7 Top Furniture Work Construction Business Process

Furniture Work Construction Business: Furniture manufacturers are companies including complete furniture design, production, and sales, which is an important part of China’s manufacturing. They are also typical discrete manufacturing
With the rise of the construction industry, economic development, and prosperity of the industry, furniture has already penetrated into people’s studies, work, and various parts of their lives.

Currently, consumers care more about what kind of home decor they have than how the home is
fitted out.

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The potential of the “soft decor” market is revealing Soft home decor refers to the installation of easy-to-change.

And easy-to-move-around decorative and furniture items (e.g. curtains, sofas, lighting, decorations and home-ware) after basic refurbishment to create a spacious and harmonious domestic environment.

This usually involves improvement and innovation regarding dimensions and looks.

Soft decor is mainly targeted at high-end consumers and people pursuing refined lifestyles.

Higher living standards have also bolstered the demand for home displays. There is a huge potential of the home decor market.

 Furniture Work Construction Business Process

The manufacturing process has several stages as discussed below:

1. Furniture Work Construction Business: Hewing and Saw-milling:

Obtaining a log of wood as a result of chopping or cutting.

Logs are sorted and stored according to different sizes.

One needs to figure out the transportation of logs, storage area, power supply to sawmill units and handling equipment like front end loaders and overhead cranes.

The Longest possible straight length of required measurement is cut with minimum waste.

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2.  Furniture Work Construction Business: Kiln Drying:

The process of keeping sawn timber/lumber into kilns where heated air is circulated and the temperature is maintained to achieve an H3 optimum level of moisture.

Done to dry green lumber/ timber. This can take up to 4-6 weeks and causes the timber to shrink up to 7-15 % depending on the thickness.

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3. Furniture Work Construction Business:  Splitting and Cutting: 

The wood is split and cut into the required size using the cutter saw and SERCLE machine.

4. Furniture Work Construction Business:  Planning and Drilling: 

Planning is done using a plane machine to achieve a smooth wood surface without line saw.

Drilling is the process of making blind and through holes to join the furniture.

Drilling machines are called drill press. Machines used for this are tenoning machine and mortizer machine.

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5. Sanding:

 Done to refine the furniture. this job is mostly done by hand and can be time-consuming.

Machines like orbital finishing sanders, portable belt sanders, random-orbit sanders can be used to achieve the finesse.

The grade, or grit, of sandpaper, is based on the number of sand granules per square inch of paper.

The higher the number, the finer the grade.

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6. Furniture Work Construction Business:  Assembling and Finishing:

 Assembling different components into finished products.

Commonly it is done before finishing to avoid any scratches later.

The final step involves layering the wood surface to make it look beautiful and protect from insect harm.

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7.Furniture Work Construction Business:  Molding:

There are a number of ways and mostly all of them involve metal molds carved into the desired shape.

Three different types of molding are : (i) Rotational (ii) Injection (iii) Gas Assisted Injection molding.

The basic machinery required to make plastic furniture is injection molding machine.

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