Ways of Applying for Your Dream Job

Hiring near me: Maybe you’ve just graduated from university and are struggling to figure out what your dream job might be. Or perhaps you are already working a 9-5 job but are feeling unfulfilled in your current role. Landing your dream job may seem like a daunting task but it can be done with motivation and persistence. You will first need to identify your dream job or the qualities of your dream role and then focus on getting the necessary skills and education for the job so that you can then apply for your dream job and improve your chances of finally landing it.

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Think about what makes you feel happy and fulfilled. The first big step to getting your dream job is identifying what roles, positions, or skills make you feel happy and fulfilled. Your dream job should be a position that you truly love to do, day in and day out, despite any challenges or obstacles that you may come across. Think back to any times when you were happiest and the most fulfilled.

  • This could be something you enjoyed doing as a child, such as drawing or writing, which could then lead to a dream job in the arts like graphic design or creative writing. Maybe you loved building structures with legos as a kid, which could lead to a dream career as an architect or a builder.
  • You should also consider activities you do now on your off time that you enjoy, such as a recreational sport or a hobby. If you love playing hockey for example, you may consider getting into the retail sport business or starting your own hockey club.
  • You may be doing certain skills or roles in your current job that you enjoy and may want to leverage as ways to transition into a dream job. If you like the people management side of your current role, for example, you may want to consider a career in human relations or a more people focused role.

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Identify your personal values and ideals. When you think about your dream role, you should think about your personal values and ideals. Your personal values are the core beliefs or ideas that are the most important to you. Identifying your personal values can allow you to really focus on what you are passionate about in your career. Consider some guiding questions to help you identify your personal values:

  • Identify at least two individuals you respect or admire. Think about why you admire them. What characteristics do they possess that you admire or appreciate?
  • Think about what you would change or shift in your community. This could be a small issue or a larger issue. Consider what issues or problems get you the most riled up when you talk to others.
  • Try to identify any themes or common ideas in your answers to these guiding questions. These could then be your personal values, which can help you identify your priorities in life. You can use these priorities to get a better sense of what your dream job might entail.

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Write down your personal goals. Personal goals can motivate you to pursue a certain career option or an educational option which could then become your dream job. Writing down your personal goals forces you to be self reflective and consider what activities or moments are meaningful to you. You can then use these goals to focus on what you are passionate about and how you can achieve your passions, or your dream role.

Do a best possible self exercise. This exercise can help you to visualize a best possible future self and home in on your dream job or role. Even if you do not have a clear picture of your best possible self, it will help you get better insight into your goals, motivations and passions for the future. It will also require you to be self-reflective and use critical thinking to determine where you see yourself in several years.

  • Use a prompt to do this exercise: “Think about your life in the future. Everything in your life has gone as well as it possibly could. You have achieved your life goals and realized your dreams. Write down what you see.”
  • Write to this prompt three days in a row for 20 minutes a day. On the fourth day, read over your responses. Underline or circle any themes, goals, or ideas that appear multiple times in all three writing responses. These repeating ideas could be useful guides for where your passions might lie and how you can achieve them.

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Determine your skill set. A big element of achieving your dream job is having the necessary skills to acquire the job. Depending on the skills required for the job, you may be able to learn these skills or work toward learning these skills while you are doing the job. You should consider what skills you already possess as you pursue your dream job, as this can give you the confidence boost you may need to really go for the job.

  • For example, if you already have a background in human resources and have several years experience working closely with others in teams, you may be able to translate these skills into practical skills for a dream job working as an HR representative. If you have extensive knowledge of hockey and strong connections to individuals in the sports community in your area, you may be able to lean on these skills to start your own hockey club.

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Research the educational requirements for your dream job. To increase your chances of landing your dream job, you will need to show potential employers or investors that you have the educational requirements for the job. Depending on the dream job you are pursuing, you may only need to take a few continuing education classes to understand the key elements of a field of study, or you may need to consider enrolling in a program to get a degree that will allow you to get hired to do your dream job.

  • Do an online search of the educational requirements for a particular role or job and talk to a career advisor at your school. If your dream job is to be a dolphin trainer, for example, you should get a good sense of the educational requirements and the skillset required to qualify for the position. You can then decide if you would like to pursue the career and enroll in the necessary degree program.
  • You can also ease into your new career by keeping your full-time job and taking night classes that will help you get one step closer to your dream. Over time, you may ask your employer for a work schedule that allows you to go to school part time and gain the education you need for your new, dream career.

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Identify the skills required for your dream job. To get a better sense of the expectations of your dream job, you should research the skill set required to attain the job and do well in the role. You may find you already have some of the skills required for your dream job or have skills that could be useful when transitioning into your dream job.

  • If your dream job is to be a forensic psychologist, for example, you may realize you have several skills or traits that may help you become successful in the role. You may have strong problem solving skills, strong observational skills, and excellent people skills. Having these skills may give you a leg up on others who are also pursuing your dream job.

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Reach out to mentors, teachers, and other professionals. Get advice and guidance on what it will take to land your dream job by talking to mentors, teachers, and professionals in the field you are pursuing. You should try to find a mentor who is currently doing your dream job or who works closely with individuals who have your dream job. Be willing to listen to their advice and ask them if you can shadow them for a day to learn more about your dream role.

  • You should also ask the mentor, teacher, or professional about the most important thing they have learned in their role and how it has helped them to become successful. Find out more about what you can do to get to where they are and to achieve your dream job.

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Join a professional association that relates to your dream job. A professional association or organization can be a great way to meet potential mentors, employers, and peers. If your dream job is to be a dolphin trainer, for example, you may join a marine mammal trainers organization in your area.

Look for opportunities that offer hands on experience in the role. Hands on experience in your dream job can help you to confirm you would like to pursue the role and to get a better sense of a typical day in your dream job. Internships, fellowships, and volunteer positions can be good ways to get hands on experience and to learn from a more senior individual in the field.

  • You may qualify for internships or fellowships once you complete the education required for your dream job or you may be able to apply for an internship or a fellowship based on your existing skillset and education. Volunteer roles are also good ways of getting some first hand experience and training, especially if you still exploring your dream role and do not yet have the educational requirements for the role.

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Translate internship positions into full time positions. If you manage to get an internship position, you should try to network and connect to as many individuals in the organization as possible. Make your presence known at the company or organization and show that you are willing to learn from more senior individuals. Being a good intern can show the organization that you may also be a good full time employee and you may be able to use your passion, charisma, and eagerness to learn to your advantage.

  • It may also be useful to talk to your supervisor or boss at the end of your internship about possible part time or full time positions at the organization. Even a small part time role could lead to a more extensive position and help you get one step closer to your dream job.

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Tailor your resume to your dream job. Before you send out resumes to potential employers, you should tailor your resume to reflect the educational requirements and skillset needed for your dream role. Doing this will show employers that you are aware of the requirements of the dream role and have considered what you as an employee can offer them.

  • If your dream job is to be a dolphin trainer, for example, you should list any educational experience that relates to the role and any hands on experience you have working with animals, even if the animals are not dolphins. If you belong to a marine mammal trainer association, you should also make note of this to show employers that you are part of the community and are actively involved in the field.

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Demonstrate passion, drive, and an eagerness to learn in your job interviews. While you may not have all the educational requirements or the skills needed for the role, you can use your passion, drive, and eagerness to learn to show employers you are a good candidate for your dream job. Often, employers are looking for employees who will be motivated, self sufficient, and able to think of their feet. Demonstrating that you have these skills may help to make up for your lack of expertise or hands on experience, as passion and drive can often be more enticing to employers.

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