    I want to start this Pampers business and to be a distributor specifically for buggies, molfix, Pampers, Dr Brown but will like to get the manufacturer’s contacts and address. Thank you.

  9. Bimbim says:

    Helloo, I also want to start the business and I want to sell on wholesale. And I also want to know if children formula is also good business

  10. Anita says:

    I am interested in dis diaper business nd if possible add baby formula

  11. Sonali pednekar says:

    I want to start busness how to start and whr i get holsale rate diaper

  12. Gifted says:

    Pls,want to be an wholesaler,don’t know how to go about it.reach me pls

    • BusinessHAB says:

      Thanks for reading through the articles,but for further information search through the site.You will see the full detail.

  13. I want to be a molfix diapers distributors, wholesale distributor, what are the procedure

  14. Ganiyat Seun says:

    I am interested in this business but hope lucrative?

  15. Pls can I start diaper business with 500k

  16. agu Maureen says:

    pls want to start pampers business , how do I go about it

    • BusinessHAB says:

      Thanks for the interest,from the steps, the basic requirement is the capital for the business.so first of all get the capital available.Thanks,

  17. faith okechukwu says:

    Please am interested in starting a dispersed business next month. And I need ur organisation to put me through cos I want to he selling wholesales.

  18. Abdullary says:

    pls have mail your e-mail box , Am waiting for your reply .thanks

  19. Itsekor Mobolaji gloria says:

    Would really like to go into diapers and sanitary wares distributorship but don’t know how to start and how much capital would be required. Thanks.

  20. Asele says:

    Please how do I contact a reliable manufacturer of pampers in port harcourt

  21. Remi Douglas says:

    I want to start with small amount

  22. Felicity ojieabu says:

    Please I want to be diaper major distributor in my area, what are the requirements. Location Egbe in ikotun area

  23. chigbu ugonma Juliet says:

    please I want to be a distributor seriously please.

  24. Imaobong UNYIME udofia says:

    I want to be a major distribution on different types of pampers,please give me a current contact,on how to get a direction on how to begin my order, I’m in uyo,akwa ibom state, thanks

  25. Afolabi says:

    I want to be a major distributor of different types of diapers. how much to i need and how to get it, I base in Ibadan.

  26. Afolabi says:

    I want to be a major distributor of different types of diapers. how much to i need and how to get it, I base in Ibadan.how can i start the business

  27. Antonia says:

    I was born in Africa but live in Europe for 25 years, we have very good nappies or diapper of high quality in Spain, so if you need to start I can have those products for you and send it to you whenever you want.

    • BusinessHAB says:

      Good to here from you, and i was looking for a good supplier, i hope we can start up something. Thanks. Pls your contacts.

  28. Adebisi Aldetona says:

    I want to become a morfix diaper distributor. Hw much can I use to start? Reside in Abeokuta. Thanks

  29. Stella says:

    Please I would like to be a molfix and pampers, and toujours retailer in lagos, how can I get connected to their distributors so I can buy at cheaper rate, thanks.

  30. esther says:

    thanks for this idea, please i would like to be a diaper distributor. Any idea on how to contact a good manufacturer or a supplier?

  31. Fresh oyinkepreebi says:

    Please I want to be involve in selling diapers can you help on how to go about

  32. Bola says:

    Nice article pls I want to start the business as a distributor .can you link me up to a good manufacturing company

  33. Akintayo Olawumi says:

    I reside in Ibadan and I need information on diaper distributorship and disposable food packs pls

  34. Osuji Ndubuisi M. says:

    Compliments of the business day.
    Please i need an information on diaper distributorship.I reside in Imo State can you kindly introduce me to any of this diaper manufacturing companies for further inquiries.

  35. Min says:

    Hi We supply diapers of various top brands, including Huggies, Pampers, Mamy Poko, Merries etc.

    We only deal with importers who have the ability to buy in containers every month.

    Please contact me via email if you are interested and require more information. My email address is welovethissg@gmail.com

  36. Min says:

    Hi We supply diapers from top brands, including Huggies, Pampers, Merries, Mamy Poko,

    Please contact me at welovethissg@gmail.com if you are keen to find out more. Thanks

  37. Sulaiman Barakat Abolanle says:

    How do I go about it, I’m interested in being a distributor for Molfix diaper in Lagos,Nigeria

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