12 Tips to Start Florist Decoration Business

12 Tips to Start Florist Decoration Business

Start Florist Decoration Business: If you have eyes for colors and designs as well as have a penchant for beauty, then you may want to tinker with starting your own florist decoration business with the business plan provided below.

The market for both fresh flowers and artificial flowers has continued to soar from generation to generation.

This is as long as we still have weddings, burials, and other special events taking place all around us.

Fact remains that as insignificant as most people think the flower is.

It is still a major requirement for weddings

(Bouquet for the brides), burial designs (wreath), love gathering and design and decoration of event centers and even worship centers.

No doubt if you are interested in making brides happy on their wedding day or adding colors to people’s events.

Then you should consider starting your own flower decoration business.

It is indeed a profitable venture especially if you know how to roll with big-time events and wedding planners.

One beauty about this kind of business is that you could decide to specialize in either artificial flowers or natural flowers and also you can decide to specialize in both.

With natural flowers, you can even start by growing them in a garden in your compound.

If you have enough space and also you can order your artificial flowers and flower pots directly from the manufacturer at a cheaper rate if you know how to bargain.

If you are serious about starting your own florist decoration business.

Then you might need to go through the following tips:

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Florist Decoration BusinessFlorist Decoration BusinessFlorist Decoration Business

12 Tips to Start Florist Decoration Business

1. Your Business should be registered:

The first thing you need to do after making up your mind to start your own business is to ensure that you register your business with the appropriate quarters in your country.

There is a lot you stand to gain when you get your business documented. Your business would be seen as a corporate entity.

You can easily open a corporate bank account for your business and also you can bid for contracts from both government and big corporations.

It is only when your company is registered that is when you can get your Tax Payer’s ID et al.

2. Know the Color Combination and Design:

For you to do well as a florist you must ensure that you master the art of color combination and design.

Before opening your business to the general public, There are several ways you can acquire this skill.

You can understudy or work as an intern with an expert in this line of business.

Or you may consider buying the “How” to Book or Video and learning from the comfort of your house.

Another key factor that will aid your learning is to first learn graphics design and start designing your own flowers from your computer before doing it in real-time.

3. Get a for the business:

With this kind of business, if you want to start on a small scale, you can choose to start it as a part-time business from your home. All you would need is contacts, business cards, and your catalog.

However, if you intend to start it as a full–time business person, then you should consider renting a shop in an area that is prone to high human and vehicular traffic.

The good thing about ensuring that your florist decoration business is visible to all is so that people may easily walk into your shop to make inquiries.

Even if they aren’t buying at that moment that you will be able to build a potential client list that you can use for marketing purposes.

4. Be associated with people:

Another key factor that could help you grow your business fast is to leverage existing platforms.

You can join a florist association in your area as well as you can start with wedding and event planners in your area.

Better yet, you can also work with caskets sellers too If you are in a good business relationship with all these people mentioned, then you can rest assured that your business will grow within a short period of time.

5. Get marketing tools:

You might not have all the designs and color combinations of your flower per time in your shop but one smart thing you may do for your business is to prepare a comprehensive catalog that contains all forms of flower designs.

Your catalog should be your number one marketing tool, so you must ensure that it is well designed and of high quality.

You should be ready to always update your catalog when you have new designs. That is where your graphics skills will come in handy.

6. Create your own online presence:

In this era when the online community is growing rapidly, you would do your business a whole lot of favor if you create your own online presence.

One of the easiest ways to get people to see you as an expert in your line of business Is to blog constantly about flowers.

You may also want to leverage social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and others to publicize your flower business.

You can as well go-ahead to open an online florist decoration business where people can order flowers for their special occasion from your shop.

You must ensure that your delivery system (shipping) is efficient if you intend to do well with your online flower shop.

7. Let people know about the business 

You would be required to advertise your florist decoration business.

If you intend to build a big flower business, it is important that you adopt a strategic advertising method for your florist decoration business.

Just ensure that you advertise on wedding planner magazines, Event forums, and Dating sites.

If you don’t have the capital required to go into big-time advertising you can start with the conventional distribution of handbills that carries details of your business in wedding venues, public facilities, religious centers, etc.

If you are determined and are a go-getter. Then you would surely do well if you start your own flower shop.

 8. Get the Marketing Ideas

We all know that it makes good horse sense to find a little bit of time to get out there and do some marketing to promote your business.

The trouble is most small business owners aren’t marketing people, So they all tend to do the same boring things as each other which makes it hard to stand out from the crowd.

9. Do Something Really Small

Finding time to spend on marketing your business can seem pretty overwhelming especially if your store is busy. But one way to get around this problem is to start small.

Start Florist Decoration Business

10. Make a list of flower business ideas:

So yeah, make a list of flower business ideas, for sure but try making a commitment to doing one small thing every day.

To promote your business, or even just once a week to start and I am talking tiny – something that takes only a minute, like:
•   Calling or emailing one regular customer out of the blue to offer them 20% off if they come in to order sometime in the next two weeks.
•   Put some business cards in your wallet or purse so they are actually there when you need one later
•   Add just one item to an ongoing list of bigger marketing ideas that you might like to try later
•   Walk out onto the street and give one flower (with a business card attached) to a random stranger passing by.
•   Write just one sentence of your brochure or website copy

Start Florist Decoration Business

Why not throw in a little freebie with every flower delivery? These small acts may seem as small as to be trivial but in fact, this tiny-steps approach will achieve two things:

Bit by bit you will get closer to a goal.

For example, by writing one sentence of your website homepage, Copy every day you could have it finished in two weeks) It will bypass that feeling of being stunned.

Like a deer in the headlights by the daunting size of the entire task of marketing your business.

This way you’ll get the ball rolling and increase your confidence.

You’ll soon gain marketing momentum and feel able to tackle larger chunks going forward.

Start Florist Decoration Business

11. Avoid straight up self-promotional stuff

Identify an interesting story about your business and approach the local paper about publishing it.

If you can’t think what story there could possibly be to tell then:
•   ask your co-workers or family to remind you of something interesting you have told them about the business
•   keep an ongoing list of possible stories handy so you can add to it piecemeal (refer to “Do Something Really Small” above)
•   or get a friend to bring around a bottle of wine and interview you for fun!

Your story doesn’t need to be a “world-beater” – sometimes it’s the simple things that are interesting to other people. Try a human interest angle like how you quit your corporate job to become a florist, Or how you met your husband the flower-delivery truck driver at any flower market.

Avoid straight up self-promotional stuff like “Local Florist Knocks 20% Off All Stock This Wednesday”.

Editors will (rightly) view this as nothing much more than self-serving marketing and will probably just tell you to go talk to the advertising department!

Start Florist Decoration Business

 12. Run classes on flower arrangement:

Running classes on flower arrangement could be a good earner, but rather than just setting up the stock standard “how-to” class, why not try to find an interesting angle on the format, which in turn might be another way to get some free press out of the local newspaper.

So that blokes could really woo the object of their affection with the personal touch:

Another idea might be to hold flower arranging classes for kids.

While teaming up with the local café to bring in coffees and cakes for the mums.

Be sure to leave a few brochures and arrangements strategically positioned throughout your shop.

There are loads of people making good money from this type of business.

And you can join them if you follow all the steps listed above. Good luck!

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