16 Tips to Start Business Selling Dollar Stores Goods

Dollar Stores Goods: Dollar stores are fun places to buy cheap and discontinued goods.

If you frequent dollar stores and are looking to make some extra money.

You might want to try reselling dollar store items.

Dollar stores sell a variety of consumer goods such as electronics, party supplies.

Books, clothing, and discontinued products.

Which can all be sold online for the right price.

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1. Dollar Stores Goods

Seasonal items that are discounted at the end of a holiday are often a good bet.

Since they can be sold for a premium during the ensuing holiday season.

One can also make collections of books, party supplies, or electronic items.

Which can be grouped as sets and sold for a premium.

If you end up with items that failed to sell, you can always organize a garage sale.

Dollar Stores Goods

2. Buy seasonal items to resell.

Seasonal goods such as Halloween masks or Christmas wreaths can be purchased at a very low cost from the dollar store, especially if you purchase them shortly after the holiday has passed.
Buy seasonal items the day after a holiday, store them in your basement and then resell them at the beginning of the holiday season next year.

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3. Buy electronics to resell.

You can find electronics for very cheap prices at the dollar store, including items like headphones, DVDs, and home entertainment products. If you see a good deal on one of these electronic items, buy it and resell it online or at a flea market.

  • Buy headphones to resell. Headphones in the under $50 category can be found at dollar stores. Read headphone reviews, learn about current models, and see if you can find any good deals on headphones in the under $50 price category. If you find any, you should be able to make a good profit by reselling them online.
  • Find DVDs to resell. People love old movies and you can find many old DVDs at dollar stores for a bargain. Find titles that have a cult following or are nostalgic favorites for particular generations, and then resell them online.

4. Buy books to resell.

Dollar stores have great deals on books. If you collect all of the books in a series or work to collect all of the books from a particular author, you can then resell the collections online.
Fans of the series or author will pay significantly more for a complete collection.

5. Find discontinued products.

Cosmetics, shampoos, and other personal products that have been discontinued can still be found at dollar stores.

If there is a niche market for a discontinued cosmetic or shampoo with a nice scent, you can purchase the discontinued products and resell them to this niche market online

  • Test out the market for discontinued items before buying too many of them.
  • Try reselling a couple of the items online to gauge demand.
  • Check to see how many people view your item on an auction site and how fast it sells.
  • If it sells quickly, buy some more from the dollar store and repeat.

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Dollar Stores Goods

6. Purchase party supplies.

Party supplies are pretty cheap but if you collect all of the relevant supplies for a particular party theme, you can resell the set.

You may have to visit multiple dollar stores in order to find the items for the party theme.

  • For example, if you collect all of the party supplies for a zombie birthday party, you can then resell it as a complete set online or at a flea market.

7. Inquire into the price range for your product category.

Start by searching on auction sites, such as eBay, to see what the product or similar products in your category are selling for.

For example, try to find the price range for your particular brand of electronic headphones.

As well as the larger price range for headphones in general.

If you can find the price for your particular brand of headphones.

Take note of both the highest and the lowest price listed for the item.

With this knowledge of the price range, you can start thinking about how much you will ask for your item.

  • If your item is in better condition or has something different from the others on the list, you may be able to price it in the higher price range.
  • If the item is pretty much the same as the other items listed, you may want to set it at an average price.

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Dollar Stores Goods

8. See how much your item usually sells for.

Looking through the online listings for your item on the auction site, such as eBay.

You should see how much people have actually paid for the item.

Taking this price into consideration, think about how much you could sell your particular item for.

  • If you are using eBay, scroll down to the ‘show only’ options on the left side of the page, towards the bottom of the listings page. Click on ‘sold listings’ and then review the items in your category (e.g., headphones) that have sold. Reviewing the prices of sold items, determine what you think you could sell your dollar store item for online.
  • If you cannot find your item on eBay or other auction sites, try searching for similar items. For example, if you found a particular brand of faux wood headphones at your local dollar store but cannot find the same brand on eBay, see if there is a similar pair of faux wood headphones.

9. Set a price for your dollar store items.

Taking into consideration the current price range for your product category (e.g., headphones).

And the prices that your particular item has sold for, set a price for your item.

  • Price your items competitively. Taking into consideration both how much you paid for the item at the dollar store and the current price range for the item on eBay, try to set a competitive price that will get the item sold quickly and efficiently.
  • If you are using eBay, you can set a reserve price which is the lowest that you would be willing to sell your item for online.
  • On eBay, you can use a fixed price which means that there will not be any bidding on your item. It will be sold, or not, at the fixed price you set.

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10. Choose an auction site.

You can resell dollar store items on online auction sites such as eBay, eBid, Bonanza, Webstore.com, or OnlineAuction.com.

If you choose this approach, you will need to choose the best auction site for your selling goals.

You should look at which sites have the lowest selling fees, listing options, and selling features.

  • Auction sites sometimes have a seller verification fee but this feature can also be found for free on some sites. In addition, fees may be charged for the final value of the item sold, as well as, for listing the items and relisting them if they do not sell.
  • eBay allows you to list your first 50 items free but then charges a fee. Sites like eBid and Bonanza allow you to list your items for free.

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Dollar Stores Goods

11. Photograph your dollar store items.

A big part of e-commerce, including selling dollar store items, is the quality of the images you use to sell items.

You will want to use the best camera you own and shoot the product against a white backdrop.

If you have a whiteboard, you should use it.

However, you can also shoot the product against a white wall or a white desk.

Pay attention to the light in the room and try to avoid making shadows over the product you are selling.

  • Take five photographs of each item.
  • Be sure to take photographs of unique features, labels, tags, and details.
  • If there is an oddity or discoloration, you should also take a photo of it so that consumers know what they are getting.
  • Your consumers will appreciate your thoroughness and objectivity.

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12. Create a listing for your dollar store items.

You will need to decide upon a title, price, description, illustration (e.g., photo).

As well as payment and shipping information.

Try to use a simple title that adequately lets people know what you are selling.

The price should be competitive with similar items listed on the auction site you are using.

The description and illustration should allow consumers to get a good sense of what you are selling online.

13. Use the following principles:

  • Measure your items and offer exact measurements for online buyers.
  • Show clarity and objectivity. If an item is damaged, you need to tell your consumers exactly how it is damaged. If the packaging is torn, you need tell the consumer.

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Dollar Stores Goods

14. List your items online.

With your price, photograph, and full listing information.

You can now list your dollar store items on the auction site of your choice.

To be successful in this venture, you will need to be well organized, take good photographs, and offer good descriptions.

  • Organize small items into larger lots. For example, if you have a bunch of balloons and some zombie masks from the dollar store, put them together with some other items to make a zombie party theme kit. Individually, the dollar store items may not sell. When grouped together as a set, they should attract good bids.
  • You can try selling your items on eBay.

Dollar Stores Goods

15. Sell and ship your items.

If one of your dollar store items sells, you should try to ship it to the customer as soon as possible.

This will help develop trust between you and your customers.

Which will allow you to sell more dollar store items online.

Use the shipping method that you listed on the auction site and ship the item out as soon as possible.

  • Pack the items well so that there is less chance of damage during shipping.

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Dollar Stores Goods

16. Sell your dollar store items at a flea market or garage sale.

If you have some items that you were unable to sell online, you can always set up a booth at a garage sale.

Alternately, if you end up with some dollar store items that did not sell online.

You can always organize a spring cleaning garage sale.

Try to sell your items at a competitive price that still allows you to make a decent profit.

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