10 Interesting Facts About Characters in the Fruits Basket

Fruits basket characters: The characters from the popular anime Fruits Basket are unforgettable. The show is about a group of people who find out they are linked by a common ancestor. Each of the main characters represents one of the zodiac animals, and many of them have special powers called “gifts.” Not only do these characters represent different fruits, but some of their personalities can be described as such as well.
Fruits Basket is filled with many wonderful characters. While most are lovable and relatable, it’s not hard to find those that aren’t so nice. There’s something interesting about each one of them, and many viewers likely have their own theories regarding their pasts and futures. Here are 10 interesting facts about some of the characters from Fruits Basket.

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10 Interesting Facts About Characters in the Fruits Basket

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Fruits Basket is a popular manga series with a huge cast of characters. Most manga, anime, and other shows about high schoolers tend to focus on the main characters and their love interests. Fruits Basket goes above and beyond by giving its audience insight into each individual character. The show covers everything from their childhood to adulthood, relationships, and even insecurities. Some of these facts may be obvious for those who have watched the series multiple times, but there are some hidden details that you may not know about these characters.

Tohru Honda

Fruits basket characters: Tohru is the main character of the series and one of the main reasons for its popularity. She is a kindhearted and optimistic girl who finds herself living with a group of boys she has known since childhood. She acts as a mother figure to them, especially after her arrival leads to Kyo’s transformation into a human being once again. Tohru has a fascinating backstory that is slowly revealed to the audience. She has a traumatic past with earthquakes, and this often causes her to panic when they occur. She is also deaf in one ear as a result of an illness when she was young. These two facts are something that she keeps hidden from most of the people she knows, including Kyo and Yuki. Although Tohru’s hearing loss adds to her personality and is an important plot point in the series, it is often overlooked.

Yuki and Kyo

Yuki and Kyo are the two character who have the most interaction with Tohru. They are both delinquents, and their temperaments completely clash with Tohru’s personality. While Kyo is hot-tempered and aggressive, Yuki is cool, collected, and very intelligent. Yuki and Kyo are also the only characters who know the truth about Tohru’s identity. These two are the first characters that Tohru meets when she arrives at their home. Yuki and Kyo are shown to be very close friends with each other, and they share many of the same characteristics. They both have the same taste in food, enjoy reading, and are very protective of Tohru. Yuki is seen as the more stoic of the two and is also the more forgiving. Kyo, on the other hand, is quick to judge people and dislikes Tohru at first because of her relationship with Yuki.

Shion and Kago

Fruits basket characters: Shion and Kago are the two youngest characters in the series. They have a complicated relationship due to the fact that they are twins and are also engaged to each other. Shion and Kago had a very strict upbringing, and they were rarely allowed to play with other children. Because of this, they are very closed off and do not make friends easily. They have a strained relationship with Tohru, but it improves significantly as the series progresses. Shion is the more mature twin, but Kago is very mischievous and has a tendency to cause trouble. Their relationship is strained because they are forced to marry each other and are often at odds with each other. Kago is quick to anger, but Shion is always calm and collected.

Rin and Ayame

Fruits basket characters: Rin and Ayame are twins who are close to each other, but they also have a close relationship with Tohru. Ayame and Tohru enjoy communicating with sign language, and Ayame is also the one who gives Tohru the name “Honda.” Ayame and Rin are engaged to each other, but they have not yet married. Ayame is the more responsible twin and often acts as a voice of reason for his brother. Rin is very mischievous, and he has a tendency to be dishonest with others. He also has a complicated relationship with Tohru because he briefly dated her in high school. Ayame once dated Kyo, but the two had broken up before the events of the series.

Momiji and Shouji

Fruits basket characters: Momiji and Shouji are two of the oldest characters in the series, having graduated high school. They both have a close relationship with Tohru and are shown to be very caring towards her. Momiji and Shouji have a strained relationship with Kyo due to his reputation of being a problematic person. They are shown to be very close friends with Yuki and appear to be very knowledgeable about the magical side of the series. Momiji and Shouji are often seen researching and investigating new information related to the zodiac members and the Sohma house.

Hatsuharu and Ren

Fruits basket characters: Hatsuharu and Ren are two of the oldest characters in the series. They are shown to be very caring and protective of Tohru, much like the other boys. Ren is shown to be very interested in cooking and has aspirations to open up a restaurant once he completes his studies. Hatsuharu is very passionate about art and is often seen sketching. He is in a relationship with another man, but their relationship ends in the series. His former partner is shown to be an abusive person who has a vendetta against the Sohma family.


Fruits basket characters: Akito is the oldest and most important character in the series. He is the head of the Sohma family and has control over the zodiac members, who are cursed to become animals when they are under great stress. Akito is shown to be manipulative and abusive towards the other characters. Although he is a very important character, he is rarely seen until the last few episodes of the series. As the series progresses and the truth about the Sohma family is revealed, Akito becomes the main antagonist of the story.


Fruits Basket is a popular manga series that depicts a group of high schoolers and their daily lives. The series also explores the past of these characters through flashbacks, and these moments are often just as compelling as the present. These characters have deep backstories that are slowly revealed to the audience. The show touches on subjects such as mental health, trauma, and the experiences of LGBTQ+ people. Fruits Basket has something for everyone, and it is a series that is worth re-reading and re-watching.

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