Make High Yield Snail Farming Business

High Yield Snail Farming Business: Snails are healthy food, high in protein with almost no fat.

While they contain a small amount of cholesterol;

they are low in kilojoules and contain amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

A small number of people operating cottage industry business many years ago.

Conducted the farming of snails in Nigeria.

In most cases, the snails were grown in small enclosures –

a labour-intensive process that was unsustainable.

This outdated method of producing snails indoors in Nigeria is where snails are contained in smaller enclosures and hand fed.

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High Yield Snail Farming Business:

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High Yield Snail Farming Business:

The snails are provided with used tyres as daytime retreats.

This method is cumbersome, time wasting and can never be used to raise snails in large numbers.

Egg hatching is slow and usually only 10 per cent of laid eggs may hatch.

Moreover, contamination and disease outbreak is a common phenomenon.

It is for beginners entering the snail farming industry.

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Or for people wishing to grow snails for home consumption or for hobby.

The labour component becomes higher and intensive as the operation increases.

The food must be renewed each day, and any leftover food

And vegetable leaves must be removed to avoid attracting insects, flies and predators.

The feeders and drinkers need to be washed regularly and the soil in the containers refreshed periodically.

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High Yield Snail Farming Business:

Pasture method of snail farming is a system.

By which snails are allowed to fend for themselves in an open natural field.

That is planted with special plants as their food and shelter providers.

The four corners of the selected field are usually fenced with flaps.

And windbreak materials and supported by iron posts to prevent snails from escaping from the farm.

Periodically clearing of weeds on either side of the external security fence is also essential.

So that any sign of predators (e.g. mouse, snakes, lizards, soldier ants, frogs, etc.) could be seen and trapped.

There are certain prerequisites that are essential before pasture snail farming method is commenced.

Some of the prerequisites include abundance of water for irrigation/misting,

good soil texture, suitable environment conditions, prolific snail specie suitable for rearing,

sunshine for good food and shelter plants development.

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High Yield Snail Farming Business:

Pasture method of snail farming has many benefits for raising high-quality snails.

But it involves high degree of patience and sound knowledge of snails’ characteristics.

As well as the practicalities of farming snails in large numbers,

there are other matters to be considered such as processing and marketing.

There are other systems of breeding snails in the backyard,

such as the box system, the cage system, the pit system, etc.

However, this article lays more emphasis on pasture method because of its viability.

With the use of pasture method in Nigeria,

an indigenous scientific approach to breeding snails has been discovered.

This method and techniques guarantees fast growth and high productivity.

Usage of special formulated food supplements and concentrates,

management systems, modern processing and packaging methods will drive snail farming business to a great future in the country.

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High Yield Snail Farming Business:

With careful planning and management,

pasture snail farming method is significantly more time productive.

Importantly, snails grow in a shorter time with more consistent growth in pasture method.

Despite the huge profitability of breeding snails in pasture method,

many Nigerians are still overlooking this goldmine because of ignorance of how it works.

While some don’t just get the fact that it is a money spinner –

few who have adopted pasture method are making steady progress.

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If in two years you were able to rear 2000 snails to maturity,

they will reproduce 100,000 more snails; and you will be making N5m from the sales.

If you stock higher like 4,000 snails in two years, they will produce 200,000 more snails.

In addition, the shell can be collected and turned into an important component of livestock feeds.

You can sell it out to another farmer and make some money out of your snails’ shell!

Snail farmers should try pasturing method for sustainable returns on investment.

The benefits of breeding snails in natural conditions in open pastures far outweigh current methods of indoors,

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High Yield Snail Farming Business:

used tyres, cage, pit or greenhouse production.

Raise snails for your own consumption or for commercial business.

The time is right to utilise a natural food resource that is literally at your feet.

Pasture method is designed to produce snails in large numbers that will help establish a sustainable,

lower labour method of commercially viable,

snail production for local and export trade.

Contact us for consultancy or attend Jovana Farms seminars nearest to you

And discover the essential steps on how to raise snail easily and avoid costly mistakes that snail farmers are prone to!

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