13 Tips to Start Football Kits Business

Football Kits Business:  The football shirt has evolved to become both big business and high fashion.

With culture, politics and cutting-edge design all playing a part as a new London exhibition demonstrates.

If you’re a lover of football, you would definitely think of buying football kits.

Soccer, which most people refer to as football, is the most popular sports watched and played across the world.

Most people, especially guys, are huge fans of the game and of football players.

Across the world, asides watching, a lot of people play this game in their houses, on fields, in their areas.

Football is a game of two teams, twenty-two players (eleven players for each team).

It is played for a period of ninety minutes, consists of two goalposts and scores are counted by how many goals a team scores in their opponent’s goal post.

The game is filled with fun and strength, perhaps why many absolutely love the game.

Football kits consist of items used in playing football that every football lover and player must have.

As the game is played by both men and women, adults and kids, it is not difficult to get a set of football equipment that is appropriate for each set of individuals.

Are you a budding football lover or you’ve been a football lover for a long time?

Thinking of getting your football kits together?

We have got you covered! Jerseys are a part of football equipment that everybody must have.

You can get a jersey based on the club you support; whether it is Arsenal, Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid or more.

Football boots assure the safety of the feet and are crucial to scoring goals.

So if you’re a football player, you should have a pair of boots.

They are appropriate both for playing and for fitness training.

Some are unisex while others are specific to the genders who are to wear them.

What’s the game of soccer without a soccer ball? Soccer balls are to be strong and made of the best of materials to ensure that they do not easily get deflated or damaged.

Football Kits Business

Football Kits BusinessFootball Kits BusinessFootball Kits BusinessFootball Kits Business

1. Football Kits Business:Get the business idea:

You will be in the business of selling athletic equipment to people at every fitness level.

From aspiring college athletes to weekend warriors.

With the knowledgeable staff you will provide an environment where everyone feels comfortable coming in and asking for training advice and discussing equipment needs.

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2. Football Kits Business:Get a mission:

Football Kits Business strives toward building long-term relationships with our customers and employees.

Working within the community, promoting community service, and encouraging the additional education of your employees will be constantly emphasized by store management.

It is extremely important to give back to the community that supports your operations, while also maintaining an atmosphere where other employees have the opportunity to improve as individuals.

3. Football Kits Business:Quality provision

Intends to provide customers with the quality products they need to maximize athletic performance and accomplish their physical and mental goals.

4. Football Kits Business:Staffing:

Always provide your customers with a knowledgeable staff that enjoys working in an athletic atmosphere and helping others.

5. Football Kits Business:Location:

It should be located at where there is a high concentration of health conscious individuals and a devoted following to both high school and college athletics.

6. Football Kits Business:Products:

Sporting Goods will be a high quality fitness store that focuses on athletic performance and maximization of athletic potential.

In other words,Football Kits Business will be designed to supply athletes with the essential products that are necessary for active lives.

The core products we will carry are:

  • Shoes
  • Apparel
  • Athletic equipment

To complement these goods,you will also carry training equipment like:

  • Polymeric boxes
  • Medicine balls
  • Health supplements
  • Training literature

7. Football Kits Business:Market Analysis:

Football Kits Business will focus on three main groups.

  • Young parents with children active in youth sports
  • College students
  • Active adults

These groups comprise the majority of athletes in the city.

And we find them to be the ones with the disposable income to spend on athletic apparel.

Market Segmentation

  • Parents (Elementary & Middle School)
  • High School Athletes
  • College Students
  • Middle-aged Adults (35+)

8. Football Kits Business:Customer’s relationship:

Because there are so many different sports and levels at which to compete.

There is a broad range of markets for the company to target. At Football Kits Business , you will provide a marketplace that satisfies the needs of each group.

Yuo will stock a variety of goods for the wide variety of our customers.

You should strive to build long-term, personal relationships with your customers.

In order to do this, you will need to attract customers at young ages.

Therefore, your primary target market will be parents with young children.

By building a trust relationship, you may be able to maintain a family right up through the child’s college years.

It will be important to target these groups because youth sports are growing at an incredible rate.

Data has indicated that youth sports has the highest growth rate of any segment within the athletic industry.

Capturing the market at a young age will lead to future sales when athletes spend more money on their athletic needs.

Young parents and high school students will not be the only groups that we will focus on because they also make up the smallest population.

Focusing on college students and active adults will also be key.

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9. Football Kits Business:Competition and Buying Patterns:

To an athlete who is serious about achieving particular goals.

Having the correct athletic equipment is integral.

Somebody who runs many miles over the course of a week needs to have shoes that not only last over time, but also protect joints from over use.

It is the same for a basketball player who needs to wear light clothing that allows him/her to move freely.

In either case, the athlete is looking for the best equipment and is always open to try new, innovative products that might help reach peak performance.

In the sporting goods retailing many companies compete in different ways.

For example, Copeland’s tries to sell products more on a cost basis using their capitol power to sell products at the lowest price.

When doing this, they sacrifice the customer service and support that many athletes are looking for.

As a smaller company you will intend to provide customers the support and knowledge they need to fulfill their goals.

10. Football Kits Business:Sales Strategy

Your sales strategy will be built around fully educating customers about their purchases.

Many of the activities that your store is promoting impacts the human body.

It is important for the customer to be fully aware of the repercussions of the activity and how each piece of equipment effects him/her.

With that in mind, sales people will take care of customers on a first come first serve basis. You will build customer relationships without discriminating other potential future customers.

Employees will be paid on an hourly wage with no commissions at the beginning of operations. After the store has a history, a commission package based on sales and education advancement can be implemented.

You will carry a relatively low amount of inventory and have frequent order repurchases in an attempt to maintain inventory levels and storage costs.

Finally, all sales will be in cash to prevent the problems brought along by late accounts receivable payments.

11.Football Kits Business: Sales Forecast:

The primary products at Football Kits Business will include athletic shoes and apparel.

You will also sell equipment, supplements, and health literature.

But you forecast shoes and apparel to drive sales.

You will expect strong growth in the first year due to intense marketing and exposure in the market. Forecasted sales are expected to increase by 2% from month to month in the first year and then grow at the industry average of 11.50% per year.

12.Football Kits Business: Management strategies:

The owner of Football Kits Business will also be the operator and decision maker.

The philosophy behind the workforce will be one of total customer satisfaction and education.

Since many customers are not aware of the many repercussions brought on by athletics, employees will be encouraged to continually gain new knowledge and insight.

13. Football Kits Business:Financial Plan

Football Kits Business: Sporting Goods will regularly monitor all financial statements.

Because they have a direct correlation with the health of your business.

You will have forecasted into the future with a steady but moderate growth rate where sales will grow by 2% every month.

All sales will be in cash leading to positive cash flows whenever asset acquisition is maintained.

Profits will be reinvested into the business in hopes of future product and store expansions.

If no appropriate investment opportunities present themselves excess cash will be placed into the market through a respected financial consultant.

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