Does CBD Vape Juice Help With Neck Injuries?

Our lives have changed a lot since the dawn of humanity. From hunter-gatherers to masterminds, human civilization has seen much progress. As time passed, the pen concept was mightier than the sword became more relevant. Our focus shifted from hunting, capturing neighbouring countries, fighting battles to working as a civilization to make the world a better place to live. The emphasis now is on maximum productivity and creating a life for yourself that makes you happy. In pursuing this “dream,” many of us lose sight of the bigger picture. In this regard, the bigger picture is our overall health.

Especially during a global pandemic, this concern is probably severe. Our jobs have changed, and so have our lives. Our jobs turned from 9-5s to flexible campaigns that could go for up to 12 hours a day! We stick to our chairs and desks, looking down on the screens of our laptops, leaning forward to squeeze the last drop of productivity out of our minds. While chasing our dreams is the ultimate pleasing expedition, taking care of our health is also crucial. In this journey, our backs and necks withstand the brunt of the damage to help us achieve our career goals. A common term for this condition is “Tech Neck.” It may happen to anyone who spends long hours on makeshift workstations, sits on ergonomic chairs, lives excessively sedentary lifestyles.

At such desperate times, we do need some desperate measures. Commonly, taking breaks when working or studying for extended periods is an easy method of reducing a lot of the damage. You can use ergonomic chairs, maintain healthy postures, and follow a proper diet to help your cause. However, we seldom have time to care for our health as we are too busy “living the dream.” Hence, quick fixes are the need of the hour. Some people believe that CBD Vape Oil might be the quick fix we all need to manage this situation. In this article, let us find out if there is any truth to the rumors of vaping CBD to help against neck injuries.

What is CBD and Vaping?

First off, let us understand what CBD even is. CBD or Cannabidiol is a product of the Cannabis sativa (or marijuana as some people think) plant. There are hundreds of other similar compounds found in the plant, but CBD stands out from the group. The plant has reportedly served for hundreds of years in informal medicinal usage. Recently, with the global sensation called the internet and overall globalization, its popularity skyrocketed, and it took the supplements market by storm. It has a wide range of benefits. But, the stars of the lineup are anxiety and chronic pain relief. These two conditions are what the world needs to get rid of at present times.

Vaping is the act of inhaling an aerosol that is created by heating a liquid by a battery-powered (usually) device. This liquid may contain nicotine, flavors, various chemicals, and products like CBD.

Vaping has shaken the market for the youth generation. It is a global trend and has a vast fanbase. A crucial factor for its popularity is that it may become a substitute for smoking cigarettes. Traditional cigarettes have a lot of harmful components, like tar, that harm our lungs for a long time. However, if you see claims that vaping is a 100% safe option, it is false. There are a few side effects (even if not close to cigarettes) that you must know about before starting.

Understanding neck pain and injuries

Now, coming to our chief concern for this article, why do we even face severe neck pain? The muscles, ligaments, and bones in our necks support our head and enable its movement. We are programmed by nature, and it certainly does not like any interference. Any abnormality like inflammation or injuries (minor or critical) can cause excruciating pain from our necks to our lower backs. We may also experience stiffness, and it could hurt when we move. The intensity of the pain varies with many conditions, and the ache can last for varying periods. Acute aches hurt us like electric shocks for short periods, while chronic conditions start slow and worsen over time. The two main reasons for neck pain are:

Straining and excessive tension in muscles:

Factors like poor posture and extended working periods without breaks play a massive role in this situation. Straining our necks when we work out or having terrible sleeping posture also affects the degree of pain.


Our neck region is incredibly vulnerable to injuries. In accidents, falls, or sports, we always risk injuring our necks if we are not cautious enough. Moving our muscles or ligaments out of their natural range of motion can have detrimental impacts. If we somehow fracture our cervical vertebrae (neck bones), we can injure our spinal cord. Whiplash is a prevalent neck injury caused by a jerking movement of the head.

CBD for Neck pain

Cannabidiol is beloved worldwide due to its pain-relieving properties. Many users have reportedly reduced the use of pharmaceutical medicines after seeing the pain-relieving effects of CBD. The best part about CBD is that it is a natural product. If you feel the need, you can even use it with your medications to boost the effects! However, you must consult a doctor before trying this. Now, let us see how CBD may help with neck injuries. There are two ways that it can help people who suffer from neck pain:

Slowing down pain signals:

CBD can interact with the endocannabinoid system in our bodies. It can activate CB1 and CB2 receptors that regulate pain signals. In many cases of neck pain, the patient could have irregular signaling of the receptors. CBD may help by fixing this. It can calm us down both physically and mentally. Hence, it can slow down these signals to avoid discomfort and pain.


Inflammation-related pain is a common condition. It is troublesome when it occurs too often. In reality, inflammation is a response from our immune system. It can protect damaged tissues from infection and let us know there is something wrong. However, too much inflammation can even damage healthy tissues. CBD may soothe the inflamed areas and reduce pain.


Cannabidiol is a versatile product that has reportedly helped thousands globally. However, remember to perform your research when trying CBD or vapes. It is also worth remembering the rules. In the USA, Cannabidiol products with up to 0.3% THC are federally legal. However, check the laws in your area, as different states have different rules. More concrete studies on CBD will help us decide if it can surely help with neck injuries. Lastly, consult with a medical professional for maximum security and even dosage-related help.

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