How to Apply Farming part 3 in your Farm Business

Farming part 3

Farming multiple patches at once will raise your Farming levels much faster than staying put and watching one patch.

Despite that, some players prefer to stay near one patch to watch that it doesn’t become diseased, training other skills while waiting for it to grow (eg., fishing in Catherby, thieving in Ardougne).

If you farm multiple patches, try to design a travel routine that will take you to all 4 allotments.

All 4 bush patches, and whatever else you can squeeze in.

Traveling farmers will lose a few crops to disease, but will level very fast.

Here are a few tips to help make traveling farmers more effective.

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Farming part 3:
Farming part 3

Farming part 3

It is recommended to use super compost for all crops except trees and fruit trees (if you decide to pay the farmer to care for these).

It is preferred by many to use regular compost for these trees and to pay the farmer.

Because there is no chance of these crops dying when you do.

Not using any compost may lengthen the growing time further.

Though for a daily fruit tree run this is possible as well.

Farming part 3

Remember that using super compost will increase your harvests, and decreases the chance for disease tremendously.

Provided you do not pay a farmer to care for them.

Since you can’t be everywhere at once, this is very important.

Pineapples are easy to pick in the Karamja jungle just north of the dungeon to Iron Dragons.

Speak to Arhein, the General Store owner on Catherby dock, to buy up to 40 per day.

Jangerberries are on the ogre island just a short walk east of Castle Wars.

Stock up on these while you wait for your crops to mature.

You can also use tree roots (oak, willow, maple, etc) to make super compost.

Farming part 3

Lunar Magick provides a number of useful spells for farming.

Among those handy teleports to Catherby and the Fishing Guild and the Fertile Soil spell effectively ensures you no longer need super compost.

Also, stock up some super compost in your bank or with the Tool Leprechauns.

It’s vital when you are planting bushes and trees if you are not paying the farmers to watch your crops.

When you go to plant trees, bushes, and specialty crops.

Make sure you have your own super compost.

As farmers don’t sell the good stuff (if you are using farmers to watch your bushes and trees, you don’t need any compost).

Don’t wear heavy armour or weapons.

You will be running around a lot, and you will want your energy to last as long as possible.

Plan your travel routine to be most efficient.

You should arrange the order in which you will go to the patches so that you can plan ahead for your bank stops.

Think it through, pick your banks, and hit all the patches, and soon it will become a habit.

Keep track of planting and growing times.

For example, while you are in Ardougne, farm the allotments, bush, and two fruit tree patches with one bank stop.

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Farming part 3

Take full advantage of alternative traveling methods described in the Getting Around guide.

The Karamja calquat patch is not far from fairy ring CKR.

The Ardougne allotment and the Falador tree patch can be reached using the skills necklace (to Fishing or Mining Guilds, respectively).

The Rimmington bush patch is midway between the Crafting Guild (ballooning spot/skills necklace teleport) and the Port Sarim jail shortcut from Shantay Pass, etc.

All of these are described in the Getting Around guide.

Farming part 3

Don’t forget your crops grow while you are logged out too.

Do a farming round before logging out in the evening.

The next day when you log back in you’ll find your crops ready to be harvested.

Bring everything with you. Have all your tele runes, seeds, and tools with you.

The fewer detours you have to make for banks, the faster you can go.

Farming part 3

Use the Tool Leprechaun to note your harvests.

The Tool Leprechaun at Falador farm will not note ANY cabbages!

The Tool Leprechaun at Herblore Habitat will not note vine herbs.

Use the Tool Leprechaun tool shed to store your farming equipment.

If you’re fighting monsters that drop grimy herbs or crops.

And you are near a farming spot with a leprechaun.

You can note the items to save space in your inventory!

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Farming part 3

Always replant your bushes.

Check health XP is much better than picking XP.

But don’t dig up bushes unless you’re replanting them. Picking XP is better than nothing.

Some patches are far from water sources.

Fill your watering can every time you walk by a fountain, sink, or well.

Use bucket on well, use watering can on bucket.

If you have completed Fairy Tale Part III you will receive the Magic watering can.

Which does not require refilling and can be stored with the Tool Leprechaun.

You can also get some farming experience by gardening in your house – check the Construction guide for more details.

Be aware of the Farming clock.

Every five minutes your allotment and herb crops “tick” to the next “stage” of growth.

This is a “cycle”. The cycle for trees, fruit trees, bushes, and specialties is much longer.

The cycle for flowers is half of the allotments.

If you plant your seeds before the clock ticks, you will gain a little time.

And you can water both stages in one visit.

If your plants are diseased, you will have longer growing times as they will not evolve from the previous stage until you heal them.

You will only need to water your allotments once during each stage.

Jagex no longer provides growth times, since growth rates depend on whether a crop.

Bush or tree suffers from disease during its time in the ground, even when watched by farmers.

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Farming part 3

If you are in search of that little bit more farming experience.

After the completion of Garden of Tranquility.

You may pick a fruit from the White Tree you have planted in the castle garden; it’s 12 XP per fruit picked.

Farming part 3

Players who have completed Fairy Tale Part III, A Battle at Orks Rift may return to the cave near Gu’Tanoth (Fairy Ring Code ALP).

South-east of the Fairy Ring is a searchable patch of mushrooms.

Players who have 85 herblore can find 7 grimy ranarrs, 7 grimy dwarf weed, 7 grimy cadantine, 3 cadantine seeds, 2 dwarf weed seeds, and 2 ranarr seeds from the mushrooms.

This can only be done once.

An Amulet of Farming is a cheap and easily obtainable alternative for an Amulet of Nature, however lacks the teleportation ability.

Speak to the farmer and ask him/her to rake your weeds.

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Farming part 3

No more weeds! You can ask them to stop raking your weeds if you would like to gather them again.

If you grow Spirit Trees before getting 83 farming.

You will only need to use a boost to plant it.

Health-checking can be done without having 83 farming.

When you log into the game your current farming ‘tick’ is reset.

This means that if you log in and out of the game while your crops are growing.

It can take longer for them to grow!

Happy Farming!

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